A comrany set up urilor section 42 of compenice Act 2017) Formerly Company Ordinance, 1984), requiras convice of dynamic & highly motivated individuele having domicile of Sindh for the following positions:
MBA (Phance)/M.Com Pralerance will be tasandidates ha experience
Finance & Accounta
BBA/B.COM (Franco) with minimum reputable organization.
Price of Poeting
Mulise Jemmahoro, Khaipur, Dalu
Uupervisor Systems
Gracustory Diploma in Electro/Dectronic Allernale Energy with experience of instelation of 100-200 units must have two years experience soler instelletion supervisory work. Wall versed with curront solar technology predemed
Mastara in Rodalienas l be given to candidates having experi
Golences with minimum 01 year of experionco in Canenunily Mobilization, Monitor and Evaluation, especially in the Health-roiztod projecte
4 Lady Health
7 Staff Nurse (Femaic)
Tochnician Bloori Bank
12 Technician Health
Techniklan La
Technician Ophthalmology
15 Techniklan OT
16 Tochnician X-Ray
17 Optometrist
18 Technician NICU
Dislome in LHV course from a recognized Institute registered with Pakistan Nursing
wis O year of experience will be protered
Dialome in LHV/bW course from a recognized institute registered with Pakistan Nursing Council / Sindh Medical Faculty Candidsies with 01 year of experience wil be prellaned
3 Yaar Diploma in General Nursing Bachelor of Science in Nure Nursing from a recongved incauture registered with Pailstan Nursing Council/ Sindh Medical Faculty. Cand andidates bates with 02 year of experience will be prefered
3 Yaar Diploma in General Nursing Rachelor of Solence in Nursing Plus Diploma in Midwifery from a recongined intatitute registered red with Pakistan Nursing Council/Sindh Medical Facally Carefiliates with 02 year of exper wil bo prefored
Yoar Uploma in Gonoral Nursing Uachelor of Polence in Nursing from a recongined ine registered with Pakistan Nursing Council/ Sindh Medical Faculty Gandisates with 2 year ol experience will be prelerod
Maliari, Mipurknas, Mithi, Dada, Sujawal, Sangsar, Karachi
Jamehoro, Mirpurihese, Mihs, Kamber Dada, Sukkur, Kashmore, Khaipur.
Sujneal, Larkar, Kasch Hyderabad, Matiari, Jamshoro, Tando
Muhammed Khan, Mirpurkhas Bacin, N Mth, UmerKol, Thatta, Larkana, Kember Dedu Bukka Ginotki, Jacobated. Kashmore, Shikan ikarpur, Khairpur, Sujawal, Sanghar, Larkana, Karachi
corabad, Matiari, Jamshoro, Kamber, Naushero Ferove, Suleur Kambor, Naushero Feroze. Suur Mirpurkhas, Mirpurkhas, Shahood Shaheed Uenazir Benazir Abad
Mabari, Badin, Mithy, Sanghar, Kamber, Khaigar Dadu, Chok Jacob Kasharone, Shikarpur
Jamahora, Radie Mithi Bangher, Umerkos, Thatia, Kателя. Книграе, Bhatki, Kaalymors, Bhikapur
Diploma in relevant flakt. Registered with Singh Medical Faculty Pakisten Nursing Council. Preference will be given to experienced candidaize
BS in Vision Sciences 104 Years) or equivalent degran trom any seongrized institute with minimum 02 years experience in any recognized angarintion or inalilule with aya
care setup
oma in NICU Pedisine Critical Care
Coun Pasistan Nursin ursing Council (PNC)/Sindh Nursing I with a minimum of 1 year of expегесе date for submission of applications is 15th March, 2024
Melieri, Jemshoro, Tendo Muhammad Khan, Badh, Sanghar, UmerKot Kambor, Jadu, Sukkur, Kashmoro Shikopu. Khairpur, Mipaknes, Larkana, Karachi.
Tarde Alanyat, Tendo Muhammed
Khan, Bath, MN, Sarghar, Umerker. Kambor, Jadu, Ghotki, Kashmera, Shikapur. Khairpur, Bujawal, Mupurkhas, Whaneed Donazir Abad Larkana, Jamshom, Karachi Jacobabad, Kashmons, Mepunihas
Karachi, Jamsharo Jamshoro, Kheirour, Dedu, Sukkur,
Kashimore, Sanghar, Karachi. Jamshoro, Tanzo Allahyar Me Kamber Kaimur Dodu Kashmore, Sujeoal, Mirpurkhee, Shaheed Benazir Abad, Hyderabad,
Jacobabed, Kasa
Malieri, Karachi, Jamchore
Barile, Karachi, Jamshoro
Matiari, Badin, Sanghar, Kamber, Jacobabad, Kashmore, Shikarpur, Mirpakhas, La kare, Kamchi Jamshoro.
Hyserabad, Tande Munarmas Khan. UmeKot, Kamber, Naushera Feroze Jacobabed, Kashmore, Shikarpur. Basis, Jamshons. Tharparkar Mirpurkhas.
Karachi, darabad Ma
Jamahera, Larkana. Mirpushas Shaheed Bereirava. Badina
1. Interested candidates can submit online applications on and Fee Me. 220 for each poel as mentioned in the deposit alip in any of the country wide online branches of designcited banke and then send
printed registrettion form along with original deposit slip at OTS address.. 2. Applications must be reached at the given address not later than closing date of the publication of the edvertisement
Opan Tosting Service will not be responsible for lato receipt of application sent through post or by service
4. Aftor applying for the post(s), applicants are advised to regularly check OTS wabsite for important announcemen (Procedure for Roll No. Gilip Written Test Schedule Result eis) Related to Genera and Conditions
rocruismont against the above posis
The above positions are offered purely on contractual basis and extendable subject to satisfactory performance
and also subject to verification of credentials

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