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Islamia college was established in Peshawar in 1913 and has been serving the purpose of education in the area ever since. Islamia College, Peshawar was upgraded to the status of Public sector University in 2008. This upgradation from college to university is a testimony of the fact that this educational institute has been successful in providing quality education to its students. Since its establishment, the college has been an epitome of Islamic and cultural values as well as academic excellence.

Islamia College University is located on the gateway to the historic Khyber Pass and occupies a land of around 300 acres of land. Quaid-e-Azam Muhamamad Ali Jinnah visited the college many times. He became a lifelong honorary member of Khyber Union to make this College one of the heirs of his property.

Islamia College University has been serving Pakistan for more than a decade and has recently been producing M.Phil. /Ph.D. in different fields. The unique and spectacular architecture of the college is attractive to numerous visitors as well as tourists from all over the world. It’s not just about the architecture of the college, it offers excellent learning atmosphere to its students by providing updated libraries and state-of-the-art laboratories and a total of nineteen (19) faculty departments including:

  1. Department of Arabic
  2. Department of Botany
  3. Department of Chemistry
  4. Department of Computer Science
  5. Department of Economics
  6. Department of English
  7. Department of Geography
  8. Department of Islamic Theology
  9. Department of Management Sciences
  10. Department of Mathematics
  11. Department of Pakistan Studies
  12. Department of Pashtoo
  13. Department of Physics
  14. Department of Political Sciences
  15. Department of psychology
  16. Department of Sharia & Law
  17. Department of Statistics
  18. Department of Urdu
  19. Department of Zoology

After the upgradation of college to university, it has been witnessed that the number of students willing to enroll in graduate programs is increasing every year. The university has got multiple departments to fulfill the needs of today’s market and industry. The university has got a well-defined educational structure which is a sublime combination of teaching and research. Moreover, the university is dedicated in providing professional trainings to the students in the field of science, technology and management sciences. Such trainings help to groom the students professionally. Islamia College University has got a brilliant academic track record of more than a decade in intermediate studies and has got a positive feedback from students and teachers. The college university holds a reputations in educational sector and has got a highly qualified staff comprising of teachers and administration.

Islamia College University houses on of the oldest libraries in KPK and is commonly known as Central Library. The library covering a total area of 13000 sq. ft. was established in 1913 and is considered to be the richest repository of books in entire KPK. The library contains around 90,000 books and 1261 manuscripts. The library is famous for its manuscripts collection on various subjects including Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Religion, Astronomy etc.

The college university also focusses on co-circular activities so that their students become an all-rounder in their lives. Following are some societies running under the umbrella of Khyber students’ societies.

  1. Khyber Islamic Cultural Society.
  2. Social Welfare & Awareness Society.
  3. Khyber Literary & Debating Society.
  4. Blood Donor's Society.
  5. Creative Art and Heritage Society.
  6. Science & Technology Society.
  7. Sports Society.
  8. Islamia College, Rifle Society.
  9. Adventure and Hiking Society.
  10. Dramatic Society
  11. Environmental protection Society
  12. Character Building Society
  13. Islamians' Volunteer Society
  14. Islamia Law Society



Programs Offered in Following Categories

Intermediate Programs/Courses at Islamia College Peshawar


  • FA
  • FSc Pre Engineering
  • FSc Pre Medical

Bachelors Programs/Courses at Islamia College Peshawar


  • BEd
  • BBS Management Sciences
  • BS Arabic
  • BS Botany
  • BBA Hons
  • BBS Bachelor of Business Studies
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Computer Science (BSCS)
  • BS Economics
  • BS Education
  • BS Electronics & Telecom
  • BS English
  • BS Islamic Theology
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Physics
  • BS Political Science
  • BS Psychology
  • BS Pushto
  • BS Statistics
  • BS Urdu
  • BS Zoology
  • Bs Electronics
  • BS Geography
  • BS Pakistan Studies
  • BS Sociology
  • BS Software Engineering
  • LLB Hons

Masters Programs/Courses at Islamia College Peshawar


  • MA Arabic
  • MA Economics
  • MA Urdu
  • MA Pakistan Studies
  • MA Islamic Theology
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Political Science
  • MSc Psychology
  • MSc Statistics
  • MA Pushto
  • MSc Economics
  • MA Arabic
  • MSc Botany
  • MBA Master of Business Administration
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Economics
  • MA English
  • MA Islamic Theology
  • MA Pakistan Studies
  • MA Political Science
  • MA Psychology
  • MA Pushto
  • MA Statistics
  • MA Urdu

M. Phil Programs/Courses at Islamia College Peshawar


  • MPhil Arabic
  • MPhil Botany
  • MPhil Chemistry
  • MPhil Computer Science
  • MPhil Economics
  • MPhil English Linguistics & Literature
  • MPhil Islamic Theology
  • MS Management Sciences
  • MPhil Mathematics
  • MPhil Pakistan Studies
  • MPhil Physics
  • MPhil Psychology
  • MPhil Statistics
  • MPhil Urdu
  • MPhil Zoology
  • MPhil Gandhara Study Centre (Archaeology)
  • MPhil Genetics Sciences
  • MPhil Management Sciences
  • MPhil Political Science

Ph. D Programs/Courses at Islamia College Peshawar


  • PhD Arabic
  • PhD Biochemistry
  • PhD Botany
  • PhD Chemistry
  • PhD Computer Science
  • PhD Economics
  • PhD English Linguistics & Literature
  • PhD Islamic Theology
  • PhD Management Sciences
  • PhD Mathematics
  • PhD Physics
  • PhD Statistics
  • PhD Urdu
  • PhD Zoology
  • PhD Pakistan Studies

Others Programs/Courses at Islamia College Peshawar


  • Diploma in Professional Clinical Psychology

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