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SIR ZIAUDDIN AHMED was born in 1877 in the picturesque town of Meerut in India. An outstanding and versatile educationist and political figure, he was also the longest serving Vice-Chancellor in the history of Aligarh Muslim University. His close association with Sir Syed Ahmed Khan added to his stature and dignity. His untimely demise left a void in the university and in the lives of his followers and well wishers. He died on 23rd December 1947 in London, and was buried in the premises of the main mosque of Aligarh Muslim University along side Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

Sir Ziauddin Ahmed did his Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction in 1895 from M.A.O. College, Aligarh, Master of Arts in Mathematics from Calcutta, and Allahabad Universities in the year 1897 and 1898 respectively. He joined Trinity College, Cambridge in 1901 for Honours degree in Mathematics, and graduated with excellence by securing first position. In 1904 Sir Ziauddin was awarded the Sir Isaac Newton Scholarship, a rare honour for a foreign graduate, and he was the first Indian to achieve this award. His thirst for knowledge took him to Gottingen University, Germany and in 1905 he completed his Ph.D. in Mathematics. In addition to this, Sir Ziauddin also visited Paris University in France, and Bologna University in Italy in the year 1905 for advanced studies in his chosen field of Mathematics.

On return from Europe, Sir Ziauddin Ahmed devoted the rest of his life to the Aligarh Muslim University. When M.A.O. College was given the status of a University in 1920, he became its first Pro Vice-Chancellor. In 1935 he was elected as the Vice-Chancellor and remained so until 1946, thus becoming the longest serving Vice-Chancellor in the history of Aligarh Muslim University to date. In 1946 he was appointed as Rector of the University and held the position until his death in 1947.

Sir Ziauddin Ahmed took keen interest in University affairs, and raised funds for the university time and again.

Sir Ziauddin Ahmed supported the Pakistan Movement and encouraged the students of Aligarh Muslim University to play an active role in this historic movement. He was also chosen by Quaid-e-Azam to be the General Secretary of the Muslim League Parliamentary Party.

Sir Ziauddin Ahmed's dream to start a medical college at Aligarh Muslim University, was not realised in his lifetime, but has come true with the establishment of the Ziauddin Medical University in Karachi, Pakistan.

Programs Offered in Following Categories

Bachelors Programs/Courses at Ziauddin University Karachi


  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • BS Civil Engineering
  • BS Software Engineering
  • Doctor of Occupational Therapy
  • Accelerated Doctor of Occupational Therapy
  • BS Communication & Media Studies
  • Bachelor of Eastern Medicine & Surgery
  • BEd Hons Elementary
  • BEd Hons Secondary
  • BS English
  • BS English & Media Studies
  • Associate Degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • BS Medical Technology
  • Accelerated Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • MDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • MDS Prosthodontics
  • MDS Community Dentistry
  • MDS Orthodontics
  • MDS Periodontoogy
  • MDS Science of Dental Materials
  • MDS Operative Dentistry
  • MDS Oral Pathology
  • MDS Oral Biology
  • FCPS Internal Medicine
  • FCPS General Surgery
  • FCPS Hematology
  • FCPS Gynae & OBS
  • FCPS Histopathology
  • FCPS Chemical Pathology
  • FCPS Microbiology
  • FCPS Gastroenterology
  • FCPS Radiology
  • MD/MS Internal Medicine
  • MD/MS Emergency Medicine
  • MD/MS General Surgery
  • MD/MS Gynae & OBS
  • MD/MS Orthopedics
  • MD/MS Anesthesiology
  • MD/MS Radiotherapy
  • MD/MS Urology
  • MD/MS Radiology
  • MCPS Pediatrics
  • FCPS Nephrology
  • FCPS Urology
  • FCPS Paediatrics
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Biology
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Physics
  • Associate Degree Medical Technology
  • Bachelor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Surgery
  • Doctor of Medicine in Clinic Science
  • Pharm-D Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Bachelor of Studies in Speech Language Therapy
  • Bachelors of Studies in Communication & Media Studies
  • BE Biomedical Engineering
  • BS Clinical Laboratory Science
  • BDS Bachelors of Dental Surgery
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence
  • LLB
  • BS Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • BS Clinical Psychology
  • Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies
  • MBBS

Masters Programs/Courses at Ziauddin University Karachi


  • MSc Oral Pathology
  • MSc Periodontology
  • MSc Community Dentsitry
  • MSc Science of Dental Materials
  • MSc Community Dentistry
  • ME Biomedical Engineering
  • ME Bio Electronics
  • ME Communication and Signal Processing
  • ME Telecommunicatiion
  • Master of Surgery in Clinical Science
  • MS Electrical Engineering
  • Master in Speech Language Pathology
  • Diploma in Healthcare Management
  • MS Healthcare Management

M. Phil Programs/Courses at Ziauddin University Karachi


  • MS/MPhil Physical Therapy
  • MPhil Anatomy
  • MPhil Physiology
  • MPhil Oral Biology
  • MPhil Pathology
  • MPhil Biochemistry
  • MPhil Pharmacology
  • MPhil Community Health Sciences
  • MS ENT
  • MS General Surgery
  • MS Orthopaedic Surgery
  • MS Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • MS Ophthalmology
  • MS Ophthalmology
  • MS Urology
  • MPhil Pharmacy Practice
  • MPhil Pharmacongnoc
  • MPhil Pharmaceutics
  • MPhil Pharmacology

Ph. D Programs/Courses at Ziauddin University Karachi


  • PhD Anatomy
  • PhD Biochemistry
  • PhD Physiology
  • PhD Pharmacology
  • PhD Pathology
  • PhD Microbiology
  • PhD Pharmacy Practice
  • PhD Pharmacongnosy
  • PhD Pharmaceutics
  • PhD Electrical Engineering

Others Programs/Courses at Ziauddin University Karachi


  • Diploma in Childhood Development & Psychopathology
  • Diploma in Phlebotomy
  • Diploma in Clinical Pathology
  • Diploma in Transfusion Medicine
  • Diploma in Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence
  • Associate Diploma in Childhood Development and Psychopathology
  • Diploma in Pediatrics Medicine
  • Diploma in Anesthesiology
  • Diploma in Health System Management
  • Diploma in Hospital Management
  • Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management
  • Diploma in Clinics
  • Diploma in Anaesthesia
  • Diploma in Dermatology
  • Diploma in Family Medicine
  • Diploma in Medical Oncology
  • Diploma in Paediatric Medicine
  • Diploma in Paediatric Medicine
  • Diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • Diploma in Clinical Pathology
  • Diploma in Medical Technology
  • Diploma in Fitness & Training
  • Diploma in Fitness & Training
  • Diploma of Arts in TESOL
  • English for Academic Purposes EAP Course

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