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042 37499301-6 C Block, Izmir Society, Canal Road, Lahore 53800 HEC Recognized 117010

Imperial college of Business studies is an Education and Research institute established in 1991 by the Pakistan Benevolence & Social Management Trust. This world class institution offers a range of academic disciplines in an independent and confident environment. At ICBS students are well- groomed to complete an expedition of intellectual transformation. The students here are reared to serve the nation in the 21st century as competent and sophisticated professionals.

This degree awarding institution is ISO 9001: 2000 certified. Moodys International is a UK based agency that certifies organizational quality systems for compliance with standards specified by the International Standards Organization (ISO).Moodys has certified Imperial college after keenly assessing and auditing the quality management system of the institution.

The College conducts international level undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses, professional training, research activities, and outreach programs. All the programs taught at imperial college are designed to complement the current market demand.

The University offers courses in the following disciplines.

  • Allied & Health Sciences
  • Computing and Information Sciences
  • Business, Economics and Management Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Architecture, Art and Design
  • English Language & Literature

International Collaborations:

Imperial college of Business studies always focuses on global approaches. To create international learning atmosphere at the institution and to hunt global opportunities for the pass-outs, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Imperial College of Business Studies and Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan on the Development of Student Exchange Programs, implementation of Collaborative Research Projects, lectures & symposium. Moreover, another Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Skyline University College, Sharjah UAE to develop academic and educational cooperation.


The University Of Hull, UK has collaborated with the Pakistan Benevolence & Social Management Trust to carry out the initial development of Imperial College. In 2002, the Govt. of Punjab chartered ICBS as an independent degree awarding institution. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) categorized the College in class “W”, a category that fulfills all the criteria of an International Quality College. The awarded degrees are fully recognized by the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan Engineering Council and by the associated global institutions.


Imperial College campus is spread over an area of 100 kanals, along the famous Canal Bank Road at Behria/ Shahkam Chowk, Behria Town, Lahore. The infrastructure entails all the modern facilities like lecture theatres, class rooms, laboratories, indoor games area and outdoor recreational provisions to facilitate stress free learning and activities.

The Faculty at imperial college is all-equipped with the most up-to-date teaching and training skills and the interactive learning environment and state-of-the-art facilities, are purposefully schemed to execute personality development and leadership qualities among students.

The college administration is very strict about the fulfillment of College policies and the deadlines for various activities. Punctuality is practiced in every field and is mandatory for both students and teachers. The disciplined atmosphere demands regularity in class attendance and proper behavior. Misbehavior towards faculty members and staff may result in immediate termination.


The College values the approaches that render delivery of knowledge via excellent teaching methodologies, creative thinking and research.


This leading college of Pakistan is determined to provide top quality education in every field and its disciplines. The qualified and skilled faculty helps students to excel in learning and research. The graduates from imperial college are implanted with professional know-hows, moral values and social responsibilities. These students are fully prepared to get hired on management and other leading designations. The College is always on a mission to serve the community as a key responsibility.

The College aims to produce future leaders, scholars, scientists and entrepreneurs that are integrated with social ethics, quality character and professional competence. The graduates are ready to face the future challenges with solutions-based approaches.

Vision Statement:

“In the conditions of modern life, the rule is absolute: the race which does not value trained intelligence is doomed”.

Programs Offered in Following Categories

Bachelors Programs/Courses at Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore


  • BSc Architecture
  • BTech Electrical
  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • BS Accounting and Control System
  • BSc Civil Technology
  • BSc Electrical Technology
  • BSc Mechanical Technology
  • BTech Electronics
  • BTech Civil
  • BS Economics
  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • BS Accounting and Control System
  • BS Accounting and Islamic Banking
  • BS Media Studies
  • BSc Electronics Technology
  • BBA Marketing
  • BSc Telecommunication
  • BSc Power & Energy System
  • BS Software Engineering (BSSE)
  • BS Computer Science (BSCS)
  • BS Information Technology (BSIT)
  • BS Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Bachelor of Architiecture
  • Bachelor of Interior Architecture
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
  • Bachelors of Fine Arts (Painting Sculpture Miniature)
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design
  • Bachelors of Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Product Design
  • BSc Electrical Engineering
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Electronics & Electrical Systems
  • BSc Electronics & Communication Systems
  • BSc Telecommunication Systems
  • BSc Nano Technology
  • BSc Communication & Information Technology
  • BSc Chemical Technology
  • BBA Human Resource Management
  • BBA Information Technology
  • BBA International Marketing
  • BBA Supply Chain Management
  • BBA Finance
  • BBA Islamic Banking
  • BS Civil Engineering
  • BS Electrical Engineering
  • BS Mechanical Engineering
  • BS Chemical Engineering
  • BS Mechatronics Engineering
  • BS Civil Technology
  • BS Electrical Technology
  • BS Mechanical Technology
  • BS Chemical Technology
  • BS Electronics Technology
  • BS Nano Technology
  • BTech Chemical
  • BTech Mechanical
  • BS in Mass Communication
  • BS English
  • BS Mathematics
  • BA LLB
  • LLB
  • BS Nutrition & Dietetics
  • BS Aviation Management
  • BS Biotechnology
  • BS Microbiology
  • BS Biochemistry
  • BS Applied Chemistry
  • BS Doctor of Physiotherapy
  • Doctor of Physiotherapy
  • Doctor of Diet & Nutritional Sciences
  • Doctor of Medical Lab Sciences
  • Medical Imaging Doctor
  • BS Education
  • BCom
  • Doctor of Optometry
  • BSc Civil Engineering
  • Bsc Medical Ultrasound Technology
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design
  • BS Virology and Immunology
  • BS Molecular Pathology
  • BS Sport Science
  • Bachelor of Textile Design

Masters Programs/Courses at Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore


  • MSc Civil Engineering
  • MSc Elecrtical Engineering
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Civil Engineering
  • MSc Civil Engineering
  • MSc Geo Technical Engineering
  • MSc Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Communication Engineering
  • MSc Power Engineering
  • MSc Thermal Power
  • MS Computer Science (MSCS)
  • MS Information Technology
  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Interior Architecture
  • Master Of Visual Arts
  • Master of Fashion Designer
  • Graphic Design
  • MSc Electronic Systems
  • MSc Nano Technology
  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Information Technology
  • MSc Geographic Information Systems
  • MBA International Marketing
  • MBA Finance
  • MBA Human Resource Management
  • MBA Information Technology
  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA Supply Chain Management
  • Master of Graphic Design
  • MS Management Science
  • MS Marketing
  • MS Human Resource Management
  • MS Islamic Banking
  • MS Information Systems
  • MS Quality Management
  • MS Accounting & Finance
  • MS Media Management
  • MS Leadership Management
  • MS Economics
  • MS Geographic Information Systems
  • MS Civil Engineering
  • MS Electrical Engineering
  • MS Mechanical Engineering
  • MS Chemical Engineering
  • MS Mechatronics Engineering
  • MS Engineering Management
  • MS Software Engineering (MSSE)
  • MA Mass Communication
  • MS Mass Communication
  • MA English
  • MS Mathematics
  • LLM
  • MS Food & Nutrition
  • MSc Aviation Management
  • MSc Biotechnology
  • MSc Microbiology
  • MSc Biochemistry
  • MSc Applied Chemistry
  • MS Doctor of Physiotherapy
  • Master Education
  • MCom
  • MSc Public Health
  • MSc Medical Ultrasound Technology
  • MSc Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering
  • MSc Engnieering Managmenet
  • MS Medical imaging Technology

M. Phil Programs/Courses at Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore


  • MPhil Computer Science
  • MPhil Information Technology
  • MPhil Management Science
  • MPhil Marketing
  • Mphil Media Management
  • MPhil HRM
  • MPhil Accounting & Finance
  • MPhil Leaderships Management
  • MPhil Management Science
  • MPhil Quality Management
  • MPhil Geographic Information Systems
  • MPhil Economics
  • MPhil Mass Communication
  • MPhil English Linguistics & Literature
  • MPhil Mathematics
  • MPhil Food & Nutrition
  • MPhil Biotechnology
  • MPhil Microbiology
  • MPhil Biochemistry
  • MPhil Applied Chemistry
  • MPhil Doctor of Physiotherapy
  • MS Forensic Accounting
  • MS Forensic Audit
  • MS Internal Controls
  • MPhil Urdu
  • MPhil Islamic Banking
  • MPhil Total Quality Management
  • MPhil Project Management
  • MPhil Supply Chain Management
  • MPhil Finance
  • MPhil Islamic Studies
  • MPhil Pakistan Studies
  • MPhil Dietetics & Nutrition Science
  • MPhil Public Health
  • MPhil Virology and Molecular Pathology
  • Mphil Immunology and Molecular Pathology
  • MPhil Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • MPhil Medical Ultrasound Technology
  • PhD immunology and Molecular Pathology
  • MPhil Software Engineering

Ph. D Programs/Courses at Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore


  • PhD Electrical Engineering
  • PhD Mechanical Engineering
  • PhD Computer Science
  • PhD Information Technology
  • PhD Engineering Management
  • PhD Marketing
  • PhD Human Resource Management
  • PhD Islamic Banking
  • PhD Quality Management
  • PhD Accounting & Finance
  • PhD Media Management
  • PhD Ledership Management
  • PhD Civil Engineering
  • PhD Chemical
  • PhD Mechatronics Engineering
  • PhD Software Engineering
  • PhD Mass Communication
  • PhD English Linguistics & Literature
  • PhD Mathematics
  • PhD in Food & Nutrition
  • PhD Biotechnology
  • PhD Microbiology
  • PhD Biochemistry
  • PhD Applied Chemistry
  • PhD Urdu
  • PhD Islamic Studies
  • PhD Management Science
  • PhD Pakistan Studies
  • PhD Virology and Molecular Pathology

Others Programs/Courses at Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore


  • Diploma in Transitional in Optometry
  • Post Professional Course in Optometry

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