BS Arabic In Pakistan Complete Guide


The Bachelor of Science in Arabic is a module that is designed to meet the needs of the global Islamic nation in the future. Its aim is to produce graduates with captaincy skills, professional competence and superior Islamic judgment.
There are more than 50 Muslim countries in the world where people speak Arabic language and 1.6 billion people are Muslim who attempt their prayers in Arabic language, it can say that almost 1/4th of the world’s community understand, speak or read Arabic language. In this way it is the top language of the world. In fact Arabic is the 2nd international language in the world.

Specializations Or Majors Of BS Arabic

  • The major in Arabic Studies is a special emphasis within the general Social Science program. It is multidisciplinary in focus, designed to provide an effective understanding of the religions, languages, economies, politics, cultures, and histories of Muslim societies.
  • Students can choose one of two specializations Islamic Studies, or Arabic Studies. The Islamic Studies specialization focuses more on the humanities, with core courses in religion, history, and culture, while the Arabic Studies specialization highlights languages and social sciences, with major courses in Arabic or other languages like politics, and economics.
  • These majors enable students to desire career opportunities abroad. These also include careers in private Organizations, public sector including the Foreign Service.

Difference Between Islamic Studies and Arabic studies

Islamic studies focus on these points:
  • The Quran
  • Islam  
  • Middle Eastern History 
  • The Middle East 
  • Women in Muslim Societies
Arabic studies focus on these points:
  • Arabic 
  • Arabic Culture
  • Government & Politics of the Middle East

BS Arabic Duration And Credit Hours 

It is a 4 years degree program consisting of 8 semesters with 128 credit hours.
Semesters Credit hours
1st semester  15
2nd semester  15
3rd semester 16
4th semester 16
5th semester 18
6th semester 18
7th semester 15
8th semester 15

Scope And Career Of BS Arabic

Arabic is very important and the best language in this world and hereafter. People can never understand the genuine meaning of the Holy Quran without having enough knowledge about this language. All Muslims should learn Arabic language for understanding the meanings of verses of Holy Quran and hadiths. That’s why this language has a vital role in this world.
  • You can get a job in any Arabic speaking country on the basis of Arabic language proficiency. 
  • BS Arabic Promises research and progress/development career.
Arabic is taught from class 8th in Pakistan so you also find a job of subject specialist school teacher and lecturer after getting MA Arabic language degree and many other professions which are:
  • Interpreter 
  • Tutor
  • News channel
  • Jobs in African countries
  • Language institutes
  • Online Arabic tutor 
  • Newspaper and blogs 
  • NGO’s
  • Researcher 
  • Jobs in religious organizations
  • UNO 
  • Schools 
  • Journalist
  • Publishing houses 
  • Import export companies 
  • Jobs in middle east countries 
  • Colleges
  • Author 
  • Content writer 
  • Arabic translator 
  • Foreign affairs ministry
  • Translator

BS Arabic Syllabus And Courses 

1st semester courses  2nd semester courses 
Pakistan Studies English-ll
Computer-l Sociology-lll
Math-l Math-ll
General Science-l Islamic Studies
English-l Mass Communication-lV
Basic Arabic Grammar Functional Arabic-l
Arabic Reading & Writing Arabic Conversation
3rd semester  4th semester 
Introduction to Computer English-lV
English-lll Psychology-Vll
World History Economics
International Relation Functional Arabic-lll
Functional Arabic-ll Applied Grammar
Arabic Composition Arabic Dictation & Comprehension


5th semester  6th semester 
Composition & Translation l Composition and Translation ll
Arabic Word Modern Arabic Prose
Applied Grammar l Classical Arabic Poetry
Quran Literature Classical Arabic Prose
Hadith Literature History of Arabic Literature ll
History of Arabic Literature l Applied Grammar ll



7th semester  8th semester 
Modern Arabic Poetry Islamic Study / Islamic Literature (Optional)
Methodology of Research in Arabic Arabic Literature in Spain annd Migrants
Introduction To Linguistics Arabic Literature in the Subcontinent
Criticism Arabic Media
Rhetoric & Prosody Thesis / Research Project

Related Courses 

  • BS linguistics 
  • BS English and literature
  • BS Urdu
  • BS Chines 
  • BS French
  • BS Punjabi 
  • BS Persian
  • Bs Pakistan studies

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of BS Arabic

  • To convey best knowledge of Arabic language and literature to produce tolerable professionals for Government institutions.
  • To advise people about learning Arabic and prefer the career of translator for international institutions.
  • It provides courses to provide opportunities for inexperienced people of Pakistan to learn the Quranic language.
  • Graduates will be able to highlight the significance of the Arabic language in the academic world from constitutional to prime level.
  • Students will also be able to serve for publication of Arabic language in Quranic text.
  • To produce researchers having ability of Arabic language focused on accessory needs of Muslim Ummah.
  • To develop a prosperous system for creating a new generation of academics committed to advance Islamic culture and civilization.
  • Graduates will be able to develop creative, innovative, and sound professionals who can adequately and skillfully use their expertise.

Further Courses After BS Arabic

  • MA Arabic and Islamic studies 
  • Ma in language and linguistics
  • Masters in democracy and human rights 
  • MA In Arabic and international relations 
  • Masters in Islamic studies
  • MA in linguistics and intensive language 
  • MPhil in speech and language sciences


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