BS Media and Communication Studies

BS Media and Communication Studies

BS Media and Communication Studies


This degree program is about media studies and journalism. The media and communication studies degree program allows the students to have a closer look of the media work. There are many universities that offer admissions to the students in this particular study program. The students after the completion of the intermediate can take admission to the BS media and communication studies. After the completion of the degree program, the students will be able to face the challenges in order to maintain peace with the latest trends, technologies, and debates. This program also prepares the students to work in the industries related to the media and analyze the various ways by which the media affects the world. The courses in the media and communication studies may vary also differ for each educational institute. Many universities offer a combination of practical preparation for various media careers besides the opportunities to analyze media representations by using different approaches such as moral, political, and historical. The students can also explore the other skills that include film production or copy-writing and media representations of gender or race of specific culture. Moreover, this field is not limited as it extends beyond areas typically considered within this domain. It also not only includes the careers in the media e.g. journalism, marketing, and entertainment but also provides guidance for the other careers as well such as business and management, economics, education, politics, law, and much more.


The students can do the specialization in the various areas such as Communication & Research and Journalism Studies, Film, Theater and Broadcast (Radio, TV) Studies, Advertising & Public Relations, and Digital Media.


The duration of the BS media and communication studies degree program is four years.   


All the educational institutes that offer admission in the BS media and communication studies are affiliated with the Higher Education Commission. 


The rising demand for media personalities in this era of electronic advancement is evident and there is a high demand for TV anchors, live coverage representatives, socialists, and journalists, so the candidates can have a healthy career after the completion of graduation. After completion of the degree, the candidates can find a job in various industries that including media industries, radio channels, television channels, and communication industries. Some of the job opportunities for the candidates are Fashion photographer, Radio Jockey, Disco Jockey, Video Jockey Expert, Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Video Editor, Art Director, Event Manager, Sound Mixer and Recordist, Sound Engineer, Public Relations Officer, TV Correspondent and Special Correspondent.


Bachelor of Mass Communication degree in Pakistan is an undergraduate degree program in which the students have to complete the eight semesters. Different universities have a different courses. Some major subjects are listed as follows.

  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Online Journalism
  • Media Seminar
  • Theories of Communication – I
  • Theories of Communication – II
  • Media Management & Marketing
  • Developmental Communication
  • Sub Editing & page Designing
  • Feature, Column & Editorial writing
  • Media Ethics & Law  
  • Specialized Journalism
  • Research Report
  • Research Methods – I
  • Research Methods – II

Reason To Select This Program

Media and communication studies is a broad subject that covers diverse areas. Candidates that are interested in journalism and want to become journalists can choose this career. Moreover, there are also many other options and various job opportunities in the media industry.

Related Courses

Other Courses related to the BS media and communication and media studies are as follows.

  • Creative Writing
  • Film Making
  • History of Art, Architecture, and Design
  • Journalism
  • Marketing

Further Study Options        

The Postgraduate options after the completion of the BS media and communication studies are listed below.

  • Digital Media
  • Film and Screen Studies
  • Media and Communications
  • Intercultural communication and education
  • Social media and political communication

Study Abroad Options         

The candidates can take admission in the MS and Ph.D. degree programs. There are different courses that the students can pursue and are offered by the foreign universities such as media and communication, film and screen studies, media and communication, journalism and media studies, and film and media.

 Admission Process   

Eligibility Criteria    

The eligibility criteria for BS media and communication studies is mentioned below.

  • The students must have completed HSSC/FA/FSc or equivalent study program to get admission in this particular degree program.
  • The students must have passed the intermediate with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • The candidates with foreign qualifications have to submit the certificate approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • The merit list will be issued for the selected candidates by the university board members.

Admission Intakes    

Admission to the BS media and communication studies is announced yearly and the schedule of the admission may vary for each college/university.

Entrance Test

To take admission in the BS media and communication studies the students have to appear in the entrance test conducted by the educational institute as per their admission criteria. The admission criteria is different for each college/university.

Fee Structure 

The fee structure differs for each educational institute however the fee ranges from Rs. 30,000 to 150000.

Top Institutes

There are many educational institutes across the country that offer admission in BS media and communication studies.

  • International Islamic University Islamabad   
  • University Of Sindh  
  • Shah Abdul Latif University 
  • Government College University        
  • The Mirpur University Of Science And Technology Mir Pur 
  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Nawab Shah    
  • Khawaja Fareed University Of Engineering & Information Technology     
  • University Of Sialkot 
  • The University Of Faisalabad 
  • University Of Central Punjab 
  • University Of Management And Technology

Public Sector Colleges

Some of the public institutes to which the students can take admission are the International Islamic University Islamabad, the University Of Sindh, and many others.   

Private Sector Colleges

The University Of Central Punjab and the University Of Management And Technology are among the private sector colleges in which the candidates can get enrolled for BS media and communication studies.




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