Industry-university linkage to create jobs for science graduates

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  • 19-Aug-2009

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Islamabad, Pakistan needs active industry-university linkage to accommodate science graduates, said Professor Dr Atta ur Rahman, Coordinator General of OIC Committee on Science and Technology.

Dr Atta was inaugurating 2-day National Seminar on ‘How to generate employment opportunities for science graduates of Pakistan’, organised by Comstech at its building in collaboration with Comsats and Higher Education Commission.

Scientists, industrialists, government representatives, policy makers, technologists, and foreign and local scholars are attending the 6-session seminar.

The objectives of the seminar include reviewing existing national policies and strategies for employment-generating programmes in targeted areas of the economy. The seminar participants will identify specific recommendations to ensure the success of employment generating programmes.

Dr Atta said that the graduates are a national asset and should not be wasted. He stressed the need for providing them opportunities otherwise they might leave the country to seek better opportunities in foreign lands. He called for establishing centres of excellence and technology hubs in the universities.

Dr Ishfaq Ahmad, Planning Commissions Advisor on Science and Technology, said that we are formulating policies to reduce unemployment rate in youth of the country. He said that science graduates would be adjusted in industry and special centres of excellence in the universities which the government plans to establish. Dr Imtinan Elahi Qureshi, Executive Director of Comsats, also spoke on the occasion.

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