Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
10-Jun-24 Federal Tax Ombudsman Secretariat, Mianwali 1 Jobs 10-Jun-24 View
02-Jun-24 Namal College, Mianwali 10 Jobs 02-Jun-24 View
20-May-24 University of Mianwali (UMW), Mianwali 116 Jobs 20-May-24 View
29-Apr-24 National Healthcare NGO, Mianwali 1 Jobs 29-Apr-24 View
26-Apr-24 Cadet College, Mianwali 1 Jobs 26-Apr-24 View
11-Mar-24 Punjab Police, Mianwali 2 Jobs 11-Mar-24 View
24-Dec-23 Daanish Schools Govt of Punjab, Mianwali 3 Jobs 24-Dec-23 View
01-Dec-23 WAPDA, Mianwali 15 Jobs 01-Dec-23 View
01-Dec-23 WAPDA, Mianwali 1 Jobs 01-Dec-23 View
11-Mar-24 Punjab Police, Mianwali 25 Jobs 11-Mar-24 View

Jobs in Mianwali

There are many Jobs available in Mianwali. To find out the jobs in Mianwali, stay in touch with us. We will let you know about the latest opportunities. There are many opportunities for the female as well. The jobs in Mianwali for females can be found in different sectors. Females can apply in educational institutes for teaching jobs in Mianwali. No matter if you are literate or illiterate, you can find jobs according to your skills in Mianwali. If you are a degree holder, you can find private jobs in Mianwali and government jobs. Applicants can also prefer part time jobs in Mianwali if they desire. Read out the entire page to get more information about the latest jobs in Mianwali.

Private Jobs in Mianwali

Jobs in the private sector play a significant role for the applicants. They provide numerous career options in a variety of sectors, including as manufacturing, healthcare, services, technology, and more. Private organizations are able to change with the market swiftly. They can react quickly to new trends, consumer preferences, and changes in the world economy. You can keep in contact with the new trendsetters. The Private Jobs in Mianwali can be found in different companies. There are Bank Jobs in Mianwali for the bachelor's and Master's degree students. Before applying for any job, make sure to get the how to know about that company. Applicants can also apply for part-time jobs in Mianwali. Part-time jobs are the best option for students who have to manage their studies along with the job. 

Government Jobs in Mianwali

Jobs in the government sector are essential for serving the country. Applicants can apply for Government Jobs in Mianwali in different departments. Government jobs can be found after attending the required test which is mandatory. Choosing to work in the government sector is a personal choice based on one's professional goals. Some applicants could value the possibility of higher pay, rapid promotion, or a different work environment in the private sector, others may find the security, perks, and sense of public duty attractive that can only be found in the Government sectors.