Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
28-Dec-23 District and Session Court, Jaccobabad 17 Jobs 28-Dec-23 View
10-Oct-21 Local Govt and HTP Department Govt of Sindh, Jaccobabad 20 Jobs 10-Oct-21 View
02-Oct-21 Pak Pakistan, Jaccobabad 54 Jobs 02-Oct-21 View
17-Sep-21 Irrigation Department Govt of Sindh, Jaccobabad 35 Jobs 17-Sep-21 View
31-Jul-21 Medecins Sans Frontiers, Jaccobabad 1 Jobs 31-Jul-21 View
06-Jul-21 Population Welfare Department, Jaccobabad 24 Jobs 06-Jul-21 View
15-Jun-21 Office of The Deputy Commissioner, Jaccobabad 8 Jobs 15-Jun-21 View
10-Jun-21 Education Department Govt of Sindh, Jaccobabad 30 Jobs 10-Jun-21 View
27-Feb-21 Health Department Govt of Sindh, Jaccobabad 1 Jobs 27-Feb-21 View
19-Oct-20 Jacobabad Institute of Medical Sciences JIMS, Jaccobabad 30 Jobs 19-Oct-20 View
23-Jan-20 Cadet College, Jaccobabad 28 Jobs 23-Jan-20 View
10-Nov-19 Agriculture Department Jobs Govt. of Punjab 2024, Jaccobabad 1 Jobs 10-Nov-19 View

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Jobs in Jacobabad

Jacob Abad is a city that is located in the Sindh province. The city is known for its cultivation of crops, wheat and sugarcane. The applicants who are in search of jobs in Jacobabad are come to the right page. Before applying for the job it is to be kept in mind that the language that is used in the city is Sindhi. Urdu is also used in some parts of the city. To find a job in the city you must know about the economy and the job market. Stay in touch with us for the latest updates. Moreover, read the page carefully you will be informed of the latest jobs that are available in Jacobabad.

Private Jobs in Jacobabad

Job seekers are informed that private jobs in Jacobabad are available for you to apply. You can apply in the city as a driver, junior clerk, chawkidar, in various departments. To apply for the job visit our job portals. The job details will be available on your screen. See the total vacancies that are available. Check out the job type. Applications after the deadline will not be considered.

Government Jobs in Jacobabad

Jacobabad, a city renowned for its cultural heritage and agricultural significance, has become a vibrant hub for employment opportunities, particularly in the government sector. Government jobs in Jacobabad provide diverse fields, offering local administration, education, health services, and law enforcement positions, reflecting the city's commitment to public service and community development. Additionally, NGO jobs in Jacobabad have significantly contributed to the local job market, providing numerous opportunities for those interested in social work, community development, and humanitarian projects. These NGO jobs often collaborate with government initiatives, aiming to improve the living standards and welfare of the local population. Moreover, the banking sector in Jacobabad has seen substantial growth, with bank jobs in Jacobabad becoming increasingly sought after, catering to the community's financial needs and supporting local businesses and agriculture. For women, the job landscape in Jacobabad is progressively changing, with more female jobs in Jacobabad being introduced, especially in education, healthcare, and the NGO sector, promoting gender equality and empowerment.

Furthermore, the agriculture-based economy of Jacobabad is complemented by jobs in the fertilizer industry. Farming company jobs in Jacobabad are crucial in supporting the local and regional agricultural sector, ensuring the availability of quality products to enhance crop yield. Collectively, these employment opportunities in Jacobabad underscore the city's multifaceted economic and social development, offering a promising future for its residents.