Complete Guidance for Pakistani Students to Study Abroad

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  • 02-Nov-2019

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Each year from Pakistan about lakhs of students from Pakistan opt to study abroad in foreign universities. These Pakistani students are looking for guidance and information to support their ambition.

One such initiative is, it’s a website that lays complete guidelines for a Pakistani student from looking for university options, suitable study programs, and scholarship options to visa guidelines all at one place. has been created with the idea of making the whole studying abroad process hassle free for the Pakistani students, educating them about the various options they can avail.

Increasing number of students from Pakistan are moving out of Pakistan for studies, USA being the top destination. Pakistani students are going for much diverse choice when it comes to studying abroad, Ireland is becoming an increasingly favorite together with countries like United Kingdom, Germany and France etc.

Reasons why Pakistani student are preferring studying abroad as a key option-

  • The experience of studying abroad comes with an added reward of receiving work options there only. The Pakistani student first seeks education in the course of their choice, then can go for an internship while studying abroad, gain work experience and then get hired in great companies in Pakistan.
  • The degree programs in foreign universities are up to date area cover all the skill areas that an employer is looking for, also the degree is universally valid. The Pakistani student can choose to work anywhere in the world.

The different areas the covers are -

  • News & events –To keep the Pakistani student well informed about the happenings and developments that are most likely in relevance to the subject of studying abroad.
  • Scholarships – To make the Pakistani students aware about the scholarships options in various countries and universities then can apply in due time while their admission proceedings are in place.
  • Popular scholarships – Apart from the above scholarships a special section that comprises of all the popular scholarships from across the globe that are highly in demand and have tremendous intake capacities for all the prestigious universities of the world for the Pakistani students are being covered.
  • Universities – covers all the universities in accordance to the choice of country that Pakistani student wants to study in.
  • Consultants- Receiving the guidance of consultants was one heck of a problem for Pakistani students. Many students in Pakistan were unaware of the consultants in their city, now has bridged the gap by bringing them all together at one platform.
  • Guides- The guides on summarizes all the needs of a Pakistani students that they want guidance in regard to like consultants, scholarships and all queries for a particular country.
  • Test – the test section of enlightens all the needs for all the English proficiency tests as IELTS, TOEFEL and other testing platform like GRE, SAT and GMAT. Our expert guidance will help a Pakistani students at levels and help them get an outstanding score.
  • FAQ- believes in giving listening and addressing all the questions. Our team will address all the Pakistani students’ queries within the best of our capacities.
  • Visa guides- These guides sketch out the complete pathway for a Pakistani student when it comes to applying for a visa, from all the documentation to formalities all that is needed.
  • Videos- In case any student is not into reading long texts, you can sit back in all your comfort our videos will guide you through.
  • app- the app is lets you view the content of the website on the go on your mobile phones, by subscribing you will never miss any of our updates.



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