Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC) Karachi

+92 21 99261541-3 Ex Applied Economics Research Centre, University of Karachi, Karachi Affiliated 8930

Applied Economics Research Center was established in 1973. The Centre undertakes research on issues in applied economics, with special interest being focused in the areas of urban and regional economics, agriculture, human resource development, poverty, health, public finance, nutrition and environment and women’s issues. With subsequent growth of the Centre, its activities have broadened to include the advance training of economists from all parts of Pakistan. A major development in this connection has been the introduction of its own M.Phil./ Ph.D. program.
The Center's work is disseminated to policy makers and interested audience through its own publications. It publishes a Research Report Series, a Discussion Paper Series, and an internationally refereed bi annual journal, The Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics.
The Centre has expanded considerably, and now employs over 30 full time economists, 6 of whom hold Ph.D. degrees from leading US and British Universities and foreign universities, 2 have M.A./M.Phil. degrees from recognized universities abroad and the rest hold qualifications from Pakistan. The research staff is ably assisted by specialized administrative staff. Institutionally, this growth in capacity, size and scope has led to the Centre being awarded the title of Institution of National Capability in Applied Economics by the Higher Education Commission.

Programs Offered in Following Categories

M. Phil Programs/Courses at Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC) Karachi


  • MPhil Leading to PhD Economics
  • MPhil Microeconomics
  • MPhil Microeconomics
  • MPhil Macroeconomics
  • MPhil Mathematics for Economics
  • MPhil Econometrics
  • MPhil Development Economics
  • MPhil Issues in Pakistan Economics
  • MPhil Applied Economics and Computer Applications
  • MPhil Research Methodology
  • MPhil Agriculture Economics
  • MPhil Economic Finance
  • MPhil Industrial Economics
  • MPhil Islamic Economic
  • MPhil Public Finance

Ph. D Programs/Courses at Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC) Karachi


  • PhD Economics
  • PhD Advanced Microeconomics
  • PhD Advanced Econometrics
  • PhD Project Research Seminars
  • PhD Advanced Agriculture Economics
  • PhD Advanced Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • PhD Advanced Health Economics
  • PhD Advanced International Economics
  • PhD Advanced Advanced Monetary Economics
  • PhD Finance and Portfolio
  • PhD Advanced Urban Economics

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