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042-6672942-5 N/A 47-Tufail Road, Lahore Affiliated 40172

University of South Asia is a leading institution dedicated to empower the citizens of Pakistan through high quality education based on employable skills, research and commercialization of its research projects.


The population of Pakistan is fast growing to become the fifth largest nation thereby creating new challenges and opportunities. The Vision of USA is to train this large population and use it to the advantage of the country by means of providing them useful skills that can be sold globally bringing prosperity in the lives of the citizens.


The mission of University of South Asia is to equip the youth in developing its vision and thinking skills, converting "Manpower to Mind-power." USA wants to keep producing professionals who are capable of leading in their areas of specializations, becoming instrumental in the growth, development and prosperity of the nation.



  • Educating and grooming of manpower in the fields of science, technologies, humanities, management and health sciences, which would meet international standards.
  • The institute will also cater the provision of technology research and developmental support to important industries. This support is in the form of trained, skilled manpower and consultancy, is crucial for further progress of the industrial sector in the Pakistan, and other Muslim countries.
  • The institute will also set an example to be followed so that other institutes of the same kind could be established.
  • The institute will attract and refine young students to promote the highest values and to serve their communities with integrity.


Programs Offered in Following Categories

Bachelors Programs/Courses at Institute of South Asia ISA Lahore


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Web Technologies
  • Bachelor of Science in Mobile Applications
  • Bachelor of Science in Database Systems
  • Bachelor of Science in Game Programing
  • Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intellligence
  • Bachelor of Science in Social Media & E-Business
  • Bachelors of Business Administration - BBA
  • Bachelors of HR Management - BS Human Resource
  • Bachelors of Managment Sciences - BS Management
  • BS Entrepreneurship and SME Management
  • BS Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelors of Sciences in Marketing - BS Marketing
  • Bachelors of Science in Banking and Finance - BS Banking & Finance
  • Bachelors of Acounting & Finance - BS Acounting & Finance
  • Bachelors of Economics - BS Economics
  • Bachelors in Commerce - B.Com
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Civil Technology
  • Bachelor of Electrical Technology
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Technology
  • BS Electronics & Electrical Systems
  • BS Electronics & Communication
  • BS Communication & Info Tech
  • BS Environmental Sciences
  • BS Electronics & Electrical Systems
  • BS in Food & Nutrition
  • Bachelors in Biotechnology & Agro Sciences
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelors of Building & Architecture
  • Bachelors of Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Bachelors of Textile Design
  • Bachelors of Graphics Design
  • B.A, LL.B (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Media Studies
  • Bachelor in Education
  • Bachelor of Political Sciences
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Bachelor of English Language & Literature
  • BS Information Technology BSIT
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Physical Education (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Accounting & Finance

Masters Programs/Courses at Institute of South Asia ISA Lahore


  • Master of Business Administration - MBA
  • Master of Managment Sciences - MS Management
  • Master of HR Management - MS Human Resource
  • Master of Science in Marketing - MS Marketing
  • Masters of Acounting - MS Acounting & Finance
  • Masters of Economics - MS Economics
  • Masters in Commerce - M.Com
  • Master of Civil Engineering
  • Master of Electrical Engineering
  • MS Electronics & Electrical Systems
  • MS Environmental Sciences
  • Master of Building & Architecture
  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Fashion Design
  • Master of Interior Design
  • Master of Textile Design
  • Master of Graphics Design
  • Master of Laws ( LL.M.)
  • Master of Media Studies
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Political Sciences
  • Master of Psychology
  • Masters in Film and Media Studies
  • Master of English Language & Literature
  • MS Computer Science

M. Phil Programs/Courses at Institute of South Asia ISA Lahore


  • M.Phil in Computer Science
  • Mphil - HRM
  • Mphil - Marketing
  • Mphil - Management
  • Mphil - MS Acounting & Finance
  • Mphil - MS Economics
  • Mphil Commerce - M.Com
  • M.Phill. Nutrition & Dietetics
  • M.Phil. Public Health and Nutrition
  • M.Phil. Physiotherapy
  • M.Phil Biotechnology

Ph. D Programs/Courses at Institute of South Asia ISA Lahore


  • Ph.D in Computer Science
  • PhD Marketing
  • PhD Management
  • PhD HRM
  • PhD Accounting & Finance
  • PhD Economics
  • PhD Electrical Engineering
  • PhD Civil Engineering
  • PhD Architecture
  • PhD Fashion Design
  • PhD Interior Design
  • PhD Textile Design
  • PhD Graphics Design
  • PhD Law
  • PhD Media Studies
  • PhD Education
  • PhD Political Science
  • PhD Psychology
  • PhD English

Others Programs/Courses at Institute of South Asia ISA Lahore


  • Doctor of Physiotherapy
  • Doctor of Nutrition Sciences (DNS)

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