Sr Post Name Jobs Qualification
1 Chief Finance And Administration Officer 1 Masters
2 Chief Commercial Officer 1 Masters
3 Chief Industry Development Officer 1
4 Chief Marketing Officer 1 Masters
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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  • Reports to: Menacing Director. PSEB
  • Work Location: Islamabad (frequent national 8 international travel required)
  • Maximum Age: 50 years

About the Role:

CMO to hold a key senior management role in PSEB. leading the global marketing and branding strategy development and implementation to project Pakistan as a preferred Tech Destination for IT 8 Iterated Services. CM() to lead development and implementation 01 business development strategy, having the key responsibility for attracting international clientele and investors br Pakistan's IT and ITeS sector. busking new business channels on the basis of Cecelialogic Munn** of IT 8 ITeS exports. actively ringer* Pakistani diaspora, forging relation.*** with potential buyerS 01 technology products and services globally and developing international pannorshps al 028. G28 and G2G levels, CMO x411 ensure congruous international presence. inleracaon. and engagements for Pakistan's IT & ITeS sector in relevant bade events, exhibitions, conferences, and organize inbound and outbound trade delegations, 828S2G meetings and readshows

CMO will also be heading media. research and publications initial/es, generating national and international research studies. reports. whitepapers etc. encompassing both demand and supply side of IT & ITeS sector, leveragng social and traditional media. building relationships with international media Nona*. consulting firms and global organizations to develop a b brand and perception of Tech Destination Pakistan.

CMO will work closely with the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecammurication. IT industry associations. Ministry ol Commerce. Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Pakistan emtvicsies and trade missions abroad, and actively engage decision makers within the government and private sector. as well as relevant public and private entities abroad to create a collaborative environment and synergies for development of IT & ITeS sector and ensuring exponential gran* 0117 & ITeS exports.

Qualification 8 Experience:

  • Minmuen 16 years of education from HEC recognized local or international University ideaty with a degree in Marketing, international tusinessaelabons. or strategic pairing. MBA from top local or international university is higNy desirable
  • Pilinnam 10 years of demonstrated° experience In marketing. strategic partnershp dthotopment. brand development and business development. within the leatolege Indust"), is a requirement. Referent international experience and demonstratable expertise in developing 828.028 and G2G international relations. we be advantageous tantrum three years of experience in relevant leadershP rote is required.

Chief Industry Development Officer (CIDO)

  • Reports to: Managing Director. PSEB
  • Work Location:Islamabad (requires occasional domestic travel and at tines travel abroad)
  • Maximum Age: 50 years

About the Role:

CIDO to hold a key senior management rote in PSEB with responsibility of facilitating the IT 8 ITeS sector by actively engaging relevant pudic and private stakeholders to resolve issues and remove impediments to enable smooth business operations of IT 8 ITeS businesses as wed as freelancers in the country. The incumbent wet ensure last track registration of fT B ITeS can centers and freelancers with PSEB. and provide consulting and counseling services to the IT 8 ITeS sector, The role will require panning, development and execution of prceects and programs br capacity butiang of IT 8 ITeS sector. creation el partnerships with relevant government and pints sector organizations. development of intrastrueture to ensure availability of IT-enabled office facilities across the country, and facilitation of IT 8 ITeS sector in all business and operations related matters.

The role will require loading skills development and capacity building projects and programs for the IT 8 ITeS sector. Including uairtingsCeititications. Internships. company level certifications. blade in Pakistan 8 localization initiatives etc and require building b industry-academia linkages. The incumbent wdl lead the development of state-of-the-an IT Parks, Software Technology Parks. GPO Centers, and Excellence Centers across the country, providing an (Mebane environment CO IT & Iles businesses and startups to carry out research and development. innovate and build globally competitive products and solutions. and otter software consul. tancy and 8P0 services worldwide.

Qualification 8 Experience:

  • Minimum 16 years 01 education in engineering. computer sciences or management dsciplines from HEC recognized local or international University. preferably with a higher degree in management, business adrnnistration, or finance. PMP certification would be an advantage.
  • Minimum 15 years of experience in building and managing skills development programs and Projects, managing regulatory/compliance affairs, anddealing with taxation matters, with five years of demonstratable project management experience. Experience in construction management will be an advantage MILITIUT throe years of experience in relevant leadership role is required, prelorably in a thicheolNy driven erg:minden

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

  • Reports to: Managing Director. PSEB
  • Work Location: Islamabad (requires occasional domestic travel and at limes travel abroad)
  • Maximum Age: 50 years

About the Role:

CCO to hold a key sensor management role in PSEB. heading revenue generation initiatives for the organization, and raising capital for Pakistan's IT 8 lies bus-flosses through capital markets, investments initiatives, and by brming mama¬tional affiliations. CCO writ be responsbie for driving and implementing revenue growth of the organization. and hod an instrumental role In creating future stralegc plans with the goal of boosting revenue streams Desirable candidate will possess experience of successfully (level-pang and executing business strategy with proven track record of generating new revenue streams through products and services offetings. including dotal prockictsplatforins. The incumbent will be responsible for building partnerships with pubic and private entities to strengthen and diversify portfolio of PSEB's products and services.

The role vat require ensuring capital availability for Pakistan's IT 8 ITeS businesses by for and leading the initiatives for raising capital through local and/or international investors, venture capital firms, private equthrlwdge'sover¬eign funds. crowcisourcing, forging local and international affiliationspartnerships. and through enlisting IT 8 lies companies on the stock exchange.

The incumbent to actively engage relevant public and private stakeholders to improve policies and regulations. and to clear any kudos being faced by FT 8 ITeS businesses in raising capital locally or at international level to grow their businesses. COO will ease) lead initiatives of the Technical department br the IT 8 lies sector, including bandwidth setvicas cloud solutions and digital productspettfolms.

Qualification & Expectance:

  • Qualified ACCNACMA, or rrawrum 16 years of education from HEC recognized local or internatkeal university n business achnnarrabon,innavaticrVensepreneurshp. or ongineohngtompfeer science /Aasieesdegroe in a relatedfield including but not hinted to investment banking investment management or technology managemool will to preferred.
  • Mnmum 10 years of dernenStratable expenenSe n ckserefed loadockhp odes, aeatng and ereoAng businessstrategy with track record of generatng new revenue streams through products and sentes development, incrucfng producisPatiorms and ;rodeo pannersho *waited. filming b understanding of tnance. strategic management investments, pocket dew/cement and operations"! Raising capital in venture capital or private elan functons and experience of enlisting orga-izabco(s) on D19 stock exchange wit be benefice! Relevant international experience. espeogy in corporate garem rice wit be advarragera* /Annum three years et exponents n relevant role s recaired

Chief Finance & Administration Officer (CF&AO)

  • Reports to: Managing Director. PSEB
  • Work Location: Islamabad (requires occasional domestic travel and at times travel abroad)
  • Maximum Age: 55 years

About the Role:

CF&A0 to hold a key senior management role an PSE13. Wading finance and operations of the organization including finance, accounts, human resources. adamistration, legal and government coordination etc. This role will legate a dynamic end exempted leader to head financial and admnstration management furctions to buid a progressive goal oriented and results driven organization that is financially and adminstratively cptemzed wellatsciptned organization. capable of devising mechanism for attracting and ravening top talent and baking opetabcnal excellence. The incumbent will be responsible for improving fiscal. budgetary and management policies, aligned with organization's finanaal goals and objectives, generating new revenue streams, and proactively pursuing funding sources. CF&A0 to provide strategic HR leadership, formulate HR policies. regulations and procedures, lead change manage¬ment, establish best practices, implement and mentor performance against KPIs, create opportune* for teaming and development, and align compensation and benefits to attract and retain top talent and build a highly motivated workforce. Ideal candidate must have a demonstrable track record of bugding high performance cultures based on efficiency, hard work, resent and meritccracy.

The incumbent will be responsible for all administrative matters including tendering and procurement assets manage¬ment. transportation. security and operations of ollice facilites. Ensures WO compliance with Government of Pakistan's rules, regulations. peeves and directions Manages legal affairs of the organization. seeking legal assistance on business affairs andror against any ligation ariung during administration of contracts or operation of PSEB programs/projects etc. CHAO MI interact with relevant govemrrent authorities as and when requited with regard 10 estabishing linkages, exploring Kira intettives. and on matters related to reSublay.PrOcurement, corporate. contractual. emPownent and any other inflect

Qualification & Experience:

  • Ouatibed CAACCA/ACAlib•FA,CA or Masters Finance from HEC recognized local or international university with b untie Jancleig ol finance. accounting and operations management
  • Minimum 15 years of experience in financial management and operations management. is required ideally in progressive pubic sector enterprises anctor technology industry. Must have a minimum three years Olexperience loading the finance. human resource and operations management functions ol organizations operating at national and/or international level, with multiple tundra; sources riciudng sell-generated revenues government Wanes, anat.' international multilateral organizations.

To view detailed Job descriptions and APPLY ONLINE. visit https:i/vnw,'careers or Itttps.rin)p.govoki. Only online applications vall considered. Applications must be submitted within 1 VS, of publication Of this advertisement. Only sho Misted candidates will be called for interview (TA/DA is not admissible).

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