Senate Committee Recommends to Retake MDCAT

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  • 14-Oct-2021

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The MDCAT test plays a crucial role for allowing students to take admissions in medical colleges and universities. The main purpose of this test is to evaluate the capability of the students and their medical concepts. The chaos observed in the test this year is the major cause of student’s disturbance. By considering the student’s stress, the Senate Committee decided to retake the test. The students can be satisfied in this manner.

Aspects highlighted by the committee:

The inquiry was made by the National Health Services for overcoming the problems of the students. On Tuesday, this matter was investigated and suggestions for re-conducting the exam was given. Here are the few aspects highlighted by the committee:

  • A detailed report was generated for making proper investigations in this matter.  This report is based on the information regarding the company responsible for taking the test. 
  • It was also highlighted that mental health of the students is also affected due to the mismanagement of the exam.
  •  The committee focused on the aspect that fair marking should be done. It is a matter of a student's future. That is why no compromise can be made over this negligence.  

Re-conduct test recommendation:

Students ask the committee to retake their exams because they get marks below their expectations. Senator Rubina Khalid supported the suggestion of test retake. The points highlighted by her are given below:

  • According to her perspective, the candidates can check and review their papers. It’s their right to question their marks because the whole career depends on this factor.
  • She also pointed out the computer generated mistake during the exam.
  • As per her opinion, it is not fair for the students to solve the questions which were not included in their syllabus. 

Reason behind retaking of MDCAT test:

Following are different reasons behind the suggestion of exam retake:

  • The students are not satisfied by the rules set by PMC because they attained lower marks. Thus, they took out their frustration on social media. 
  • The candidates found a lot of issues in the PMC policies. Some candidates face internet connection problems while attempting the test. 
  • Additionally, some students claim that their answer key was wrong.
  • Out of syllabus questions also made the students furious. 
  • The ambiguous MCQs in the test is also a reason of student’s dissatisfaction. According to the students, they were not able to solve these MCQs properly within the given time limit.  



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