BS Geology In Pakistan Complete Guide

BS Geology In Pakistan Complete Guide

Introduction & Overview/Highlights

BS geology is a program that is offered by many institutes. There are a number of candidates who apply in BS Geology every year. It is a 4 year program. The program of BS in applied geology is designed to prepare the students who can contribute in the development of the natural resources of the country. To apply in this program, students must have passed their intermediate with the minimum of 50 % marks. Geology is basically a study of scientific methods that focus on the solid earth's composition and how it evolves over time. The bs geology subjects include biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics Physical Geology and Geomorphology, Mineralogy and so on. 
The country needs more bs geological engineering students. Along with the huge oil and gas, mining, building, water, and engineering sectors, there is a significant demand for the knowledge of competent geologists. There are a lot of career opportunities for geologists in Pakistan. Keep reading this page to get more information on this program. 

Highlights of BS Geology Course

The important highlights on the BS geology are mentioned here for the student’s assistance. You can get quick information on the program which is mentioned below. 
  • Duration of program: 4 years
  • Total semesters in BS geology: 8

Specializations in BS Geology

The BS Geology Specialization can be done in many areas. Those students who done their graduation in geology with the highest marks can enroll in further study to specialize in their subject. As we all know that geologists are on demand in Pakistan, the institute offers specialization courses. You can specialize in various areas that are mentioned below. 
  • Petrology
  • Structural geology
  • Sedimentary geology
  • Volcanology
  • Climate change
  • Economic geology
  • Hydrology
  • Petroleum geology
  • Paleontology.
There are many institutes available for you through which you can do Specialization BS Geology in Pakistan. 

Geology Major

Geology is a major term that is interlinked with geosciences. The physical characteristics of Earth and the processes that shape it are studied by geology majors. This entails a detailed analysis of the solids, liquids, and gasses that have gradually sculpted the Earth's surface, forming its ecosystems, natural resources, and perils. The major of geology has to learn the science course including the subjects of chemistry, and physics in which include the study of environmental geochemistry and physical geology. 

Objectives of Geology Program:

There are many objectives of the geology program. We have mentioned very few here for the students' knowledge. 
  1.  In this program, you learn how the earth sphere was created.
  2.  You learn about earth's original structure.
  3.  Different types of minerals, with research on the minerals' cohesive and optical properties.
  4.  You examine the geological features in geology.
Duration/credit hours of BS Geology
The total duration of BS geology is 4 years. Students have to appear in the 8 semesters. The total credit hours in the program are 135. The general BS Geology duration in Pakistan is 4 years in every University. 

Affiliations & Accreditations

Here on this page, the Bs Geology Affiliations in HEC are mentioned. The institutes of BS Geology Affiliations can be checked from this page. 
Institutes City Degree Duration  Affiliation
University Of Malakand Chakdara BS , 4 Years HEC
Gomal University D.i. Khan BS , 4 Years HEC
University Of Haripur Haripur BS , 4 Years HEC
University Of Karachi Karachi BS , 4 Years HEC
University Of Peshawar Peshawar B.Sc. [Hons] , 4 Years HEC
University Of Sargodha Sargodha BS , 4 Years HEC
University Of Swat Swat BS , 4 Years HEC
UET Lahore BS , 4 Years HEC
Punjab University Lahore BS , 4 Years HEC
Bahria University Lahore BS , 4 Years HEC
PIDE Islamabad BS , 4 Years HEC
Quaid e Azam University Islamabad BS , 4 Years HEC

Scope in BS Geology Program

If you are wondering about the BS Geology Scope in Pakistan, then keep reading this page. We will let you know the complete details about those program. So, first of all, it will not be wrong to say that Geology is the best field for those who are interested in the study of scientific rules. If you become an experienced geologist, then you can grasp yourself in the best sectors. Your job will be based on your own experience in the similar field. BS Hons OF Geology in Pakistan can be done by the institute that is offering this program. In geology, students find various options to specialize in. The salary packages of geologists are also good. 
If we talk about the scope of this program, we must say that geology is a good career to adopt for students in which there is a great scope. 

Career in Geology

The students of BS geology can find various career options after completing their program. The geologist can apply in a number of sectors for making their career. 
There are a number of geology graduates who work in fields that are connected to education. The famous careers include water supply, geological surveying, exploration, environmental engineering and production. Environmental planning, geo conservation, hydrogeology, education, and communication are further fields.
Career Options in Geology Field:-
  • Senior Exploration Geologist
  • Geology Lab Technician
  • Oil and Gas Companies hire the Geological & Geophysical experts.
  • Surface Data Logging Analyst
  • Inversion and AVO Analysts
  • G&G Experts
  • Survey Design and Processing

Syllabus & Courses of BS Geology. 

The bs Geology course outline hec is mentioned below in the given table. All the affiliated Universities follow the course outline of HEC (Higher Education Commission).
Semester: I
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
Chem. 301 Chemistry I 3
Eng. 301 English I 3
Geol. 301 Physical Geology 3
Math. 301 Mathematics I 3
Phy. 301 Physics I 3
Isl. St./Eth. 301 Islamic studies/Ethics 2
Semester: 2
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
Chem. 302 Chemistry II 3
Geol. 302 Mineralogy 3
Geol. 303 Geomorphology 3
Math. 302 Mathematics II 3
Phy. 302 Physics II 3
Geol. 304 Geological Fieldwork I 2
Semester: 3
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
Geol. 401 Structural Geology 3
Geol. 402 Paleontology 3
Geol. 403 Optical Minerology & Petrography 3
Geol. 404 Geostatistics 3
Eng. 401 Communication Skills (English II) 3
Pak. St. 401 Pakistan Studies 2
Semester: 4
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
Eng. 402 Tech. Report Writing (English III) 3
Geol. 405 Stratigraphy 3
Geol. 406 Geological Fieldwork-II 2
Geol. 407 Hazards and Disaster Management 3
Geol. 408 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 3
Mgt. 401 Principles of Management 3
Semester: 5
Course Code
Subjects Credit Hours
Geol. 501 Geotectonics 3
Geol. 502 Sedimentology 3
Geol. 503 Geophysics 3
Geol. 504 Field Geology 3
Geol. 505 Micropaleontology and Biostratigraphy 3
Geol. 506 Introduction to GIS and RS 3
Semester: 6
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
Geol. 507 Sequence Stratigraphy 3
Geol. 508 Geochemistry 3
Geol. 509 Petroleum Geology 3
Geol. 510 Engineering Geology 3
Geol. 511 Well Logging 3
Geol. 512 Geological Fieldwork – III 2
Semester: 7
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
Geol. 601 Geology and Tectonics of Pakistan 3
Geol. 602 Economic Geology 3
Geol. 603 Environmental Geology 3
Geol. 604 Hydrogeology 3
Geol. 605 Computer Applications in Geology 3
Geol. 606 Elective - 1 3
Semester: 8
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
Geol. 607 Elective-II 3
Geol. 608 Elective-III 3
Geol. 609 Project Report/Thesis 6

Skill & Learning Outcome of the Program / Why Choose this Program

Students who enroll in this program can learn various skills. Through the ba bs Geology communication skills are improved. The bs Geology student skills are enhanced when they enter in professional life. The BS geology is an undergraduate program. The main objectives of this program are to equip students with the academic knowledge, moral principles, and professional abilities that will ease their transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study or professional positions.

Why Choose this Program

Students who are interested in the study of geology are recommended to enroll in this program. A geology degree can open up opportunities for employment in the governmental, corporate sectors. Geology graduates can work for the government in conservation and environmental protection initiatives, as well as in the management and planning of natural resources. Besides this, there are many students who think that doing Bachelors in geology is useless. They are completely wrong. 
The field of geology is growing in Pakistan as compared to past days. Geology occupations are currently stable, but demand for geologists is expected to increase.


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