Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
23-May-24 Office of The Deputy Commissioner, Jhang 2 Jobs 23-May-24 View
19-May-24 Private Company , Jhang 4 Jobs 19-May-24 View
25-Apr-24 Irrigation Department Govt of the Punjab, Jhang 10 Jobs 25-Apr-24 View
07-Apr-24 Chenab College, Jhang 2 Jobs 07-Apr-24 View
13-Oct-23 Punjab Police, Jhang 4 Jobs 13-Oct-23 View
18-Jun-23 Pak Pakistan, Jhang 2 Jobs 18-Jun-23 View
18-Jun-23 Pak Pakistan, Jhang 12 Jobs 18-Jun-23 View
04-Nov-22 University of Jhang, Jhang 203 Jobs 04-Nov-22 View
07-Apr-24 Chenab College, Jhang 8 Jobs 07-Apr-24 View
23-Mar-21 District and Session Court, Jhang 13 Jobs 23-Mar-21 View
01-Nov-20 Health Department Govt of Punjab, Jhang 35 Jobs 01-Nov-20 View
13-Aug-20 University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Jhang 1 Jobs 13-Aug-20 View
29-Jul-20 Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Jhang 3 Jobs 29-Jul-20 View
04-Mar-20 Rural Support Programmes Network, Jhang 2 Jobs 04-Mar-20 View
12-Dec-19 Education Department, Jhang 4 Jobs 12-Dec-19 View
11-Dec-19 Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, Jhang 3 Jobs 11-Dec-19 View

Jobs in Jhang

Jhang is a city that is located in Punjab province. It is known for its cultivation of crops such as rice, wheat, and sugarcane. There are various Educational institutes in Jhang. Students who freshly graduate from Jung can find jobs in various sectors. You can find jobs in Jhang in different departments. On our website, we have also included some of the vacancies that is currently available. Moreover, the job opportunities in the companies are vary on your interest and knowledge.

Jobs in Private and Public Sectors

Job seekers can find different jobs in private companies and public sectors. In private companies, you can find jobs as an assistant manager, team lead, attendant, operator, professor etc. On our website, we have included some of the available jobs in Jhang. If you are wondering about applying for any of the jobs, then click on the “view” button. The job advertisement will appear on your screen. You will get to know whether if it is a full-time job or a part-time job.

Government Jobs in Jhang

Jhang, a vibrant city in the heart of Punjab, Pakistan, provides various employment opportunities, particularly in the public sector, making govt jobs in Jhang highly sought after. Among these, education jobs in Jhang stand out, offering positions for educators and administrative staff alike, aiming to uplift the educational standards of the region. Additionally, jobs in the health department of Jhang are pivotal, focusing on enhancing the city's healthcare services. Rescue 1122 jobs in Jhang provide critical emergency response roles for those interested in civic services. The government is also keen on promoting gender equality in the workforce, increasing female jobs in Jhang, and ensuring women have equal opportunities in various sectors, including bank jobs in Jhang, which are famous for both genders. Here, on this page, we provide all the updates of jobs available in Jhang.