PAF Finishing School Islamabad

92-051 -9263087 PAF Finishing School (A Grooming Academy for Women) Sector E-9, PAF Complex Islamabad Pakistan Short Courses/Diploma/Test Preparation Institutes 12559

The Pakistan Air Force Finishing School is a stepping stone for young ladies who wish to leave an imprint on society. It is a threshold facilitating their entry into practical life.

However, the Finishing School, in spite of this inevitable role, is not just a preparatory by-station. It promises so much more. It helps to open new vistas of learning, of unfolding the open-ended potential reservoirs of the mind and the heart, of projecting dreams and fantasies into the realm of reality. For a school of this caliber it is not sufficient to just facilitate the learning process --- rather the aim is to develop a sophisticated taste for it! In the context of student's achievement, all efforts are directed towards the attainment of a harmonious and well-rounded personality; a healthy blend of your Islamic values and traditional Eastern culture.

Programs Offered in Following Categories

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  • Certificate in Management Skills
  • Certificate in Communication Skills
  • Certificate in Spoken English
  • Certificate in Power Point Presentations
  • Certificate in Corporate and Fine Dining Etiquette
  • Certificate in Event Management
  • Certificate in Computers
  • Certificate in Emotional Intelligence
  • Certificate in Art of Self Presentation
  • Certificate in Dressing Skills
  • Certificate in Beauty Care
  • Certificate in Protocol ,Etiquette
  • Certificate in Socialization Skills
  • Certificate in Posture and Gait
  • Certificate in Art and Appreciation of Art
  • Certificate in Culture Heritage and Visual Art
  • Certificate in Art and Craft
  • Certificate in Home Management
  • Certificate in Cooking and Baking
  • Certificate in Interior Design
  • Certificate in Budgeting and Planning
  • Certificate in Spiritual Enrichment
  • Certificate in Educational Visit
  • Certificate in Physical Fitness
  • Certificate in Yoga
  • Certificate in Acrobics
  • Certificate in Swimming
  • Certificate in Survival
  • Certificate in Basic Life Support Training
  • Certificate in Disaster Management
  • Certificate in Air Conditioned Hostel and Transport Facility
  • Certificate in Aerobics Swimming
  • Certificate in Golf and Other Sports
  • Certificate in Human Rights

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