Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
12-Feb-21 CECOS University, Peshawar 10 Jobs 25-Feb View
22-Sep-19 CECOS University, Peshawar 6 Jobs 30-Sep View
21-May-19 CECOS University, Peshawar 10 Jobs N/A View
10-Apr-19 CECOS University, Peshawar 1 Jobs N/A View
18-Jan-19 CECOS University, Peshawar 6 Jobs 05-Feb View
13-Nov-18 CECOS University, Peshawar 5 Jobs 22-Nov View
10-Oct-18 CECOS University, Peshawar 15 Jobs 16-Oct View
20-Aug-18 CECOS University, Peshawar 10 Jobs 26-Aug View
19-Jul-18 CECOS University, Others 10 Jobs 05-Aug View
17-Jan-18 CECOS University, Peshawar 2 Jobs 20-Jan View
31-Dec-17 CECOS University, Peshawar 12 Jobs N/A View
20-Oct-17 CECOS University, Peshawar 5 Jobs 24-Oct View
15-Sep-17 CECOS University, Pak Pattan 10 Jobs 21-Sep View
13-Aug-17 CECOS University, Peshawar 25 Jobs 21-Aug View
03-Jul-17 CECOS University, Peshawar 9 Jobs N/A View
20-Jan-17 CECOS University, Hayatabad 0 Jobs N/A View
20-Dec-16 CECOS University, Peshawar 0 Jobs N/A View
21-Oct-15 CECOS University, Peshawar 0 Jobs N/A View
15-Jul-15 CECOS University, Peshawar 0 Jobs N/A View

CECOS University:

The CECOS University of Peshawar is a Government Chartered University. It was established in 1986. The university is offering courses of engineering, architecture, business, management, computer and allied sciences. The University has well equipped laboratories and filled Libraries. The University was first established to facilitate students of Peshawar with It related higher studies courses. Over the years of 32 years, the University kept on progressing expanding its academic courses and programmes till date. Currently the University has all the necessary perquisites of a high standard research and It university. The faculty is well trained and experienced; mostly its members are PhD scholars. The University has set strict policies for its staff and students.

The admission criteria are merit based and scholarships programmes are also being run for needy and talented students. The University is offering under graduate programmes for BSc Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Biotechnology, Business Administration – BBA (Hons), Computer Sciences – BS CS (Hons), Software Engineering (Hons), Telecommunication Systems (Hons), Civil Engineering Technology (B.Tech), Electrical Engineering Technology (B.Tech) and BSc Mechanical Engineering Technology (B.Tech). Post Graduate programmers include MS Structural Engineering, Geo-Technical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Power & Control Engineering, Communications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Design & Manufacturing), Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Materials) and Engineering Management. Any vacancy being posted by COCOS University Peshawar will be updated on this page. The job seekers can visit our website for latest updates regarding vacancies in him University.