BS Genetics

BS Genetics

Introduction & Overview/Highlights

Genetics is the branch of Biology. It is the study of genes, genetic variation and organisms. The subjects included in the BS genetics are Biochemistry, Cell Biology Microbiology, Model Organisms, Microscopy, Mendelian Genetics & Biometry, Cytogenetic, Molecular Genetics, Genetic Engineering, Cloning, and Biotechnology. The degree of BS genetics focuses on the genetic issues, organization, transformation and all kinds of issues of organisms. There are many career options in bs genetics in Pakistan. 
Students can get a degree in bs genetic engineering from various institutes that are available and offer the program. The genetic engineers can earn a lot of money. There is also a scope of this program abroad. The scope of bs genetic engineering in Pakistan is increasing with the passage of time. 

Highlights of BS Genetic Course

The quick summary of the program of BS genetics are mentioned in the table. 
Program BS Genetic
Duration 4 years
Semesters 8

Specializations in BS Genetic

Students after completing their program can specialize in the same field. The bs Genetics specialization can be done in the following areas that are listed below. 
  • Genomics & Bioinformatics
  • Neurogenetics
  • Immunogenetics
  • Neurodegenerative Disease Genetics 
  • Pharmacogenomics.
Students who specialize in genetics will be in a great position to pursue advanced studies in ecological, medical biology and evolutionary.

Majors of BS Genetic

The major in BS genetics offers the foundation in biological principles. As the major of genetics, students have to learn to alter, or manage the fundamental molecular and cellular properties of life.
The degree program is meant to give graduates of genetics a solid grounding and conceptual grasp of the main biological theories and fields, including the biochemical, genetic, molecular, and cell biological foundations as well as the microbiological and immunological subfields.

Duration/credit hours of BS Genetic. 

Eight semesters of a four-year program, with two semesters per year. A Bachelor of Science in Genetics has 130 credit hours.

Affiliations & Accreditations

Here we have mentioned the list of those institutes that are affiliated with HEC. These institutes are offering BS genetics in Pakistan.  The bs Genetics affiliated colleges results releases on the issued date of the University. Check out the Universities for your knowledge. 
Institute City Degree, Duration
 Kinnaird College For Women Lahore BS , 4 Years
University Of Sindh Sindh BS , 4 Years
University Of Okara Okara BS , 4 Years
University Of Swat Swat BS , 4 Years
Sohail University Karachi BS , 4 Years
National University Of Medical SciencesNational University Of Medical Sciences Rawalpindi BS , 4 Years

Scope in BS Genetic Program

Genetics is a degree that is offered in many Universities. Students after completing their program can join the BS genetics. The scope /career of bs Genetics in Pakistan is high. With the increasing demand for genetic engineers both domestically and internationally, this sector has a lot of potential. Through research and development, you may assist in boosting productivity and enhancing energy generation and conservation.
The private and public sectors hire a large number of geneticists in the field of research and project. 

Career in BS Genetics

Genetics is the best field for career prospects. There is a list of career options that we have mentioned here. After completing the degree, you can choose the career of your choice.
Genetic Counsellor
It assists and supports people with genetic diseases and their families.
Clinical geneticists
Clinical geneticists evaluate features, look for symptoms, and identify patients' genetic abnormalities.
Library Technician:
You could also do out research and administer patient tests at a library.
Principal Plant Breeder: 
Grow and reproduce genetic material in plants for enhancement and commercial purposes.

Data Specialists

It assemble, understand, and evaluate genetic molecules with big genetic data methods

Syllabus & Courses of BS Genetics

The bs genetics course outline is mentioned here in the given table. There are a number of candidates who are seeking the course outline. The bs Genetics course outline hec are given below semester wise. 
Semester: 1 
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
ENG300 English 3 (3+0)
GEN301 Cell Biology 3 (2+1)
MAT300 Mathematics - I 3 (3+0)
CS300 Introduction to Computing 2 (1+1)
300 Elective –I* 3 (2+1)
300 Elective –II 3 (2+1)
Semester: 2
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
ENG 300 English 3 (3+0)
GEN302 Principles of Genetics 3 (2+1)
MAT300 Mathematics – II 3 (3+0)
SOC300 Sociology 3 (3+0)
300 Elective –I* 3 (2+1)
300 Elective –II 3 (2+1)
Semester: 3
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
ENG400 English  3 (3+0)
GEN401 Genetics and Evolution 3 (2+1)
GEN402 Principles of Biochemistry 4 (3+1)
PS400 Pakistan Studies 2 (2+0)
400 Elective –I 3 (2+1)
400 Elective –II 3 (2+1)
Semester: 4
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
ENG400 English (Communication Skills) 3 (3+0)
GEN403 Molecular Biology 3 (2+1)
GEN404 Biometry – I 3 (2+1)
ISL400 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2 (2+0)
400 Elective-I 3 (2+1)
400 Elective-II 3 (2+1)
Semester: 5
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
GEN501 Cytogenetics 4 (3+1)
GEN502 Molecular Genetics 4 (3+1)
GEN503 Microbial Genetics 4 (3+1)
GEN504 Population Genetics 3 (2+1)
GEN505 Principles of Breeding 3 (2+1)
Semester: 6
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
Introduction to Biotechnology
3 (2+1)
GEN507 Genetic Engineering 4 (3+1)
GEN508 Human Genetics 3 (2+1)
GEN509 Biometry – II 4 (3+1)
GEN510 Bioinformatics 3 (2+1)
Semester: 7
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
GEN601 Biosafety and Bioethics 3 (3+0)
GEN602 Developmental Genetics 3 (3+0)
GEN603 Physiological Genetics 4 (3+1)
GEN604 Research Techniques 4 (2+2)
GEN605 Project Planning and Report Writing 3 (3+0)
GEN608 Seminar 1 1 (0+1)
Semester: 8
Course Code Subjects Credit Hours
GEN606 Immunogenetics 3(3+0)
GEN607 Germplasm Resources 3(2+1)
GEN608 Special Paper-I 3(0+0)
GEN609 II/Research Project. Seminar-II 1(0+1)

Skills Required in the Genetics Field

Some of the major skills that are required for the genetics field are mentioned here. 
  • Team Working 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Positive Attitude 
  • Time Management 
  • Adaptability 
  • Verbal Communication 
  • Self Confidence 
  • Drive & Resilience 
  • Stress Tolerance 
  • Written Communication 
  • Self-Awareness and Planning & Organizing 
  • Integrity 

Learning Outcome of the BS Genetics Program

A thorough and in-depth knowledge of genetic technique is required to fully appreciate how the measurement of heritable traits in families and communities sheds light on cellular and molecular causes.
The issue of how the hereditary data in DNA regulates how an organism looks and functions has always been a concern in genetics. The life skills bs microbiology and genetics provides various skills through which you can get a job easily. 

Types in Genetics.

There are different types of genetics that we learn. Some of them include:
  • Molecular genetics.
  • Population genetics.
  • Phylogenetic.
  • Quantitative genetics.
  • Developmental genetics.

Why Choose BS Genetics Program

Scientists can gain a better understanding of the evolutionary history of the human species by studying human genetics and DNA. It can provide light on the relationships between various racial and ethnic groupings and provide anthropologists and historians with a fuller understanding of past patterns of human migration. Students who enroll in this program can get to know about genetics. You can also learn about human genetics, how it functions and all. 


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