BS Public Health In Pakistan

In this page you will get complete information of BS Public Health objective, duration, eligibility criteria, affilations, syllabus outline and scope in Pakistan.

Bachelors of Science in Public health compromises with core concepts of disease prevention, reproduction and control.  An operative health system not just manages diseases upon demonstration but also aims to reduce disease concern through preventive and primitive activities leading to standard adjustments of policies.
Public Health is a degree program which is basically  focusing on the development of global health. Public Health specialists use the latest research and public policies to make sure they all stay lively and safe from epidemics, food poisoning, or other health risks.

BSPH Stand For

BSPH full form is Bachelors of Science in Public health

Objective of BS Public Health

  • Produce committed, competent and skilled public health professionals.
  • Provide foundation for choosing a relevant Track in Public Health in future.
  • Prepare skilled workforce in public health auxiliary and support services
  • Prepare leadership in public health.
  • Develop, administer and evaluate health policies and programmes.
  • Participate directly in efforts to improve the health of the community using community-based and health systems assessment of preventive services.
  • Conduct basic and applied research relevant to the description, studying risk factors and interventions for the promoting health and resolution of health problems in the human population

Eligibility Criteria for BS Public Health

The eligibility criteria for admission in BS public health is:

  • FSC/FA with minimum 2nd Division

Duration and Credit Hours Of BSPH

The duration of Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) degree program is 4 years consisting of 8 semesters. Each year consists of two semesters (Fall semester and Spring Semester). Each semester consists of 18 weeks for teaching and one week for mid semester Exams.


The affiliations Universities for BS public health are:

  • HEC(Higher Education Commission)
  • UHS(University of health and sciences)

Syllabus And Courses of Bachelors Of Science In Public health (BSPH)

1st semester 

Courses Credit hours 
Mathematics 3
English 1 3
Pakistan Studies 2
Life Sciences Biology 3
Basic Computer Skills 3
Sociology of Health & Disease 3
2nd semester 
Courses Credit Hours
English 2 3
Basic statistics 3
Ethics/Islamic Studies 2
Principles of Psychology 3
Medical Anthropology 3
Personal Hygiene 3
3rd semester

Courses Credit Hours
Population Dynamics 3
Basic Computer Skills 3
English 3 3
Primary Health Care 3
Concept of Health & Disease 3

4th semester 

Courses Credit Hours
English 4 3
Biostatistics - II 3
Professional Ethics 3
Health Promotion, Advocacy & Social Mobilization  3
Basic Epidemiology 3
5th semester 
Courses Credit Hours
Community Pediatrics 3
Community Nutrition 3
Applied Epidemiology - Communicable Disease Health Professional Education 3
Fundamental Principles of Infectious Diseases  3
Health Professional Education 3
6th semester 
Courses Credit Hours
Fundamentals of Health Systems  3
Health Planning 3
Reproductive Health 3
Environmental & Occupational Health 3
Health Policy & Management 3
Applied Epidemiology II - NonCommunicable Disease 3

7th semester 
Courses Credit Hours
Elective 2 3
Mental Health 3
Research Methodology 4
Health Marketing
Elective 1 3
Research Project 4
8th semester 
Courses Credit Hours
Microbiology 3
Entomology 3
Elective 3 3
Elective 4 3
Parasitology 3
Research Project 4

Scope of BS Public Health

Careers in Public Health offer profitable salaries to future graduates. It also might take some time and experience to reach on a cost effective professional level, there are average salaries in Public Health that normally start from 35000 and end at 80,000 with experience and skills in this profession as well.
Graduates of this degree program will be in great demand in the Public Sector, in public sector NGOs, Health Organizations, research institutes and can desire further studies in Public Health like MPH program. The BSPH degree program aims to improve the health status of the community, which is to be accomplished by providing professionals with a high quality of training programs in public health sciences.
  • Community Health Worker
  • Environmental Sanitarian
  • Health Educator
  • Health economist 
  • Health promotional programs coordinator
  • Public Health Investigator
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Health education specialist 
  • Public Health Researcher.
  • Community health worker 
  • Public health researcher  
  • Environmental health officer 
  • Medical editor 
  • Public policy writer 
  • Demographer
  • Healthcare administrator 
  • Refugee coordinator 
  • Epidemiologist 
  • Public health project manager 
  • Management policy advisor 
  • Industrial hygienist 
  • Public health educator 
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Health informatics specialist 
  • Health planner 
  • Behavioral scientist
  • NGO program officer 
  • Public health lawyer  
  • Public health professor 
  • Public health consultant 
  • Health communication specialist 
  • Mental health researcher 
  • Emergency preparedness specialist 
  • Research and development (Research Assistant/data analyst)
  • Hospital (Infection Control/Health Promoter)
  • Non-Government Sectors (Program Officer)
  • Education (School Teachers/ School Health Advisor)
  • Entrepreneurs (Public Health Consultancy)
  • Health Ministry
  • Environmental Health (Water Safety Analyst)
  • Clinical outreach Officer

Master courses in Public Health

Epidemiologists. Epidemiologists study diseases and how they transmit in groups of people and control methodologies.
Biostatisticians. In this masters field of public health decision-making is data determined and consists of these majors:
  • Health Care Administrators
  • Researchers
  • Policy Advisers
  • Public Health Educators

PH.D in Public Health

Career opportunities for a PhD in public health as a public health advisors a person  can earn an average 2 lakh monthly. However, if a person chooses PhD public health jobs in colleges or universities, a person may earn 10 lakh annually or even more based on experience or skills in this field.

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