BS Radiology and Medical Imaging

Here in this page you will get information regarding the BS Radiology and Medical Imaging duration, eligibility criteria and scope of BS Radiology and Medical Imaging in Pakistan.

BS Radiology and Medical Imaging

The study of Radiology and Medical Imaging is used to diagnose diseases in the human body by an imaging test. Students who adopt this profession can go into a variety of medical groups. By studying radiology and Medical Imaging, you can do X-rays and ultrasounds. Individuals who are interested in this profession can find a proper career path. The Healthcare industry has a variety of choices to adopt further. 

Radiology and Medical Imaging is a field of science. Radiographers are in great demand in Pakistan. This field is spreading widely in the medical field. Radiologists are Doctors that are specialized to diagnose diseases and injuries. 

Duration of BS Radiology and Medical Imaging

  • Years: 04 
  • Semesters: 08
  • Credit Hours: 120

Eligibility of BS Radiology and Medical Imaging

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

  • Students who wants to get admission in BS Radiology and Medical Imaging should have atleast 45% marks in FSC( per medical)


Graduates can get a master's degree if they desire to specialize in Radiology and Medical Imaging. Students can focus on a particular area of interest in their field. There are a number of Programs in the field of healthcare that students can pursue. Some of the specialization courses are listed below for the student’s assistance.

  1. Breast screening/mammography.

  2. Computerized tomography (CT) scanning or Sonography.

  3. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI.

  4. Medical ultrasound.

  5. Interventional radiography.

  6. Trauma/accident and emergency.

  7. Nuclear medicine.

Affiliation of BS Radiology and Medical Imaging

All Universities which are offering BS Radiology and Medical Imaging are affilated with HEC (Higher Education Comission)

Scope of BS Radiology and Medical Imaging in Pakistan

In order to identify illnesses and injuries, the field of medicine is known as radiology and medical imaging. On this page, we have mentioned the career options for students in radiology and medical imaging.

There is a great demand for radiologists in Pakistan as well as abroad. In a variety of healthcare centers including nursing homes, diagnostic centers, hospitals, and super-specialty hospitals, radiographers are in great demand. The radiology and medical imaging field is spreading widely in the medicine area. 

Students who pursue this career can find a variety of job options for themselves. Some of the careers include Radiology Assistant, Radiology Technician, Radiographer, Radiologist, Ultrasound Technician, Sonographer, MRI Technician, and CAT Technologist.

Working Sectors for Radiographers

Some of the working sectors for radiographers include:

1. Government Hospitals 

2. Private Hospitals 

3. Public 

4. Health Centres 

5. Diagnostic Labs 

6.  Nursing Homes

Why Choose this Program?

Students should pursue this degree program if you are interested in radiology. Those students who want to adopt the medical field should must go into the healthcare industry. As radiology and medial imaging  gives options to join the healthcare field, students can learn a lot of diverse questions. This field provides you with a wide range of jobs. Some of the most famous are Radiologic technologists, Cardiovascular technologists, Radiation therapists, Sonographer, Nuclear medicine technologists, and Ultrasonographers.

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