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ICS is the best field to grow yourself in your career. Students pursue the programme to get success in the field of Computer Science. The course provides you with the technical study of software development. ICS is done after 10 years of education. The programme duration is two years including parts 1 & 2. The curriculum gives broad study to students and gives a deep insight into Computer Programming that can help further in their careers.

Students can find ICS jobs in Pakistan in many sectors. After completing the degree, students can apply to the firms of Information Technology, Data collection companies, or Computer programming. There is a great scope of ICS in Pakistan and it is increasing day by day.

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Scope in Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) Career

In the realm of information technology, ICS students have a lot of options. Software engineering, software development, Telecom Engineering, and Electronics Engineering are all options for ICS students. After passing their matric in computer science, students are unable to determine which field to pursue and which is the best fit for them.

While ICS is the most suitable career for them if they are interested in the Computer subject. The scope of ics in Pakistan can be seen in many organizations. This is the computer era, and every company, bank, and firm uses computers in their day-to-day operations. Many firms require a highly qualified and skilled computer professional.

Benefits in ICS Career

When students pass intermediate, their next concern is to find the best job that benefits them. They always search for a career that is beneficial for them. However, it is important to note that Computer Science is a field that gives a lot of benefits. After entering the programme of Intermediate in Computer Science, you must know that there are many fields like BSC, MSC which you can study that lead you to a rewarding future.

We live in a digital era, computers have become indispensable because everything is based on data and software. The world has become richer, faster, and more linked as a result of technological advancements. So, there are some benefits for the students of ICS that will pay them in the future. The students who want to know the ICS salary in Pakistan are informed that they can get 15 to 20,000 per month on their internship period whether after getting experience in the field, they can get 30,000 to 40,000 per month.

What is the Scope of Jobs after ICS Degree

There are several ICS job opportunities in Pakistan for students. After doing Intermediate in Computer Science, Students can apply for many ICS jobs in Pakistan. The scope for ICS jobs is increasing in the country. Some of the highly paid jobs are mentioned below:

  • Hardware Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Web Application Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Graphic Designer

Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers do research, design, and test computer systems and their components, such as circuit boards. A computer hardware engineer is in charge of a computer's hardware design and hardware elements.

Systems Administrator

The system administrator is responsible for the Information Technology infrastructure's management, maintenance, and assistance in a multi-user organization.

Web Application Developer

Students who applied as web developers can find the best jobs in the I.T firms and they can be paid well. The responsibility of a web developer is to programming, code, web development, and design network applications.

Software Engineer

ICS  jobs in Pakistan can be found in different organizations. After ICS, students must have done with Bachelors in Computer Science. In this way, they can work as a software engineer. They have to get experience first in the field of I.T.

Software engineers can work for major companies, small businesses, or as independent contractors. There is a great demand for software engineers in Pakistan.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer's job is to create visually appealing graphics to accompany textual material. Graphic designers are in great demand nowadays.

The duties of a graphic designer include Consulting with clients to determine their requirements, completing tasks using design tools, and updating projects based on client input.

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