BS English literature

BS English literature


Introduction & Overview/Highlights

BS in English literature is a 4 year program. The program is being offered in various colleges and Universities in Pakistan. Students who complete their intermediate can enroll in bs english literature. The criteria for taking admission to every institute is different. The curriculum of BS English literature is based on critical writing. Students have to learn various poems, novels, and poetry.  Those who enroll in this program can find a number of bs english literature jobs in Pakistan. This is a degree that gives students a right of speech. Through this program, students get to know the actual meaning of liberty, they learn the right of freedom. 
In literature, students have to go through different subjects like poems, poetry, drama, and linguistics and one is Islamic studies which is mandatory to pass. 
Importance to learn English Literature:
Studying English literature offers the chance to learn how plays, novels, poems, and stories are used to make sense of the world. Students of English literature get a chance to understand American culture. Additionally, literature improves the vocabulary and communication skills of students. You can entertain yourself by reading a wide range of interesting novels. 

Highlights of BS English Literature Course

The highlights related to the BS English literature program are mentioned below in the given table. You can get a quick summary from the mentioned information. 
Program BS English Literature
Duration 4 years
Semesters 8

Specializations in BS English Literature

After passing the BS in English literature, students can apply for further studies. The English Language program offers concentrations in discourse and genre analysis, history and theory of rhetoric, and the history and structure of language.
In the bs english literature specialization, you have to choose your favorite subject. The subject in which you are interested and want to continue. Students who are interested in literature can choose a similar subject for specialization. After passing your BS in English literature, you can apply for an M.Phil. The 4 years of BS consider a Master. After doing the specialization, you can get jobs after bs english literature. 

Objectives of doing English Literature:-

Students who are unfamiliar with the importance of English literature are advised to read the objectives of this program. 
  • Students can learn the various aspects of American life. 
  • You can make your communication skills much better.
  • Your writing skills improve a lot.
  • You can get to know the relationships and their importance. 
  • After doing bs in english literature, students can apply in various organizations as a writer. They can also improve their skills as a teacher. 

Majors of English Literature

English literature is a good major to pursue. It provides basic and analytical skills to students. They learn how to do research on life through literature. Majors in literature concentrate on particular subjects and literary periods throughout history. They examine several literary disciplines, including historical fiction, magical realism, and narrative. 

Duration/credit hours of BS English Literature

The duration of a BS in English literature is 4 years. The program consists of 8 semesters. Students who enroll in BS English literature have to attend all the semesters. There are a total of 130 credit hours in this program. 

Affiliations & Accreditations

Here we have mentioned the affiliations and accreditations of BS English Literature. Students are informed that there are a number of institutes that offer the program. Some of the top institutes are mentioned here for your guidance. All the mentioned institutes are affiliated with HEC (Higher Education Commission).
Institutes City Degree Duration
 Government College University Faisalabad BS, 4 Years
The Islamia University Of Bahawalpur BahawalPur BS, 4 Years
Government College University Lahore BA [HONS], 4 Years
 Kinnaird College For Women Lahore BS, 4 Years
 University Of Management And Technology Lahore BS, 4 Years
Lahore College For Women University Lahore BS, 4 Years
Government College University Faisalabad, Samundri Campus Sammandri BS, 4 Years
Government Post Graduate College Of Science Faisalabad BS, 4 Years
Government College For Women[gulberg] Lahore BS , 4 Years
Edison College Faisalabad BS , 4 Years
N I C C A S Postgraduate College Rahim Yar Khan BS , 4 Years


Scope in English Literature Program

There is a great scope of bs english literature in Pakistan. Thousands of students enroll in English literature program every year. Students who apply in this program, can get various job opportunities. You can earn money by running your own Business. You can open your academy or school which is in great demand. One who is enrolled in literature, can provide his / her services as a writer. There is also a demand for writers in various software houses. 
Here we have mentioned some of the jobs for the students and their salaries after passing BS in English literature for your assistance. 
Journalist: Average salary (88,700 PKR) per month.
English teacher: Average salary (24400 PKR) per month.
Freelance writer: Average salary (36795 PKR) per month.
Editorial assistant: Average salary (56,700 PKR) per month.
Interpreter: Average salary (58018 PKR) per month.
Social media manager: Average salary (36900 PKR) per month.
Copy editor: Average salary (44,001 PKR) per month.
A career in English Literature
As we have discussed above that there is a great scope of English literature in Pakistan, it is important to be kept in mind that there are many career options after doing a BS or Masters in English literature. English literature graduates with strong writing abilities are in high demand. You must decide the direction you want to take your career in. You can become an:
Content writer
In the media, there are many opportunities for job progression, you can succeed after getting your degree in English literature. 

Best Career to Adopt after English Literature Program.

Here we have mentioned some of the best career options for you. After passing your program, you can apply for various jobs that are mentioned here.
  • Magazine journalist.
  • Digital copywriter.
  • Private tutor.
  • English as a foreign language teacher.
  • Editorial Assistant.
  • Publishing copy-editor/proofreader.
  • Lexicographer.
  • Newspaper journalist.

Syllabus & Courses of English Literature

The course outline of BS English literature is mentioned below in the table. You can get an idea of subjects and course duration. The information is taken from HEC. Almost all the institutes in Pakistan follow this pattern of syllabus scheme. 

Year 1

Semester: 1 
Course Code Course title Course type Credit Hours
GC101 Study Skills Compulsory 3 General 3
GC102 Introduction to Geography General 3
GC103 Pakistan Studies Compulsory  2
ELL101 English I: Reading and Writing Skills Foundational 3
ELL102 Introduction to Literary Studies Subject-specific Foundational 3
ELL103 Introduction to Language Studies Subject-specific Foundational 3
  Total   17
Semester: 2
Course Code Course title Course type Credit Hours
GC104 Islamic Studies Compulsory 2
GC105 Elementary Mathematics and stats General 3
GC106 Introduction to Philosophy General 3
ELL104 English II: Composition writing Foundational 3
ELL105 Introduction to Phonetics and phonology Subject-specific Foundational 3
ELL106 Literary Forms and movements
  Total   17

Year 2

Semester: 3
Course Code Course title Course type Credit Hours
GC201 Introduction to Information & Computer Technology (ICT) Skills Foundational 3
GC202 Islamic History & Culture General 3
GC203 Global Poetry General 3
ELL201 English III: Communication and Presentation Skills Foundational 3
ELL202 Short Fictional Narratives Subject -  specific 3
ELL203 Introduction to Morphology Subject -  specific 3
  Total   18


Semester: 4
Course Code Course title Course type Credit Hours
GC204 Human Rights & Citizenship Compulsory  General 3

English IV: Academic

Reading and writing

Foundational 3
ELL205 Classical and Renaissance drama Subject-specific 3
ELL206 Classical Poetry Subject-specific 3
ELL207 Semantics Subject-specific 3
ELL208 Rise of the Novel (18th to 19th century) Subject-specific 3
  Total   18

Year 3

Semester: 5
Course Code Course title Course type Credit Hours
GC301 Introduction to International Relations General 3
GC302 Introduction to Environmental Sciences Compulsory General 3
ELL301 Romantic and Victorian Poetry Subject specific 3
ELL302 Foundations of Literary theory & criticism Subject specific 3
ELL303 Sociolinguistics Subject specific 3
ELL304 Popular Fiction Subject specific 3
  Total   18


Semester: 6 
Course Code Course title Course type Credit Hours
ELL305 Modern Poetry Subject specific 3
ELL306 Modern Drama Subject specific 3
ELL307 Modern Novel Subject specific 3
ELL308 Grammar & Syntax Subject specific 3
ELL309 Discourse Studies Subject specific 3
ELL310 Creative Nonfiction Subject specific 3
  Total Subject specific 18


Year 4

 Semester: 7
Course Code Course title Course type Credit Hours
ELL401 Research Methods and Term Paper Writing Subject specific 3
ELL402 Introduction to Applied linguistics Subject specific 3
ELL403 Introduction to Stylistics Subject specific 3
ELL404 Literary Theory and practice Subject specific 3
ELL405 Pakistani Literature in English Subject specific 3
  Total   15
Semester: 8
Course Code Course title Course type Credit Hours
Postcolonial Literature Subject specific 3
ELL407 American Literature Subject specific 3
ELL408 Introduction to Translation studies Subject specific 3
ELL409 Introduction to Women’s writing Subject specific 3
ELL410 World Englishes Subject specific 3
  Total   15

Skill & Learning Outcome of the Program / Why Choose this Program

A graduate student of English literature gets various skills by learning the various aspects in it. An English literature graduate should be able to communicate themselves both vocally and in writing with clarity and ease. Some of the skills involved: 
  • Communication skills
  • Time management.
  • Team working.
  • Problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Presentation skills.

Learning Outcome of the Program 

  • It improves the students' literary and linguistic skills.
  • It improves the student's in making their own decisions. 
  • Through literature, an individual can get to know the importance of their speech. 

Why Choose BS English Literature Program

This program is best for those students who want to generate their own ideas. Those who are clear in their thoughts and perception are advised to enroll in this program. The bs English student skills involve various ideas that they generate themselves. People who pursue this degree discover the history of this language and the function of speech.


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