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BS Aviation


The BS in Aviation Management degree program originated for students pursuing to lead and succeed in the world of Aviation.
The bachelors of Science degree with specialization in Aviation Management program is a 4 year degree program with a concentration on the growing and competitive worldwide aviation organization.
This program explores all aspects of Aviation Management including Airport management and planning, Fiscal Aspects of Aviation, Airline Fleet Management and Aviation Marketing as well.
There are some different zones of aviation with three being the main verticals that uphold the aviation firm as a whole: commercial, general, pillars, and military aviation.
In the bachelor degree of Aviation Management students learn about the special characteristics of the aviation industries worldwide networks, organizational challenges and procedure based business management skills as well.


Majors Or Specializations Of BS Aviation

This degree program offers specialized courses in Aviation as well as general courses of business administration in the areas of marketing, accounting, economics, HR management, and finance. 
There are some majors for pilots include aviation, aviation technology, aeronautical science, aerospace engineering and air traffic management. Institutes with aviation or aviation technology programs have flight training and licensure programs.

Duration And Credit Hours Of BS Aviation

Duration of this degree is 4 Years (with 8 Regular Semesters) and 6 years maximum to complete. The course work grows students for the specific requirements of the aviation industry. Minimum duration of aviation degree program completion is 4 years. Essential courses must be cleared to become eligible in the ensuing courses. The degree graduation requirement is minimum 2.0 CGPA out of 4.0 with a total 128 credit hours.
1st semester  15
2nd semester  15
3rd semester  16
4th semester  16
5th semester  18
6th semester 18
7th semester  15
8th semester  15

Scope And Career Of BS Aviation

Scope in aviation management is one of the most captivating and highly paid industries in the world. For youngsters who wish to travel the world, the aviation organization always offers the applicant a highly fascinating way of living.
Aviation management provides a rapid global transportation network, which makes it vital for global business. It produces economic growth, job opportunities, and clear the way for international trade and tourism.
This profession has a lot of job opportunities. Aviation is also an interesting field with various jobs available for students based on their skill levels and experience levels from mechanics to pilots, air traffic controllers and many more.
The BS Aviation Management degree program makes ready students for professional careers in these following fields:
  • Airline Management
  • Airline Flight Operations
  • Airline Ground Operations
  • Airport Management
  • Airport Operations
  • Airport Planning
  • Aviation Consultancy Firms
  • Aviation Charter Firms
  • Air Services
  • Flight Operation Management
  • Aviation Career Development
  • Global Airline Management
  • Aviation Security
  • Airlines Marketing Management
  • Airport Management
  • Aviation Regulatory and Safety Services
  • Aviation Safety Authorities
  • Air Space and Traffic Management
  • Aviation Safety Management

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of BS Aviation

The degree of aviation gives the student added value over other aviation courses by focusing on the abilities and knowledge required by today’s fast growing aviation industry. After completion of the degree, students are considered eligible and qualified students for staff, operational, and administrative jobs within the aviation industry.
The degree program explores all aspects of aviation, including airport planning and management, financial aspects of aviation, aviation marketing, safety environment in aviation, aviation security, and global aviation business development schemes. 

Fee Structure Of BS Aviation

Fee structure of University of management sciences 
Quarterly fee  93125
Learning investment  1490000

Air university fee structure of Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management
Tuition fee per credit hour  5,546
Fee of degree program  765,403
Tuition Fee as Per Credit hour for 1st semester 94,282
Syllabus And Courses Of BS Aviation
1st year 
Principles of Management 3
Business Technology 3
Business Mathematics 3
Personal Skill Development 1
Intro to Environmental Science 3
Economics 3
English-I 3
History of Arts and Design 3
Principle of Marketing 3
Fundamentals of Ecology 3
Financial Accounting 3
2nd year

Psychology 3
Statistical and Inferences 3
Islamic Studies 3
English-II 3
Introduction to Business Finance 3
Statistical Inferences 3
Language 3
Pakistan Studies 3
Introduction to Aviation Management 3
Enterprise Resource Planning 3
3rd year
Marketing Management 3
Business Research Report Writing 3
Corporate and Business Aviation 3
General and Business Aviation 3
Introduction to Airline Operations 3
Social Advocacy 3
Financial Management 3
Management of Air Cargo 3
Business Ethics 3
Sports 3

4th year 
Intel’s Aviation Management and Aviation Policy 3
General Aviation Marketing 3
Modeling Application in Airline Industry 3
Advance Aviation Economics 3
Entrepreneurship Project 3
PSD-2 3
Aviation Business Policy and Decision 3
Safety Management System 3
Air Cargo Logistics Management 3
Project (Industry Case Study) 3


Related Courses 

  • B.B.A. in Airport Management
  • B.Sc
  • Commercial Pilot Training
  • Diploma in Aviation Management
  • Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training
  • Diploma in Aviation Hospitality
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Diploma in Airfare and Ticketing Management
  • Bachelors in Business management 
  • BSc in Professional pilot 
  • bachelors of science in aviation business administration 
  • bachelors in commercial aviation management
  • bachelors of engineering in aircraft engineering 
  • BSc in Aeronautical science
  • BS Aeronautics
  • Bachelors of Applied aeronautical science


Further Courses After BS Aviation

  • MSc in Aeronautical engineering
  • Masters in Remote pilot aircraft systems 
  • Masters of Business administration in aviation
  • Masters in air transport management 
  • MSc Aerospace management 
  • Masters of Aviation science 
  • Masters of Aviation maintenance
  • Masters in Aviation management logistics 
  • MSc in Advanced air mobility systems 
  • Masters in Aeronautics and space 
  • MSc in Safety and Accident Investigation


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