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Thirst for knowledge has been spoken of as the last infirmity of noble minds. Great minds can give up all but not their yearning for knowledge. When the ruling and the ruled both have the same feelings and the same thirst for knowledge it gives birth to a strong desire which ultimately culminates in the formation of great institutions. University of Malakand, the dream, the most needed urgently required necessity of the people of the area now exists in reality. It is actually one of the highest achievements of the genius of its founding father, Ex-governor N-W.F.P, Lt. G. (Rt.) Syed iftikhar Hussain Shah. He laid brick after brick to build this palace; passed law after law to frame a mighty code provide it with a solid foundation. To establish a University at Malakand was really a task. It is said that behind every event, there is present a intelligent mind which guides and directs the affairs. It can be said without hesitation that behind all those events, which have led to establishment and stentorian Prof. Dr. Jehandar Shah. He is the person rightly chosen for the right job. Under his thorough guidance the university staff is thriving to design the future of our nation. No doubt, many obstacles are there, but they melt before their courage thus making their path smooth. But those paragons should never be forgotten who worked all the way for the establishment of this splendid beacon of light, which will always be showering the rays of wisdom and knowledge upon the people will widen their hearts and minds.

The demand for the university in Malakand Division had been a felt need since 1972 but due to political polarization and “ inter Districts Antagonism” the idea could not be materialized till 2001. Various political parties had their own interests and every member tired to seek the credit for himself. Credit goes to iftikhar hussain Shah who gave the idea of establishing a University at present site. After consultation with the PIDC high-ups, he formally announced the establishment of the university in August 2001. in this regard, the services of his advisor Prof. Dr. Lutfullah Kakakahel will never be forgotten. After the announcement some legal points were raised by the provincial law Department regarding establishment a University in the PATA (Provincially Administered Tribal Area). The issue was resolved by the then governor N.W.F.P by recommending the case to the president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan who was kind enough in allowing the University through a presidential Order / Regulation. Hence, in a sense this is the only University in Pakistan chartered / established by the highest seats of power in the country. The provincial Government, through a Gazette Notification No P-III dated 27.10.2001 (Extraordinary) formally announced a University for Malakand Division on the Premises of the defunct D.F.I.C. at Chakdara.

Programs Offered in Following Categories

Bachelors Programs/Courses at University Of Malakand


  • LLB
  • BEd
  • BBA (Hons)
  • BS Software Engineering
  • BS Information Technology
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Geology
  • BS Physics
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Computer Science (BSCS)
  • BS Biotechnology
  • BS Botany
  • BS Zoology
  • BS Social Work
  • BS Sociology
  • BS Islamic Studies
  • BS Management Sciences
  • BS Economics
  • BS English
  • BEd Sociology
  • BBA Management Sciences
  • Pharm-D
  • BS Biochemistry
  • BS Archelogy
  • BS Commerce
  • BS Criminology
  • BS Education
  • BS Journalism & Mass Communication Studies
  • BS Pashto
  • BS Political Science
  • BS Psychology
  • BS Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Associate Degree in Education

Masters Programs/Courses at University Of Malakand


  • MS Physics
  • MSc Botany
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MA Economics
  • MSc Economics
  • MA Education
  • MA English
  • MSc English
  • MA Islamic Studies
  • MSc Journalism & Mass Communication
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MBA Master of Business Administration
  • MEd
  • MA Social Work
  • MSc Sociology
  • MSc Statistics
  • MA Tourism & Hotel Management
  • MA Pashto
  • MSc Pashto
  • MSc Physics
  • MA Political Science
  • MSc Political Science
  • MA Psychology
  • MSc Psychology
  • MSc Zoology

M. Phil Programs/Courses at University Of Malakand


  • MPhil Physics
  • MS/MPhil Biotechnology
  • MS/MPhil Chemistry
  • MS/MPhil Computer Science
  • MS/MPhil Islamic Studies
  • MS/MPhil Management Studies
  • MS/MPhil Mathematics
  • MS/MPhil Pharmacy
  • MS/MPhil Physics
  • MPhil Biotechnology
  • MPhil Botany
  • MPhil Chemistry
  • MPhil Computer Science
  • MPhil Islamic Studies
  • MPhil Management Science
  • MPhil Mathematics
  • MPhil Sociology
  • MPhil Statistics
  • Mphil Education
  • MPhil English
  • MPhil Pashto
  • MPhil Biochemistry

Ph. D Programs/Courses at University Of Malakand


  • PhD Physics
  • PhD Biotechnology
  • PhD Chemistry
  • PhD Computer Science
  • PhD Islamic Studies
  • PhD Management Studies
  • PhD Mathematics
  • PhD Pharmacy
  • PhD Sociology
  • PhD Botany
  • PhD Education
  • PhD Zoology
  • PhD Pashto

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