BS Environmental sciences

BS Environmental sciences


The bachelors of Environmental Science is a 4 years degree program which provides students with a far reaching understanding of environmental issues and challenges with the purpose to develop human resources equipped with knowledge.
 The BS Environmental Sciences program is basically designed to provide the students with concepts, methods and practical work experience in fields such as air quality, water quality assessment, industrial hygiene, environmental pollution, impact assessment and pollution control technologies.

Specializations Or Majors Of BS Environmental Science

  • Environmental chemistry 
  • Ecosystems specialization 
  • Eco hydrology specialization 
  • Soil biogeochemistry specialization
  • Natural resource planning and management specialization 

Scope And Career Of BS Environmental Science

BS Environmental science degree is focused on preparing for future job opportunities in industry. It trains students to work as Environmentalist, environmental inspector, HSE officer, solid waste management officer and environmental management. 
Environmental Science courses teach knowledge referring to environmental impact assessment, natural resource management, solid waste management, environmental management system, environmental auditing, environmental policy and management, health safety environment and Environmental Ethics.
Job opportunities for environmental science graduates can be found in the environmental science sectors. Common employers include:
  • local authorities
  • Environmental monitoring organizations
  • Environmental consultancies
  • Nature conservation organizations
There are also opportunities available in the utilities sector with water companies and waste management companies such as:
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Science Manager
  • Lecturer
  • Conservation Hydrologist
  • Director of Waste Management
  • Ministry of Climate Change
  • Environmental Protection Department 
  • Water and Sanitation Agency
  • Waste Management Companies 
  • Forest Department
  • Water and Power Development Authority 
  • Mineral Water Companies
  • WWF-Pakistan, UNEP-Pakistan
  • Environmental Consultancies, Construction Companies
  • Wildlife Film-maker
  • Environment Photographer
  • Environment Journalists
  • Universities and Research Organizations
  • Occupational Safety Professionals, All Major Industries

Salaries of Environment Engineer in Pakistan

Salary in this field varies according to the rank of the organization, working location, education, and many other factors. 
The average environmental engineer salary in pakistan is 50,000 per month. On entry level positions it starts from 26,000 per month while most experienced workers make up to 90,000 per month.

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of BS Environmental Science 

  • Graduates have problem solving and creative thinking skills.
  • Expertise in developing arguments from scientific, ethical and philosophical aspects.
  • Graduates will be able to do research and the ability to gather data, analyze and report on complicated environmental data.
  • They will have laboratory skills for analyzing complex environmental data.
  • Will have written and verbal communication skills, also including presentation skills as well.
  • They have flexibility to work in all kinds of environments, developed through working in the field
  • Graduates will have numerical and IT skills, refined through the application of statistics.
  • planning, testing ,time management and project-management skills
  • The ability to work as a team member on projects, as well as independently.
  • To understand the impacts of advance development on the environment.
  • Graduates will be able to learn and create awareness about environmental problems at national and international levels.

BS Environmental Science Duration And Credit Hours

It is a 4 years degree program consisting of 8 semesters with a minimum 135 credit hours.
The minimum duration for completion of a bachelor's degree is 4 years. The HEC allows a maximum time period of seven years to complete a BS degree.
1st semester  18
2nd semester 18
3rd semester  18
4th semester  18
5th semester  18
6th semester  18
7th semester  18
8th semester  9


Syllabus and courses of BS Environmental Science

1st semester
Courses  Credit hours 
Introduction to Computers 3
Essentials of Mathematics 3
Introduction to Environmental Science 3
Functional English-I 3
Essentials of Chemistry 3
Essentials of Biology 3
2nd semester 
Functional English-II 3
Pakistani Culture and Society 3
Introduction to Earth Science 3
Sociology 3
Fundamentals of Ecology 3
Statistics 3
3rd semester 
Biodiversity Conservation 3
Environmental Chemistry 3
English-III 3
Islamic Studies 3
Introductory Economics 3
Anthropology 3
4th semester 
Environmental Pollution 3
International Relations 3
Understanding the Quran-I 3
Environmental Microbiology 3
Basic Academic Writing & Presentation Skill 3
Environmental Economics 3
5th semester 
Climate Change 3
Understanding the Quran-II 3
Analytical Techniques in Environmental Science 3
Natural Resource Management 3
GIS and RS 3
Environmental Governance 3
6th semester
Islamic Jurisprudence of Environment 3
Population and Environment 3
Environmental Monitoring 3
Environmental Management system 3
Environmental Profile of Pakistan 3
Pollution Control Technologies 3
7th semester 
Elective-I 3
Islamic Jurisprudence of Environment 3
Elective-II 3
Environmental Impact Assessment 3
Applied Ecology 3
Final Year Project (FYP) 3
8th semester 
Elective-III 3
Final Year Project (FYP)    3
Elective-IV 3

Related courses 

Fee structure of BS Environmental Sciences
Federal Urdu University of arts science and technology 
Other  10,000
At the time of admissions 28,000
Semester fee  18,000

Kinnaird College fee structure of BS environmental sciences

1st year  131,000
2nd year  114,200
3rd year  119,200
4th year 119,200
Total 483,600

Further Courses After BS Environmental Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Water Management
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management

A Master's programs in environmental sciences with specializations are:

  • Environmental Management
  • Energy and Air Pollution Control 
  • Conservation 
  • Environmental Law and Policy 
  • Master of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences
  • Master of Science in Environmental Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Environment
PhD programs in environmental sciences are:
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Earth Science


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