BS Criminology In Pakistan Complete Guide


Bachelor of Science in Criminology is basically the scientific study of crimes and criminals. It examines illegal activities and behaviors, criminal psychology and the impression of crime on residents and society. Students who choose a Criminology degree programme are curious about the human conditions and the conventional law of cause and effect that seems to suggest our behavior. 
BS criminology is a 4 year multidisciplinary degree that involves social sciences like:
  • sociology
  • psychology
  • political science
  • law

Specializations Or Majors Of BS Criminology

Criminology majors have options to translate their degrees into a future career. Because the basic focuses of criminology are studying and evaluating research and data. Criminology specializations choose to pursue careers in the following fields:
  • Criminologist
  • Forensic science technician
  • Law enforcement
  • Corrections officer
  • Probation officer
There are also the most popular specializations in the field of criminology.

Private Investigator

Some organizations hire private investigators to investigate on a variety of topics that could be of legal personal importance. Some jobs need clearance before joining a private organization.

Police Detective

It allows Career as a police officer and then work against a promotion to detective. 

Law Enforcement Officer

Law enforcement officers can work at either the citified, county or federal levels to accomplish the laws in their jurisdictions.

Probation Officer

Probation officers play an important role in the criminal justice system. The main responsibility is the exclusion of new crimes with careful monitoring of certain criminals.

BS Criminology Duration And Credit Hours 

The BS criminology has a 4 years duration. It is a multidisciplinary programme comprising 127 credit hours to be completed in eight semesters.


1st semester  15
2nd semester  18
3rd semester  18
4th semester  15
5th semester  15
6th semester  18
7th semester  15
8th semester  15

BS Criminology Scope And Career 

Criminology has a better professional scope. Studying criminology can not only help to solve crimes, but it can also help to prevent it for the first time. 
After specializing in Criminology graduates can get great career opportunities with high salary packages. A graduate in this field can expect to work in both government and private sectors. 
Criminology graduates can also find jobs in various field as:
  • Lawyers
  • Teachers/Professors
  • Community service workers
  • Counselor
  • Researcher
  • Counselors
  • Police
  • Drug enforcement officials
  • Medical hospitals
  • Investigative agents
  • Central Police
  • Probation officers
  • FBI
  • Community development workers
  • CBI
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Criminal investigator
  • NGOs
  • Human rights agencies

Syllabus And Courses Of BS Criminology

Semester 1
English I 3
Basic Statistics I 3
Introduction to Political Science 3
Environmental Science 3
Computer Art 3
Total 15
Semester 2
English II 3
Geology 3
Basic Statistics II 3
Communication Skills and Personality
Introduction to Sociology 3
History 3
Total 18
Semester 3
English III 3
Pakistan Studies 3
Islamic Studies 3
Introduction to Criminology 3

Introduction to Law
Patterns of Crime 3
Total 18
Semester 4
Organizational Behavior and Human
Resource Development
Theoretical Perspectives on Crimes and Criminals 3
Introduction to Security Studies 3
Introduction to Private Security
National and International Perspective of Crime and Security 3
Total 15
Semester 5
Juvenile Delinquency 3
Sociology of Deviance 3
Active Citizenship Program 3
Islamic Perspective on Crime and
Penology 3
Total 15
Semester 6
Applied Criminology 3
Criminal Justice System 3
Crime and Security 3
Crime Mapping 3
Entrepreneurship 3
Criminal Psychology 3
Total 18
Semester 7
Procedure of Evidence in Criminal Law 3
Forensic Criminology 3
Police and Policing 3
Terrorism & Counter Terrorism 3
Final Year Project I 3
Total 15
Semester 8
Organized Crime and Money Laundering 3
Methods of Criminal Investigations 3
Cyber Crimes 3
Drugs, Abuse and Human Rights Related Crime 3
Final Year Project II 3
Total 15

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of BS Criminology

Graduates with criminology will be able to evaluate policy related questions and various types of issues around the components of the criminal justice system.
Students will also understand the manners used by the criminal justice system to process and injunction criminal offenders.
Graduates will develop an understanding of the determinations and different functions of law compulsion in a democratic society.
Graduates will understand the research methodologies in criminal justice.
Students will be able to develop analytical techniques used in social science and criminological research.
Students will also be able to apply synergic skills, ethical reasoning, analytical skills and knowledge about crime and justice.

Related Courses

  • Conflict and peace studies 
  • Defence and strategic studies 
  • Behavioral sciences 
  • Comparative liberal studies
  • Gender and Development

Other Courses After BS Criminology

  • Master's Program in Cultural Criminology
  • Masters in criminology and security studies
  • Masters in International Crimes and Criminology
  • Master's in Legal, Forensic and Criminological Psychopathology
  • MSc Criminology
  • Masters in criminal justice and sociology of criminal law
  • Organized Crime and Money Laundering


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