BS graphic Designing

BS graphic Designing


Introduction & Overview/Highlights

The BS in graphic designing is offered in many private and public institutes. The study of graphic designing prepares students of this field for the career in design and the field of media. Using computer software, graphic designers create visual designs to express ideas that move, educate, and enthrall people. In our country, there is a great demand for graphic designers. 
The bs in graphic design in Karachi is being offered by various institutes. Students who enroll in the bs graphic design field will easily get jobs in any organization. For those who are interested in creative thinking, communication, and technology, graphic designing is the best field for them. 

Highlights of BS Graphic Designing Course

The quick information related to the graphic design bs degree are mentioned here. You can get the information on the whole degree from this page. 
Total Duration of the program: 04 years.
Total semesters: 08

Specializations in BS Graphic Designing.

Graphic designers who pass their bachelors can opt any discipline for the specialization purpose. Make sure that discipline focuses on visual communication and presentation. The 5 major specialization areas for the graphic designers are mentioned here. 
BS Graphic Designing specialization can be done in these disciplines. 
  • Typography.
  • Digital Illustration.
  • Iconography.
  • Mobile Application Interfaces.
  • Print Media.
You can choose to pursue a career as a graphic designer, game idea designer, art director, mobile phone graphics designer, visual artist, creative head, or online graphics designer after earning your bachelor's degree in graphic design.

Major of Graphic Designing

A bachelor's degree in graphic design or a closely related subject is typically required for BS graphic designers. A major of BS in graphic designing make you prepare for the creative designing and to create new ideas. 

Major types of Graphic Designing

The students who are in the question of is BS Graphic Designing major tough? Then we must elaborate here that it is tough for those who are not interested in this field. 
The major types of graphic designing are listed here. 
  • Branding design.
  • Product design
  • Print design.
  • Publishing design. 
  • Website design. 
  • Animation design.
  • Environmental design. 

Duration/credit hours of BS Graphic Designing

The BS graphic designing is a 4 year program. The program consist of 8 semesters. The total credit hours are 134 for the BS graphic designing. This is the general information. The bs Graphic  Designing aiou credit hours are 130, The bs in Graphic Desinging pu duration is 4 years. However the duration of bs Graphic Designing QAU is also of 4 years. 

Affiliations & Accreditations

There are number of institutes that offers BS in graphic designing. Here we have mentioned the list of few institutes. All the mentioned institutes are affiliated with HEC. 
Institute City Degree, Duration
Government College University Faisalabad BFA , 4 Years
 The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur Bahawal Pur B.DES , 4 Years
Government College Women University Faisalabad BS , 4 Years
Government College University Lahore BFA , 4 Years
University Of The Punjab Lahore BFA , 4 Years
Lahore College For Women University Lahore BS , 4 Years
University Of The Punjab Lahore BFA , 4 Years
Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan Multan BS , 4 Years
 The University Of Faisalabad Faisalabad BS , 4 Years
University Of Management And Technology Lahore BS , 4 Years
 Comsats Institute Of Information Technology (virtual Campus) Faisalabad BS , 4 Years
 Lahore School Of Fashion Design Lahore B.DES , 4 Years

Scope in Graphic Designing Program

If you are looking forward to the BS Graphic Designing scope/career in pakistan then keep in mind that there is a great scope of graphic designing in Pakistan. After the completion of their program, students can apply for various jobs. They received a bundle of opportunities. The degree of graphic designing is the creative designing of things. The definition of graphic design encompasses a wide range of activities. Multimedia designers, flash designers, creative directors, or product designers are examples of other professions.
In the upcoming years, the demand for graphic designers is increasing. There are many fields that are best for graphic designing. Some of them are outlined below. 
  • Brand and Logo Designer.
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Art Director.
  • Advertising Designer.
  • Photo Retoucher.
  • User Interface (UI) Designer.
  • Creative Director
  • User Experience (UX) Designer.

Career in Graphic Designing

The scope /career of BS Graphic Designing in Pakistan is on high demand as we discussed above. Those students who want to join Graphic designing and adopt it as a career must have some skills to join it. For joining the Graphic designing career, follow the mentioned steps. 
Step 1: First and foremost, learn Graphic Design Principles. 
Step 2: Enroll in a Graphic Designing course.
Step 3: Learn the key tools of graphic designing.
Step 4: Try to work on your projects to develop your graphic design skills. 
Step 5: Make a portfolio to show your work as a graphic design work.

Careers in Graphic Designing:

The career in BS graphic designing is mentioned here. These are the related careers of graphic designing. 
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • Web Designer
  • User Interface (UI) Designer
  • Art Director
  • Front-End Developer

Syllabus & Courses of BS Graphic Designer. 

The BS Graphic Designing course outline Punjab University are given here in the table. You can get to know the courses and syllabus by checking the table below. 
Semester: 1
Course Name Credit Hours
Basic Design I 6
Drawing-I 3
Introduction to Computer 2
English I 3
Art Appreciation I 2
Pak Studies 2
Semester: 2
Course Name Credit Hours
Basic Design II 6
Drawing-II 3
Materials & Envir. Seminar 2
English II 3
Art Appreciation II 2
Islamic Studies 2
Semester: 3
Course Name Credit Hours
Drawing-Ill 3
Graphic Design I 6
Calligraphy 3
Art Appreciation-Ill 3
English-Ill 3
Semester: 4
Course Name Credit Hours
Photography 3
Drawing-IV 3
Graphic Design II 6
Graphic Arts/Tech. of Printing 3
Introduction to Illustration 3
Semester: 5
Course Name Credit Hours
Visual Com. V 3
Advertising design I 6
Marketing 3
Computer Graphics-I 3
Studio Photography 3
Semester: 6
Course Name Credit Hours
Visual Com. VI 3
Advertising Design II 6
Computer Graphics-II 3
Mag. Illustration 3
Tech. of Printing II 3
Semester: 7
Course Name Credit Hours
Illustration/Communication Design 3
History of Graphic Design 3
Advertising Design Seminar 6
Elective-I 3
Computer Graphics-Ill 3
Semester: 8
Course Name Credit Hours Credit Hours
Research Methodology Semester VIII 3
Research Report Semester VIII 3
Thesis Semester VIII 9

Skill & Learning Outcome of the Program / Why Choose this Program

If you want to join the field of graphic designing, you must have some skills. We have mentioned some skills that are required in graphic designing. 
  1. You must know the inside and out of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.
  2. You must be conversant in HTML but not an expert.
  3. Don't forget to gain some UI/UX experience.
  4. 2–3 years of experience are required in the graphic designing field. 

Learning Outcome of the BS graphic designing

In BS graphic designing, students learn how to do Photoshop. They learn to edit the images, craft multi-dimensional images, use popular software, develop designs and draw. They learn how to maintain the websites. Additionally, they study programming, layout, video, animation, color theory, file management, and electronic production.

Why Choose this Program

This is the best program for those students who are interested in art. Those who are creative thinkers must be recommended to join this field. There is a great scope in graphic designing. The salary of graphic designers is 373613 in Pakistan. This is the average salary. You can earn more than this. 


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