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BS Geography:

Geography is derived from two Geo and Graphos. Geo means earth and graphos means measurement. Geography is basically the branch of science deals with the relationship between earth and the environment. Geography is the study of earth, its surfaces, features, inhabitants and interaction with environments and other planets of solar system. Bachelor program for 4 years is also offered in geography. BS geography helps the students to study and investigate Earth. The students which score more than 50% marks in intermediate and equivalent can choose BS Geography as their career.

BS Geography Guide Highlights


Students which have completed BS Geography can also do specialization in the master degree of their interest. After BS Geography, master degree program is offered in development geography, economic geography, social and culture geography. Graduates of Geography can choose any program in which they want to specialize.

Duration/ Credit hours:

BS Geography is four years bachelor program with 11-13 courses and 36-42 credit hours. There are total 8 semesters of BS Geography.

Affiliations and Accreditations:

In Pakistan, HEC approved institutions which are offering BS Geography, are given below:

  • Government College Women University, Faisalabad
  • Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore
  • University of Gujrat, Gujrat
  • University of the Punjab, Lahore

Career and scope:

BS Geography is a field of science which great scope and it provides many career opportunities to the students. Students have career opportunities mentioned below:

  • Geographer
  • Map making jobs
  • Emergency response coordinator
  • Real estate advisor
  • Environmental advisor
  • Information scientist
  • Community developer
  • Research writer
  • Demographer

Courses and syllabus:

The courses which are included in BS Geography syllabus are:

  • Introduction to physical geography
  • Introduction to computer
  • Pak study
  • Introduction to human geography
  • Map reading and Lab work
  • Islamiat
  • Introduction to cartography
  • Regional concepts
  • Geographic thought
  • Geomorphology
  • Economic geography
  • Environmental geography
  • Geography of Pakistan

Why choose this degree?

The selection of any degree program depends upon one’s interest or the scope of that degree. BS Geography is an interesting degree which has high demand. It helps the students to seek knowledge about the Earth and its practical application. You will be able to study about the features of the land on which life exist. Students choose this degree for their career due to its scope and demand all over the world and its job area.

Related courses:

There are some related courses of BS Geography. Some of them are given:

  • Human geography
  • Physical geography
  • Environment geography

Above these courses are somewhere related to BS Geography.

Further options:

  • MSc in Cultural Geography
  • Master of Science in Urban and Economic Geography
  • Master of Science in Geography
  • MS Geography

Study abroad:

Students also have study abroad options for BS Geography. Foreign Universities which offer admission in BS Geography are following:

  • Geography in UK
  • Geography in Canada
  • Geography in Ireland
  • Geography in New Zealand
  • Geography in Belguim


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