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This bachelors program trains students in areas of forestry, students also learn about forestry, plantations and maintain forestry. The main purpose of this degree is for expert students to become forestry professionals. The aim of forestry is to maintain the forest supply in a healthy position for environmental and human concerns. There are some important details and facts about forestry.
  • Forestry touches different industries, including agriculture firms, timber supply chains, recreation, erosion control, wildlife preservation, water management, conservation of natural resources.
  • Foresters can also work in all business from ecology and preservation of green space to helping the industry or forestry firms. 

Specializations Or Majors Of BS Forestry 

BS forestry degree Program offers these specializations for undergraduate students as follows:
  • Forest Resources Management
  • Urban Forest Management
  • Forest Recreation and Park Management
  • Wildlife Habitat Management and Conservation
  • Forest Hydrology

Duration And Credit Hours Of BS Forestry

BS forestry is a four year undergraduate program which consists of 8 semesters. 

Scope and Career Of BS Forestry

BS Forestry graduates can easily get jobs within various organizations after completing their studies in the famous organization. The field of forestry in Pakistan has advanced scope which is most of the time undervalued by the students to determine a career oriented scope in Pakistan. There are many wide areas in the jungle that are yet not discovered. Our scientists or formats are not fully aware of these plants and herbs. That’s why there are lots of benefits of these plants in different fields or areas of life. 
  • Fire Ecologist
  • Farm Houses
  • Agriculture Farms
  • Wildlife Department
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides industries
  • Soil Scientist
  • Wildland Firefighter
  • Wildlife Biologist
  • Forester
  • Conservation Scientist
  • Rangeland Manager
  • education 
  • manufacturing
  • farming manager 
  • agri-credit manager 
  • assistant manager 

Forestry Salary In Pakistan:

The estimated salary of Bachelors in Forestry in Pakistan starts from 30,000 to 60,000 and master in forestry starts from 60,000 to 100,000 in Pakistan according to the latest research. The salary also depends upon your experience, research, skills and fulfillment which depends upon interest and your time to spend in this field of profession. That’s why it is one of the best courses to study in order to make the future bright.

BS Forestry Skills And Learning Outcomes 

These are some of the skills you will learn during forestry education.

Monitoring and assessment:

Watching forests and individual trees change over time can provide solutions to what is happening inside.

Resource management:

Graduates will learn how to determine resources and choose where to designate them.


Sometimes firms won’t see eye to eye with those who want to defend the forests. It can take serious negotiation and interpersonal skills to work through the problems.

Complex Problem solving:

Graduates will be able to Solve the problems in such a large area that will take a lot of creative thinking.

Cost benefit analysis:

Will saving some area of forest be the best option, or are resources better served elsewhere? Sometimes the balance of production and sacrifice can be a fragile line to walk.

Related Courses  

  • agricultural sciences
  • agriculture economics 
  • statistics 
  • animal sciences 
  • agronomy
  • biodiversity

Further Courses After BS Forestry

  • MSc Environmental Forestry 
  • MSc agroforestry 
  • MS in environmental sciences 
  • Masters of international forestry 
  • Masters of sustainable forest management
  • Masters of urban forestry leadership
  • MSc in Forest and nature conservation
  • MSc in atmospheric sciences 

Syllabus And Courses Of BS Forestry

All the subjects of BS forestry are mentioned below. The first year deals with core aspects like the Cytology, Principle of civil culture, Forest ecology and General biochemistry while the 2nd year includes subjects like Dendrology, Principles of forest soil sciences, Surveying.
1st semester  2nd semester 
Agro meteorology Principles and Practices of Silviculture
Fundamentals of Soil Science Plantation Forestry
Introductory Economics Introductory Economics Dendrology
Cytology and Genetics Principles of Hydrology, Soil and Water Conservation
Tribology and Anthropology Chemistry and Fertility of Forest Soils
Fundamentals of Horticulture Environmental Science
Spoken English and Grammar Biodiversity and Ecology
Introductory Crop Physiology  
3rd semester  4th semester 
Wood Anatomy Wood Science and Technology
Forest Mensuration Nursery Management
Forest Engineering World Forestry Systems
Tree Seed Technology Livestock Management
Soil survey, Remote Sensing and Wasteland Development Wood Products and Utilization
Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology Forest Pathology
Utilization of Non-Timber Forest Products Fundamentals of Wildlife
Logging and Ergonomics Silviculture of Indian Trees
5th semester  6th semester 
Wildlife Management Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Forest Business Management Forest Business Management Marketing and Trade of Forest Produce
Extension Education Fundamentals Agroforestry Systems and Management
Forest Economics Principles and Project Planning Tree Improvement Principles and Methods
Computer Application and Statistics Communication Skills and Entrepreneurship Development
Tree Physiology Forest Entomology & Nematology
Silvicultural Systems Forest Management, Policy, and Legislation
7th semester  8th semester 
Forestry Work Experience Experiential Learning (Cultivation and Processing of Medicinal Plants) Work Experience

Fee structure of BS Forestry

Fee struccture of mostly universities starting from 20,000 t0 50,000 per semester depends on institute. 
Universities Fee per semester
Bahauddin zakaryia university, Multan 30,000
University of agriculture, Faisalabad 32,000
Islamia university of Bahawalpur 36,000
University of Sindh 29,000



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