BS Forensic Sciences

In this page you will get information regarding the BS Forensic Sciences degree.

 A bachelor’s degree in forensic sciences is an emerging field of science. It is a combination of chemistry and biology. A degree in forensic sciences helps one to interpret and analyze the scientific evidence of a crime scene. A student pass an intermediate or equivalent in sciences with 50% marks can pursue a bachelor's degree in forensic sciences. It does not only include the theoretical work but the application in the practical field in the laboratory as well. With a bachelor’s degree in forensic sciences, you can pursue your career as a forensic expert, police officer, drug analyst, crime reporter, etc. 


Graduates who want to specialize in forensic sciences can opt for a master’s degree. Students can specialize in their field of interest. Some specializations include; digital forensics, medical examiner, forensic accountant, digital investigator, or criminal investigator. 

Duration of BS Forensic Sciences

  • 4 years (8 semesters)

Affiliations and Accreditations of BS Forensic Sciences

BS Forensic Sciences is being offered in a wide range of HEC approved universities of Pakistan.

Scope and Career of BS Forensic Sciences

BS Forensic Science is an emerging field in Pakistan with various career opportunities. A graduate in forensic sciences can work as the following:

1 Forensic expert 
2 Drug Analyst
3 Forensic scientist
4 Crime Laboratory Analyst
5 Police Officer
6 Crime Scene investigator
7 Crime Reporter
8 Criminal intelligence analysts
9 Law Enforcement

Course Outline of BS Forensic Sciences

UMT Course outline of bachelor’s in forensic sciences include:

Semester 1

Name of Subject Credit Hours
English-I 3



Introduction to Computing

Principles of Chemistry-I 4
Humanities Elective 3

Semester 2

Name of Subject Credit Hours


Calculus 3
Cell Biology 3
Electricity and Magnetism 4
Principles of Chemistry-II 4

Semester 3

Name of Subject Credit Hours

Communication Skills

Islamic Studies 3

Principles of Chemistry-III

Physical Chemistry 4
Pakistan Studies 3

Semester 4

Name of Subject Credit Hour
Probability and Statistics 3
Genetics 3

Organic Chemistry


Inorganic Chemistry

Social Science Elective 3

Semester 5

Name of Subject Credit Hours
Analytical Chemistry 3
Basic Pharmacology 3
Biochemistry-I 4
Crimanlistics and Crime Scene Investigations 4
Principles of Forensic Science 3

Semester 6

Name of Subject Credit Hours
Biochemistry-II 3
Mammalian Pharmacology 3
Molecular Biology 3
Forensic analysis of Fingerprints and Writing 4
Forensic analysis of Fingerprints and Writing 4

Semester 7

Name of Subject Credit Hours
Immunology 3
Chemical Toxicology 3
Elective-I 3
Elective-II 3
Project I 2

Semester 8

Name of Subject Credit Hours
Firearms and Tool marks Analysis 3
Forensic Serology and DNA Analysis 4
Elective-IV 3
Elective-III 3
Project II 2

Why choose this degree?

One should pursue forensic sciences if you are passionate and keen to study crime scenes and analyze them. Those who enjoy learning more regarding the different crime scenes should invest their time in this field. With the practical application of the acquired data, you will be able to suspect the scene and report accordingly. You will be able to work to help on the crime scenes investigation, as a forensic scientist.



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