BS Zoology

In this page you will get information regarding the BS Zoology duration, eligibility criteria and scope of BS Zoology in Pakistan and many other information regarding BS Zoology.

Zoology is the emerging field in Pakistan. After intermediate BS Zoology is one of the best course to choose. In this 21st century where urbanization and capitalization is increasing rapidly, it is very important to save the animals life too. Their habitats are getting effected by the human development. To protect wild and aquatic life zoologist jobs responsibilities has also increased.

BS Zoology  is demanding subject and it will get a lot of more importance in near future. There are many government and private organizations which are working to save animal life. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an international NGO working to protect the endangered species and to conserve the habitats of animals. Other than protecting endangered species, animals are also a good source of food. Pakistan is one of the country where poverty rate is very high and many private organizations are working to enhance the production of fishes because fish is one of the best source of nutrition.

Eligibility Criteria for BS Zoology

F.Sc. Pre medical/ A level ( Biology and Chemistry) with atleast 45% marks.

BS Zoology Duration

The duration for bs zoology program is

Total number of Credit hours Flexible from 133-136
Duration 4 years
Semester duration 16-18 weeks
Semesters 8
Course Load per Semester 15-18 Cr hr
Number of courses per semester 5-6


BS Zoology Scope in Pakistan

Zoology is one of the courses in Pakistan where high paid jobs are offered on Government and private levels. Imran khan has intimated the campaign Clean Green Pakistan. It has opened the many job opportunities for zoologist. Many laboratories and private research institute are researching and experimenting on individual level. Scope of BS Zoology in Pakistan is demanding.

After obtaining the BS degree in Zoology, the graduates will be able to get jobs in wide range of professions including: Positions in various government and non governmental organizations are

  • Veterinary Institute
  • Climate Change Department
  • Safari Parks
  • NGO’s
  • Environmental Department
  • Conservationist Officer
  • Researcher
  • National Parks
  • Fish production Departments
  • Fish farms
  • Agriculture department
  • Sanctuaries
  • University Professor
  • Museum
  • Wildlife Journals
  • Marine Parks
  • Forest Officer
  • Public Health Department

Skills for BS Zoology

In short we can say Zoology makes a human a more human. It produces love for nature and nature wonders make us shocked and blessed that how God have created this heavenly earth with so much beauty and tiny details. Following skills we learn from BS zoology

  • Writing research paper skills
  • Observations skills (draw conclusion for experiments)
  • Problem solving skills (To protect the animals)
  • Technology enthusiast
  • BS zoology makes a human better and wise.
  • It produces love for nature.

Work Environment for BS Zoology

Zoologist can choose their work according to their interest. There are many jobs which are indoor as well as outdoor. In outdoor jobs zoologist go out for surveys. For surveys they do hiking and campaigning many days to go in natural places for survey of different species. Islamabad, Karachi, Northern areas, Gilgit Baltistan etc. are the main areas where outdoor jobs are available. Many jobs are indoor too. They work in offices, universities and labs.

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