KU education faculty in crisis

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  • 25-Jul-2016

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In spite of facing several stern allegations of having misused powers for a long time, and also verified by a three-member inquiry committee, the dean of faculty of education at Karachi University, Professor Shagufta Shahzadi, has lately been awarded a three-year extension to continue in the administrative position on Sunday.

The extension awarded by the chancellor is being strongly opposed by teachers and they even boycotted their classes last week.

A teacher at the education department said on condition of anonymity that we are forced to take this extreme step as the administration has repeatedly ignored our complaints against the dean. She further added that we are extremely disappointed by the Vice Chancellor decision to recommend an extension in Prof Shahzadi’s service.

Another familiar situation was witnessed at the education department, where there were no students but the staff was present.

Prof Shahzadi, however, claimed that classes were going on. She also said that classes were suspended only in the education department and there was no disruption in academic activities in the other two departments. She further added that warnings have been sent to teachers who are boycotting.

On finding of the inquiry report prepared by the three senior KU teachers she said that the director of admissions has launched a campaign to malign but she have documents to prove the innocence.

Conflicting to her promise she did not share the documents when asked for.

Misuse of the powers have been seen at the university. The dean hired the teachers from outside out of university. There is no selection board at the university from the past four years. Students are also delaying the education matters without any apparent reason.

The dean of the university Prof Shahzadi has also enrolled herself in the B.Ed. program from a college though she herself heads the faculty of education. The university have forwarded the names of the most eligible candidates for the deanship and wants the chancellor to select one candidate among them.  



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