BS Fashion Designing In Pakistan Complete Guide

BS Fashion Designing In Pakistan Complete Guide


Introduction & Overview/Highlights

Fashion designing is a field that focuses on industrial development and new fashion. In this program, the students learn about the new fashion in the bs fashion designing. Fashion illustration, pattern making, cutting, sewing, and stitching are all taught to students in the field of fashion designing. Fashion designing is basically an art that is taught to students. Those who are interested in fashion must enroll in this program. The scope of fashion designing is also increasing in Pakistan. The fashion industry of Pakistan is getting fame all over the world. Due to the brands and designers, the industry is getting success. 
Fashion is necessary for the development of the country. The country is known for its fashion style. You can also specialize in fashion designing. The graduate from bs fashion designer creates new fashion for the society.  For more information related to this program, keep reading this page.

Books in BS Fashion Designing

The bs fashion designing in Islamabad are offered in a number of colleges and Universities. There are many students who want to know about the books for bs fashion and designing in Pakistan before getting admission in it.  So it is to be noted that you have to learn different books related to fashion. Pattern making and cutting, sewing and stitching etc. Fashion designing is an interesting field for those who are interested in it. 
Importance of Fashion Designing
Fashion is important for the growth of industry and the country. The most important thing in fashion is creativity. The fashion is based on your own idea. Undoubtedly, the importance of fashion designing is vital in our lives because it has a positive effect when we dress in the newest trends.

Highlights of BS Fashion Designing Course

The highlights regarding the BS Fashion Designing course are mentioned below. You can get the quick information from this page. 
Program BS Fashion Designing
Duration 4 years
Semesters 8


Specializations in BS Fashion Designing.

Fashion designers focus on a single line of work where they research and keep up with shifting fashions and business norms. Students can do BS Fashion Designing Specialization in different areas. 
The student who does the Specialization BS Fashion designing in pakistan can get success. 
Specialization areas in Fashion designing are mentioned below. 
  • Shoes. 
  • Clothing
  • Accessories.
  • Athletic wear. 
  • Fashion technology. 
  • Mass market fashion
  • Eco-fashion. 
  • High-end fashion.

Specialized classes include:

  •  fashion production
  • Construction
  • Fashion history
  • Pattern making
  • Draping,
  • Experimental design
  • Computer-aided apparel design.

Major of Fashion Designing

Clothing and accessory design is the main focus of fashion design. You'll take a lot of fashion design classes for this major. To obtain your bachelor's degree, though, you'll also need to take courses in the humanities, sciences, mathematics, and social sciences.
Objectives of Fashion Designing
There are many objectives of fashion designing. Some of them are listed below for your assistance. 
Fashion developing the clothing designs. 
It anticipates consumer trends.
You can enjoy the latest designs and create them by your own choice. 

Duration/credit hours of BS Fashion Designing

BS Fashion Designing duration in pakistan is 4 years. The program is based on 8 semesters. The total credit hours in the program are 124. 

Affiliations & Accreditations

There are many institutes that offer the BS fashion designing program in Pakistan. These institutes that we have mentioned in the table are affiliated with the HEC (Higher Education Commission). The BS Fashion Designing Affiliations are mentioned in the table. 
Institutes City Course Duration
Government College University Faisalabad BFA , 4 Years
Government College Women University Faisalabad BS , 4 Years
Punjab Tianjin University Of Technology Lahore BS , 4 Years
 Hazara University Mansehra BS , 4 Years
Nfc Institute Of Engineering & Technology Multan BS , 4 Years
The Superior University Lahore BS , 4 Years
Pakistan Institute Of Fashion Design Lahore B.DES, 4 Years
Hajvery University Lahore AD, 2 Years
Lahore school of fashion design (LSFD) Lahore BFD Hons

Scope in Fashion Designing Program

After completing their degree in Fashion Designing, you find various opportunities. You can find various jobs in the public or private sectors. Fashion designing is a field through which you can earn a lot of money. You can work in manufacturing and exporting businesses, the fashion industry, or you can launch your own company and sell the goods. The BS Fashion Design Scope in Pakistan is increasing day by day. 
You can adopt various options that are available for you. But the most famous are mentioned below which has a great scope in Pakistan nowadays. 
  • Fashion Designer.
  • Fashion Stylist.
  • Fashion Merchandiser.
  • Fashion Coordinator.
  • Fashion Consultant.
  • Fashion Illustrator.
The scope of this program is not only in Pakistan but abroad as well. You can easily find various job opportunities in this program. The average salary of a fashion designer in Pakistan is 296609.

Career in Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is a field through which you can stable your own Business. It is a field in which you do not need a degree. You can run your Business if you have basic skills of fashion. Those students who pursue this program can get to know the basic and essential details through which they can create new ideas of Fashion. There are many career options in this field. Furthermore, there are a number of companies that need a candidate who is a degree holder of fashion designer. 

Career Opportunities for Fashion Designers

Here we have mentioned some of the career options for the students who want to become a fashion designer. 
  • Fashion Designer.
  • Rental Manager.
  • Fashion Stylist.
  • Retail Buyer.
  • Fashion Model.
  • Personal Shopper.
  • Jewellery and Footwear Designer.
  • Makeup Artist.

Syllabus & Courses of BS Fashion Designer. 

4-years in Fashon designing programme Course Outline by HEC.
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-101 English-I (Compulsory) 2(2+0)
PKST-102 Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) 2(2+0)
DRW-103 Basic Drawing-I 3(1+2)
DHT-104 Design History & Theory-I 1(1+0)
ICS-105 Digital Communication- 1(0+1)
HAC-106 History of Art & Culture-I 1(1+0)
MNM-107 Material & Models-I 3(1+2)
SHP-108 Shaping-I + Project Management 4(2+2)
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-151 English-II (Compulsory) 2(2+0)
ISL-152 Islamic Studies (Compulsory) 2(2+0)
DRW-153 Basic Drawing-II 3(1+2)
DHT-154 Design History & Theory-II 2(2+0)
ICS-155 Digital Communication-II 2(2+0)
HAC-156 History of Art & Culture-II 1(1+0)
MNM-157 Mathematic-I (Geometry and Drafting) 3(1+2)
SHP-158 Shaping-II 2(1+1)
Semester: 3
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-201 English lll (Academic Writing) 1(1+0)
PAT-202 Pattern l (Fundamentals of Flat Pattern Calculations) 2(1+1)
FDS-203 Fashion Design Studio – l (Introduction) 2(1+1)
SEW-204 Sewing- l (Machine Sewing – l) 1(0+1)
DGF-205 Digital Fashion – l (Introduction) 1(0+1)
HOC-206 History of Costume-I 1(1+0)
DRP-207 Draping-I (Basics) 3(1+2)
TXB-208 Textile Basics 2(1+1)
HAT-209 Human Anatomy: Drawing 1(0+1)
BHS – 210 Basics of Hand Sewing 1(0+1)
FSD-211 Fashion Details 2(1+1)
Semester: 4
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MTP-252 Pattern ll (Mathematics of Pattern) 2(1+1)
FDS-253 Fashion Design Studio – ll 3(1+2)
SEW-254 Sewing-II (Machine Sewing-ll) 1(0+1)
DGF-255 Digital Fashion-II (Advance Design) 1(0+1)
HOC-256 History of Costume-II 1(1+0)
DRP-257 Draping– ll (Draping Techniques) 3(1+2)
TXD-258 Textile Design-l (Introduction to Textile Design) 2(1+1)
CFS-260 Couture Finishes (Hand Sewing ll) 1(0+1)
FRH-262 French-I (Basics) 1(0+1)
MKT-263 Introduction to Marketing & Merchandising 2(2+0)
Semester: 5
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-301 English lV (Technical Writing) 1(1+0)
MTP-302 Pattern – lll (Mathematics of Pattern
FDS-303 Fashion Design Studio- lII (Trend Forecast & Project)
SEW-304 Sewing-III (Advanced)
DGF -305 Digital Fashion lll (Portfolio Development) 1(0+1)
HCF-306 History of Costume & Fashion-Ill 1(0+1)
DRP-307 Draping-III (Advance Level l) 3(1+2)
TXD-308 Textile Design ll (Technical Analysis of Fabrics) 2(1+1)
FRH-312 French-II (Comprehension & Expression) 1(1+0)
Semester: 6
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-351 English-V (Research &Communication Skills) 1(1+0)
PAT-352 Pattern & Grading-IV (Mathematics) 3(1+2)
FDS-353 Fashion Design Studio-IV 3(1+2)
SEW-354 Sewing-IV 3(1+2)
DGF - 355 Digital Fashion lV (Portfolio & CAD / CAM) 1(0+1)
HCF-356 History of Costume & Fashion-IV 1(1+0)
DRP-357 Draping-IV (Advanced Level ll) 3(1+2)
TXD-358 Textile Design-III (Surface Decoration) 2(1+1)
FRH-362 French-III (Communication Skills) 1(1+0)
Semester: 7
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-401 English – Vl (Dissertation Research & Writing) 1(1+0)
PAT-402 Pattern-V 3(1+2)
FDS-403 Fashion Design Studio-lV (Design Research Methodology) 3(1+2)
SEW-404 Sewing-V 3(1+2)
DRP-407 Draping-V (Haute Couture) 3(1+2)
TXD-408 Textile Design lV (Research& Development) 2(0+2)
FRH- 412 French-IV (Language Proficiency) 1(1+0)
Semester: 8
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
FDT 464 – Fashion Design Thesis 12(2+10)
ENG-451 English Vll- Dissertation Collection – 10 Credits - 2(2+0)
PAT-452 Pattern-VI (collection) 2(2+0)
FDS-453 Fashion Design Studio (collection) 2(0+2)
SEW-454 Sewing-VI (collection) 2(0+2)
DRP-457 Draping-VI (collection) 2(0+2)
TXD-458 Textile Design-V (collection) 2(0+2)

Skill & Learning Outcome of the Program / Why Choose this Program

Those students who want to become a fashion designer, must possess traits like creativity, initiative, good sewing technique, interpersonal skills, business acumen, leadership, and the capacity to adapt to shifting trends. Through ba bs Fashion Design communication skills are improved. 

Learning Outcome of the Program

If you enroll in the BS fashion designing program, you can get trained by the fashion industry. Also, you can get to know the garment construction, draping, illustration, pattern making, and grading.

Why Choose this Program

Those who are seeking the ownership in their work, fashion designing is the best and suitable career. Especially those who are interested in the field of fashion should choose this career for the future prospects. 


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