Sr Post Name Jobs Qualification
1 Chief Financial Officer 1 Masters
2 Chief Internal Auditor 1 Masters
3 Chief Supply Chain Management Officer 1 Masters
4 Chief Information Technology And Systems 1 Masters
5 Chief Technical Officer 1 Masters
6 Chief Legal Officer 1 Masters
7 Chief Commercial Officer 1 Masters
8 Chief Humanresource And Career Planning 1 Masters
Latest jobs by Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO)

MEPGD is one of the biggest Distribution Companies of Electricity in the Public Sector serving more consisting of operational ares covering 1 diemicte of Purjsh. The Charter of MFPCO int
The services of dynamic and high calibre professional candidatos Sstan for
esponsibility & Skills:
The candidate shall to the CEO Board of Di
The candidate must possess the ability to nurture an environment of opportunity for optimum creativenes International good practice required to tumèng around the company
The candidate rust be thoroughly familiar and have required axills to deal with the coonomic, businese The candidate rust have deep understanding required community relationship
The candidate must have strong communication and interperвослав
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poscoss strong loadonship. Team Building. Change Management Skills and bo integrity and pro отрата
co/Eligibility Criteria
a localoreign university recognized by
Calef Humas Career Planning
Chief Technical
Chiel (Information mology
Upper agelis is your
Prowen soperience in ask and
Post Cusco relevant experience minimum of 15 years and advocate of the High Court
Btrong background in corporate
Upper age limb
PEC Pakistan However preference will be given wing MP
Post Oudicarelevant experience minimum of 15 years
Upper age 50 yew
System Engineering or wed tid from HEC recognitoe recognized localforen
Portret esperence minimum of 1 ywere ameworks, terigues, and industry rends
Inter-personal level exparence geographice diverse
designing and offective Wormalkon pove палки асово το specten of IT serste very
Upper ages 50 year 16-years Dogs (MBA/MS) apply Cha
Certificationcourses on supply chain management from
Broed knowledge and experience of supply cheats an practice and related sols powerably to the power sector Uppergel
Morrasrahip of a recognized body of prokersonal acountants or
unleandby necogn bred by the Higher Education Commikusion
yean Thorough indenstanding of CLAAP and international
Strong working knowledge of data analysis softлаг)
16-years degree in relevant subject) (such as MBA (Phance), ACA must be a member of recogrind probessionaltocy
CMer Financial
Мектзетапір ота твоognized body
Broed krowage
of 15 years
Board of Dawctors MEPCO
the form marsfecle of the fint ie. with se along with dotalles CV highlighting the achievements made in the respective srase, atineted copine
andidates comps Proper Criteria laid down under the Public Companies (Corporate Governance) Rules, 2013 framed under the Companies Act
3. The applications m before 23.08.2024
Applications incomplete in any respect
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documents at the time of interview Intende. No TADA in this regard will be admissible laration on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100/- to above effect should be provided by The selected
Ago relaxation as por pošty in vaguo in MEPCO has avondy
not be converted into permanent position at any stage. Ondoles shader at the time of rengan affidavit declaring
ntioned age lim
appointment will be made subject to fulfilment of all codal/legal/adminaraivetom
In case of any falsarforged information provided in the application, MEPCO reserves the right
PCO the right to qua
MEPCO RUG Coral (HR & Adm Phone: 061-9220267
PID (L) 3407