BS Dental Technology

In this page we have provided you information of BS Dental Technology program duration, eligibility criteria, syllabus outline and scope in Pakistan.

In dental technology, students have to study about the latest technology through which they can cure dentistry things including dentures, bridge, implants, ocular prosthesis, craniofacial prosthesis, orthodontic & Auxiliaries, mouth guards etc. Nowadays, there is a great scope of dentists in the country.
People who lost their teeth or who cannot get rid of the cracked, can go for the dentist to repair their teeth. Students who complete their BS in Dental Technology can go for higher studies and also can go for better practice abroad.

BS Dental Technology Cource Duration

BS Dental Technology is 4 year degree program. There are 8 Semester in 4 year. In Pakistan different Universities are offering bs dental technology program.


BS Dental Technology Eligibility Criteria

To get admission in BS Dental Technology the students should pass their FSC(pre medical) with minimum 50% marks.


All the universities in Pakistan offering BS Dental Technology are recognized by HEC(Higher Education Commission)


Specializations or Majors in BS Dental Technology

Students will have access to international construction procedures for the crown, bridge, implants, dentures, craniofacial prosthesis, ocular prosthesis, orthodontic & Auxiliaries, mouth guards, etc. after completion of their bachelor's degree.
After complete the BS course in dental technology, students must have to choose a Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S.) for higher studies. It is the highest degree in the field of dentistry.

Syllabus & Courses of dental technology

The course of each University is different in study but the books are the same. Here we have mentioned the course outline of the Superior University. You can get information on the syllabus from the given table. 
Semester : 1
Subject Name Credit .hours
Anatomy-I 3
Physiology-I 3
Oral Biology - I 3
Islamic Studies 3
English-I 3
Total 15
Semester: 2
Subject Name Credit .hours
Anatomy II 3
Physiology II 3
Oral Biology II 3
Pakistan Studies 3
English II 3
Total 15
Semester: 3
Subject Name Credit .hours
Dental Materials I 3
Healthcare Psychology 3
Dental radiology 3
General pathology 3
Introduction to computers 3
Total 15
Semester: 4
Subject Name Credit .hours
Periodontology I 3
Dental Materials II 3
Dental Morphology 3
Oral Pathology 3
Community Awareness 3
Elective 3
Total 18
Semester: 5
Subject Name Credit .hours
Introduction to Dental Laboratory 3
Removable Prosthodontics - I (Partial
Community And Preventive Dentistry 3
Fundamentals of Infection Control 3
Orthodontics - I 3
Gnathological Concepts 3
Total 18
Semester: 6
Subject Name Credit .hours
Orthodontics - II 3
Removable Prosthodontics - II (Complete
Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice/Laboratory 3
Removable Prosthodontics - III (Cast Partial Denture 4
Dental Aesthetics (Ceramics) 3
Total 17
Semester: 7
Subject Name Credit .hours
Community Dental Health 3
Fixed Prosthodontics - I (Crown) 4
Maxillofacial Prosthodontics 3
Research Project - I 3
Seminar 3
Total 16
Semester: 8
Subject Name Credit .hours
Fundamental of Implant Prosthodontics 3
Fixed Prosthodontics – II (Bridge) 4
Laboratory Management 3
Research Project – II 3
Elective II 3
Total 16


Majors in BS Dental Technology

Here we have mentioned some of the majors in BS Dental Technology for your convenience. 
  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Anesthesia Technology.
  • Cardiac Technology.
  • Dental Technology.
  • Dental Laboratory Technecian.
  • Cardiac Technology.
  • Dialysis Technology.
  • Health Technology.
  • Medical Technology.


Scope in BS Dental Technology Program

There are many opportunities for learning and practicing in the dentistry labs for students. Students will have access to international construction procedures for the crown, bridge, implants, dentures, ocular prosthesis, craniofacial prosthesis, orthodontic & Auxiliaries, mouth guards, etc. After completion of their bachelor's degree. Without getting an education in dental technology, dentistry remains incomplete. As a member of the dental team, dental technicians create and repair dental appliances used in orthodontic therapy in dental labs. Dental technologists are medical specialists that create, construct, enhance, or modify dental instruments.
The scope in dental technology is getting higher by the degrees. The following expertise and knowledge will be offered by this cutting-edge course that are mentioned below:
  • Money Management for Dental Laboratories
  • Complete and Partial Dental Design
  • Face Bow transfers
  • Articulators
Dental technicians or dental technologists are responsible for creating different dental appliances such as bridges, crowns and braces. 

Why Choose Dental Technology Program

Medical students who are interested in the dental field are recommended to join the dental technology field. It will suit you. You can work better in this field. Furthermore you can earn the best resources in this field. It is best for students who enjoy manual labor, have a keen eye for detail, and would prefer not to interact with patients directly. Dental technologists, often known as dental technicians, are highly trained members of the dental team.


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