Sr.No Post Qualfication and Experience Age Limit
1 Section Head (Female) Masters degree with B.Ed 
MMOT diploma (mandatory only for pre school wing)
Minimum 5-10 years experience of teaching and administration on similar position
30-50 years
2 Pre School Teacher Masters/Graduation
MMOT Diploma (mandatory)
Minimum 3 years of pre school
teaching experience
25-30 years 

Junior/Middle/Senior Teacher

Biology Teacher
Physics Teacher
Chemistry Teacher
Mathematics Teacher

M.Sc or BS perferable with B.Ed/ M.Ed or equivalent qualification in relevant subject not below 2nd Division
Minimum 5 years experience as subject specialist in a reputed institute 


4 English Teacher
Urdu Teacher
MA in English/Urdu not below 2nd division preferably with B.Ed/M.Ed or equivalent qualification
Minimum 5 years teaching experience


5 Tajweed Teacher Tajweed Course/Dars-e-Nizami and Hifz or Diploma from renowned institution 25-30 years
6 Art Teacher BS/M.A Fine Arts preferably with some teaching experience with minimum 3 year experience of a reputable institute 25-50 years
IT Coord
B.Sc/M.Sc IT not below 2nd division
Minimum 2-3 years experience
25-30 years


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