Jinnah University For Women Karachi Courses

Jinnah University For Women Karachi Cources

Currently there are 4 well established faculties and 28 departments that make up the educational tree of the Jinnah University. A wide array of degree programs including: a 4 year degree program, 2 years Master Program and a 5 year Pharm-D program are awarded by the present Faculties. Moreover students are regularly enrolled in the MS/M.Phil./Ph.D. Programs offered by the university.

There are two academic semesters of the university. The first semester commences in January and ends by May. After the first semester there is short semester break to provide relaxation to the students. The second semester begins in month of July and ends by the month of October. Before each semester the students need to register the prescribed courses by the departments and subsequently pay for the registered courses in order to sit in the classes.

Here is a list of four Faculties which re functional under the umbrella of Jinnah University

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Business, Administration, Commerce and Economics
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Science


Courses At Jinnah University For Women Karachi

Bachelors Programs at

Course/Programs Duration Affilation Fee
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration HEC Recognized 56000/-
BCom HEC Recognized 30000/-
BS Commerce HEC Recognized 30000/-
BS Economics HEC Recognized 30000/-
BS Zoology HEC Recognized 24000/-
BS Chemistry HEC Recognized 24000/-
BS Mathematics HEC Recognized 24000/-
BS Computer Science (BSCS) HEC Recognized 55000/-
BS Islamic Learning HEC Recognized 16,500
BS Political Science HEC Recognized 16,500
BS Education HEC Recognized 24,000
BS International Relations HEC Recognized 24,000
BS Media Studies HEC Recognized 37,500/-
BS School Teacher Training HEC Recognized 20000/-
BS Visual Arts HEC Recognized 52000/-
BS Biotechnology HEC Recognized 41000/-
BS Microbiology HEC Recognized 45000/-
BS Chemistry HEC Recognized 27000/-
BS Biochemistry HEC Recognized 34000/-
BS Food Science & Technology HEC Recognized 50000/-
BS Software Engineering HEC Recognized 55000/-
Pharm D HEC Recognized 82000/-
BEMS HEC Recognized 51000/-

Masters Programs at

Course/Programs Duration Affilation Fee
MBA Master of Business Administration HEC Recognized 56000/-
MCom HEC Recognized 31000/-
MSc Chemistry HEC Recognized 28000/-
MSc Botany HEC Recognized 24500/-
MSc Mathematics HEC Recognized 24500/-
MSc Zoology HEC Recognized 24500/-
M.A Islamic Learning HEC Recognized 17,500
M.A Political Science HEC Recognized 17,500
MA Education HEC Recognized 25000/-
MA International Relation HEC Recognized 25000/-
MA Psychology HEC Recognized 25000/-
MA English HEC Recognized 35000/-
MA Media Studies HEC Recognized 35000/-
M.Ed HEC Recognized 20500/-
MSc Microbiology HEC Recognized 42000/-
MSc Bio-Chemistry HEC Recognized 32000/-

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