BS Multimedia Designing In Pakistan


A multimedia design degree program teaches how to use different design media to tell a story, share news or engage viewers. This multidisciplinary program highlights the possession of the knowledge and skills in information technology, public media, and the art work that meet the growing demand by employers for multimedia graduates with broad expertise and a high level of front edge technical skills. In this program, students learn about the technologies and software programs necessary to create visual and audio designs. 
Multimedia design is the art of merging multiple forms of media. It is used in video games, websites and many other convertible applications. 


Majors And Specializations Of BS Multimedia Designing

Multimedia artists and animators generally have a bachelor’s degree in fine art, computer graphics, animation, graphics and other designing related fields. Courses in computer graphics often include courses of computer science in addition to artwork subjects.
A multimedia design degree provides a general education in visual arts, interactive media, information technology, communications and business. These courses will help students to take the next step in their professional level as multimedia designers.

Duration and credit hours of BS Multimedia Designing

This degree has a 3 year diploma and 4 year bachelor’s degree program. This program has at least 120 credit hours to complete 
Semesters  Credit hours 
1st semester  17
2nd semester  17
3rd semester  14
4th semester  14
5th semester  15
6th semester  14
7th semester  14
8th semester  15


Scope and career of BS Multimedia Designing

A multimedia designing degree is a worthy degree that has a wide scope in national and international level. Skill-based media artists can work in video production in addition to website design for businesses and organizations across the country.
Multimedia design has a good career for many professionals. There are various positions in this field such as
  • Film
  • Video editor
  • Web developer
  • Digital designer


Job opportunities in multimedia design might run the scope from marketing and advertising to broadcastings. Job opportunities also exist in the gaming programs and entertainment industries. Fine artists are even finding job opportunities for creative impressions in multimedia design. Here the most advance careers are:
  • Web designer or programmer
  • Installation artist
  • Software developer
  • Programmer
  • Game developer or programmer
  • Video and audio editor
  • Special effects engineer
  • Graphic designer


Skills And Learning Outcomes Of BS Multimedia Designing

Graduates of a bachelor of multimedia design will have ability to:
Analytic skills to review critically, analyze, integrate and synthesis knowledge about their discipline.
Have cognitive and technical skills to illustrate a broad understanding of design with depth in computing fields.
Also have the ability of rational and creative skills to exercise critical thinking and judgment in identifying and solving design problems with conceptual independence.
Also have communication skills to present a clear, logical and independent interpretation of knowledge and design ideas.
Graduates of a multimedia design degree have the ability to demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills.


Related Courses Of BS Multimedia Designing

  • Bachelors in communication and media 
  • Bachelors of arts degree in visual communication 
  • Bachelors of arts in multimedia arts 
  • Associate's Degree in Multimedia Technologies
  • Graphic designing 
  • Geo-informatics 
  • Computing 
  • Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Design
  • Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Studies
  • BSc in multimedia technology 

Fee Structure Of BS Multimedia Designing

Open merit fee first semester 
Admission Fee (Once at admission) 25,000
Certificate Verification Fee (Once at admission) 2,000
Red Crescent Donation (Once at admission) 50
University Card Fee (Once at admission) 300
University Security (Refundable) 5000
Tuition fee per semester  55,720
Library Fee (Per Semester) 3,000
Examination Fee (Per Semester) 3,000
Medical Fee (Per Semester) 2,000
Student Activity Fund (Per Semester) 2,000
Endowment Fund (Per Semester) 1,000
Exhibition Fee (Per Semester) 6,000
Total  105,070


Self-finance fee structure 

fee 1st Semester Fee (Rs)
Regular Fee of 1st Semester 105,070
Self-Finance Fee Installments (Per Semester) 37,500
Total 142,570

Other Courses After BS Multimedia Designing

  • Master's Degree in Interactive Media
  • Ph.D. in Digital Arts
  • MSc in Integrated Digital Media

Syllabus And Courses Of BS Multimedia Designing

Courses of 3 year program are:

1st semester 
  1. Art and creativity
  2. Communicative English
  3. Computer fundamentals
  4. Introduction to computer programming
  5. Fundamentals of Multimedia

2nd semester 
  1. Data communication and networking
  2. Audio production
  3. Video production
  4. 2D animation
  5. Web programming using PHP


3rd semester 
  1. HTML basics
  2. Computer graphics
  3. Communicative 
  4. Communication and personality development
  5. Desktop publishing ( InDesign and Photoshop)
4th semester 
  1. Nonlinear editing
  2. Special effects
  3. Communication technology
  4. Web technologies
  5. Application of Multimedia
5th semester 
  1. Content writing and scripting
  2. Photography
  3. Animation Techniques
  4. Website designing using Dreamweaver
  5. Vector graphics
6th semesters 
  1. Information security
  2. Interactive courseware design
  3. Mobile computing
  4. Organizing portfolio


Courses Of 4 Year Degree Program Of Multimedia Designing

1st semester 
Human Anatomy 3
Sociology 3
Quantitative Reasoning-I 3
History of Art and Design 3
Expository writing-I 3
Drawing-I 2
2nd semester
Human Ecology 3
Psychology 3
Quantitative Reasoning-II 3
History of Art and Design 3
Expository writing-II 3
Drawing-II 2
3rd semester 
Expository writing-III 3
Islamiat 3
Pak Studies 3
Introduction to Computer Graphics 3
Figure Drawing 2
4th semester 

Color Fundamentals 3
Basic modeling and animations 3
Physics for Artists 3
Clothed Figure Drawing 2
Digital Animation Principles and Techniques 3
5th semester 
3D Modelling and Rendering 3
Visual story telling 3
Pre-Production techniques 3
Sketching for Communication 2
Fundamentals of Texturing and Lighting 3
6th semester 
Human Computer Interaction 3
Light and Sound Design 3
Introduction to Rigging and Animation 3
Web Designing 3
Foreign Language 2
Internship 1
7th semester 

App and Interactivity Designing 3
Production principles and Physical Theater 3
Final Project-1 3
Advance Rigging and Animation 3
Post-Production techniques 2
8th semester 
Final Project-2 3
Power of Myths and Symbols 3
Technopreneurship 3
Design Ethics 3
Multimedia strategies for social impact   3


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