We Can Show Students Other Options If They Don't Succeed in MBBS

  • 03-Oct-2018

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                  We Can Show Students Other Options If They Don't Succeed in MBBS

The most sought after fields in Pakistan and India are medicine and engineering. Adopting any of both fields is considered as a visible indication of a successful future. The dogma that only medicine or engineering are right fields are instilled in students since their schooling period. Almost 80% of all Pakistani students (including MDCAT) study with an aim of becoming a doctor or an engineer one day. So, it can be rightly put here that the gauge of capability and intelligence depends upon the achievement of this aim. Every individual has different innate capacity and dexterity. Some of us are good at painting, writing, teaching, managing, marketing, business, banking, acting and many other innumerable skills. In Pakistan, students suffer immense pressure from parents to somehow or in any cost achieve to enter into medicine field. As Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is, “What is your genius?”.This allegory comes from a genius himself. Einstein’s researches and work is being applied in educational institutes all over the world. To limit the faculty of mind to a certain field is similar to abase the inborn trait of discovery in human beings. It does a great deal of damage to one’s personality that stays for quite a long time. In accordance to Einstein’s quote, a fish belongs to water and there it is a pro, we can’t just consider it a failure, if it just can’t climb a tree. Same goes with humans; every human is born different and belongs to a different field. Not being able to enter into medicine field, does not conclude you as a failure.

The MDCAT students, who have an inclination to pursue their careers in scientific field, can surely never run out of options. Pakistan’s progression in scientific field is not less than the world. There is profusion in scientific branches all over the world and opportunities for MDCAT students are not limited. Here are a few options other than medicine in Pakistan.

Engineering Field in Pakistan

Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, aeronautical engineering and electronic engineering. This broad career path is studied widely. Several diplomas, undergraduate, graduate, master’s  and PhD specialization are offered in many Pakistani Institutes.

Computer Science

The invention of computer gave life to innumerable fields. The absence of computer is seldom in world today. Computer programming is one of the most important fields in computer sciences. Computer programming involves:

Software Engineering: A software engineer can get a job anywhere in the world. It is considered one the most monetarily suffice field. On average, a computer engineer earns $104,300 in USA.

Web designing:  This field has made a continuous progression, it has tremendous career scope.

Web development: This field involves developing websites through coding language. It is a very wide field and a highly paid one too.

Agricultural Sciences Field in Pakistan

It is a field of science in which the field of agriculture is broadly studied. It deals with social and economic sciences, biological nature, medicine used in agriculture. Pakistan is an agriculture country,  21% of Pakistan’s GDP comes from agriculture. The University Of Agriculture Pakistan is ranked in number 4 position in Top Ten Universities Of Pakistan

Veterinary Sciences Field In Pakistan

It is study of animal health, medicine, treatment and dairy production. Its importance can’t be denied and it is one the most sought after occupation after MBBS. Almost, 19 universities in Pakistan are offering veterinary studies.

Psychology Field In Pakistan

It can be best describe as a study of human behavior and mental health. Psychological health is as important as physical health. Governments provide a proper psychological help to its citizens worldwide. Universities like NUST, Quaid e Azam University, LUMS, UET, University of Lahore and University of Karachi have best psychology departments in Pakistan.

Pharmacy Field In Pakistan

It is related to preparation of medicines, its effects, attestation and experiments. Pharmaceutical companies are considered most monetary yielding industry. Every other scientific field is co related to pharmacy such as veterinary, psychology and MBBS. Almost all major universities in Pakistan are offering pharmacy study in graduate and master’s level.

Accounting and Finance Field in Pakistan

This field is related to business, finance and banking. It is not less than science rather a larger detailing is required in this study. Recording, summarizing and analyzing financial transactions is major part of all departments and fields. The field of accounting and finance is one of the most oldest and important.  It has plenty of job opportunities and scope within all fields, all over the world.

Management Sciences Field in Pakistan

It is a study dealing the aspects relating to management of organizations. It includes methods of statistics, programming and solution. Management Sciences (MS) degree program includes business, statistics and finance. Comsats University Pakistan is famous for MS and BS degree programmes.


Arts or humanities field is largest and widest. History, Economics, Literature, Political Science, Geography, Fine arts, Fashion, Physical Education, Education, Political Science, Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, Media ,Film, Teaching  all these career paths are derived from humanities or arts.

Career Counseling for Students Should Be Provided in Every Institution

Career counseling is the most important tool to shape the future of students. Unfortunately, career counseling is absent in our institutions which causes perplexity in Pakistani students while choosing the right field according to their expertise. Career counseling department must be included in all universities, schools, colleges because it is as important as other academic departments.

Career Counseling Departments in Pakistan

It’s commendable that the importance of career counseling has finally being admitted in Pakistan, though slowly. A number of schools, colleges, universities have been providing this facility to students. Here are names of the institutes working on career counseling:

1-Pakistan Institute of career counseling (PICC)

2-Professional career counseling Pakistan (PCCP)

3-AFAQ’s career guidance and counseling services


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