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Administrative tasks are done by the administrative and executive assistants and the duties include filing information and managing office supply needs. The administrative and clerical jobs are related to the maintenance of the office and the duties of the candidates may vary from one company to another company. The company requires various professionals that can do the administrative duties such as Completing research projects for upper management related to various issues such as competitors, rules and acts, and facts about the professional association, maintaining social media accounts for the company, assisting in the departure of an employee such as by performing an exit interview, collecting and organization paperwork on all employees of the company, updating internal organization documents such as employee handbooks, sending out emails and setting up meeting rooms for scheduled meetings.If you are looking for administrative and clerical jobs then you have come to the right place. Here you will be provided full details of administrative job.

Some people might correlate the duties performed in the administrative and clerical jobs. But both are not the same thing and widely differ in their tasks. The candidates that are looking for the latest administrative jobs in Pakistan and clerical jobs in Pakistan are informed to check the available job vacancies from this platform. There are a number of companies that hire administrative and clerical staff members.

Clerical Jobs in Pakistan

Clerical work typically involves performing the daily office tasks that include answering phones and managing data into spreadsheets. The tasks are performed by secretaries, office clerks, and other clerical staff. Other duties related to clerical work include word processing and typing, sorting and filing, photocopying and collating, record keeping, appointment scheduling, and minor bookkeeping. With the development of technology, the duties of the clerical workers have been changed. Now computer systems, printers, copiers, and other technologies are available that have made the work easier for the clerks. For the clerical work, the candidates need to have experience with the software used for the completion of the work. The clerks are employed in a wide range of companies and organizations to meet the needs of their employers. On the other hand, some are general office clerks, and some specialize to do clerical work related to business, finance, and government.

Administrator and Clerical Jobs in Pakistan:

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Difference between clerical & administrative work:

Some people consider that similar job tasks are assigned in both clerical and administrative work. However, these jobs are quite different in terms of task specifications and educational requirements. In clerical jobs, the individual needs to handle official files and documents. It includes sorting mail, filing documents, etc. On the other hand, the tasks assigned to an administrative assistant are more complex. Let’s discuss the difference between administration and clerical jobs in Pakistan in detail:

Sr. No Clerical Jobs Administrative work
1. The Clerical jobs tasks include:
  • Greeting clients
  • Attending phone calls
  • Filing documents
  • Data entry
The job responsibilities are:
  • Making decisions
  • Maintaining office setting
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Maintaining organized files
2. This work refers to the simpler repetitive office tasks like typing, data entry, etc. This job requires preparation for more complex tasks like maintaining crucial documents.
3. The clerks manage the daily paperwork of the office. An administrative officer manages the office setting.
4. The major purpose of this job is to deal with official files. The main objective of this job is to focus on making decisions.
5. This job offers comprehensive general clerical support to a specified department. This job focuses on the management and distribution of information within the office.
6. They are accountable for answering the calls of the clients. They are also responsible for dealing with clients by sending or receiving emails.

All the above-mentioned differences are extremely helpful for clarifying the main aspects of administrative and clerical work. They also assist in providing information regarding the duties of people with these jobs. Thus, the nature of work is illuminated in this regard. The role


  • Q.1: What is the difference between clerical and administrative work?
    Ans:Clerical personnel is considered entry-level workers that perform various duties such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, and filing documents whereas administrative work is done by trained and professional secretaries or administrative assistants.
  • Q.2: What are the top skills of an administrative assistant?
    Ans:Administrative assistants should have the various skills to perform their tasks but the most important skills include written communication, verbal communication, organization, time management, attention to detail, problem-solving, technology, and independence.
  • Q.3: What jobs are considered administrative?

    Ans:Following are some of the jobs that are considered administrative.

    • Administrative Assistant
    • Executive Assistant
    • Operations Manager
    • Office Assistant
    • Data Entry Clerk
    • Office Administrator
    • Receptionist
    • Office Manager
  • Q.4: What are the High-paying administrative jobs?

    Ans:Some of the high-paying administrative jobs are listed below.

    • Business administrator
    • Coding manager
    • Senior executive assistant
    • Freight agent
    • Facilities manager
    • Administrator
    • Contract administrator
    • Database administrator
  • Q.5: What computer skills are needed for administrative assistants?
    Ans:To become an administrative assistant it is essential for the candidates to have basic technology skills so that the work can be completed in an efficient manner. One should be familiar with Microsoft Office software like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and many more.
  • Q.6: Is an administrative job is considered good?
    Ans:Every company/organization needs an administrator that manages multiple tasks to ensure the smooth completion of all the work. Without one it is quite impossible to handle everything so it is considered a good job for the candidates that have the ability to multitask with ease.

Skills required for an administrative assistant:

A wide range of job opportunities is offered to a skillful person in the relevant field. An admin officer needs to focus on some crucial skills for achieving the targets of the company. Let’s discuss the skills required for admin jobs in Pakistan 2022 to improve their performance:

admin and clerk jobs

Non-verbal communication:

Communication is the fundamental skill required in an admin assistant. Written communication is an important tool for grabbing the attention of more clients. Let’s discuss the main advantages of this communication type:

  • It is responsible for improving the quality of office correspondence.
  • It is quite helpful when you need to draft letters, memos, and speeches.
  • The content must include proper grammar and a professional tone.

Non-verbal communication:

Non-verbal communication is also quite important for satisfying more clients. The efficiency of an admin officer’s performance depends on his communication skills. The benefits of improved non-verbal communication are as follows:

  • These skills are quite helpful for interacting with customers on the phone or in person.
  • It involves listening or responding appropriately for increased customer satisfaction.

Tasks management:

Tasks management also plays a crucial role in the progress of the company. This skill permits people to perform all the tasks in an organized way. The positive outcomes of managing tasks appropriately are as follows:

  • The admin officer should categorize all the tasks for managing them properly.
  • After doing so, he should start the most important task first.
  • Then, complete all the tasks by following the list of task categories.

Time management:

Time management is the most significant aspect viewed in an admin officer. This aspect allows the individual to perform different tasks at a time. Let’s discuss the advantages of attaining this skill:

  • Multi-tasking is liable to increase the productivity of employees. That is why the employees need to perform different tasks without affecting the quality of work.
  • The admin officer should be able to divide the time equally for each task. It helps him to complete all the tasks on time.

Increased focus:

The admin officer needs to stay focused all the time to perform the assigned tasks with perfection. Any kind of interruption can affect the quality of work which cannot be acceptable by the company at all. The focus of the candidate can be maintained through the peaceful official environment. The individual can be focused toward their work if they are calm and relaxed during the work.

Problem-solving ability:

Problem-solving ability is the fundamental attribute of an admin officer. It helps to make constructive decisions for the welfare of the company. This aspect is quite advantageous in several ways which are:

  • The ability to solve problems remarkably is required for the sake of business progress.
  • It will help the officer to overcome unexpected obstacles.
  • This skill can be generated by giving importance to discussion and resilience.

Technological grip:

The admin officer must be efficient enough to deal with all the gadgets in a better way. The officer has to work on the computer all day. That is why it is essential to know how to operate computers. Moreover, he must be able to work on different tools appropriately.

Mandatory skills for clerical jobs:

The candidates must possess some wonderful skills for performing their tasks effectively as clerical assistants. These skills are assessed for evaluating the capability of the candidate while offering Clerical jobs in Pakistan 2022. The skills required for clerical jobs are as follows:

Teamwork efficiency:

A clerk is supposed to work as a team. He has to collaborate with different colleagues to work on different tasks. Thus, he should be able to work in a team by showing increased participation. Teamwork is liable to attain the aim of the company effectively. Moreover, the chances of error are also decreased by working in a team.

Ability to satisfy clients:

Client satisfaction is the most important aspect of each business. The profits of the business majorly depend on this factor. Thus, the clerk should be able to guide the customers perfectly. Likewise, he must be able to deal with their queries in a better way. It helps to generate more profits and sales for the development of the company.

Stress management:

Stress management is viewed in the candidate applying for a clerical job. The reason is that the clerks have to perform a lot of tasks at a time. Thus, he should not need to panic overwork. Contrarily, he must be capable of handling pressure positively. Moreover, he must be able to maintain the quality of work anyways.

Eligibility criteria:

The candidates need to view the eligibility criteria before applying for any job position. Thus, the aspirants can configure whether they are eligible for the specified admin job or not. Following are the eligibility requirements for the administrator and clerical jobs:

  • To avail of the job opportunities as a clerk, the candidates should hold a high school diploma or equivalent degree.
  • However, in the case of an admin officer, training in the relevant field is also required along with the high school degree. Short-term training in the particular job area will help the candidates to attain more offers.
  • Moreover, experience of at least 1 to 2 years is required in most of the jobs.

Administrative job details:

The job details help people to understand their official duties quite efficiently. The complete details of Administration Jobs are given below:

  • An admin officer is liable to complete multiple duties at the same time. The productivity of the officer is enhanced in this way.
  • Major support is provided by the admin officers to the company. General office management is regarded as their major responsibility.
  • They also interact with the clients through phone calls. Moreover, they are responsible for assisting an employer.
  • Sometimes, clerical work is also included in administrative job tasks. Thus, the individual needs to maintain all the data records of the company.

Specifications of clerical jobs:

The specifications of clerical jobs are quite beneficial for allowing people to fulfill the objectives of the company. Improved data management is the main aspect of these specifications. The job tasks of an admin and clerical officer slightly differ from each other. The details of the job tasks are as follows:

  • A clerk is accountable for handling different crucial tasks of the company. Communicating with the public is the major task in this regard.
  • He is responsible for responding to emails, phone calls, and face-to-face communication. The satisfaction of the client is based on the quality of communication.
  • Moreover, the clerk also maintains official records in an organized way.
  • He should ensure the proficient operation of the office. Additionally, the management of data is also considered a significant duty of the clerk.