Bachelor of Fine Arts Career

Bachelor of Fine Arts Career

Bachelors in Fine Arts’ scope and career is very vast. The jobs you will get depend on the type of specialization of your program. Bachelor in Fine Arts is a professional undergraduate program that is designed to provide students with skills and knowledge that are required to pursue a career in visual arts. It is also known as Bachelors of Visual Arts at times.

Specializations in BFA Pakistan

The most prominent specializations in Bachelor of Fine Arts that are offered in Pakistan are:

  • Painting
  • Print Making & Digital Media
  • Miniature Making
  • Sculpturing

The students gain a lot of practical knowledge during their journey of the Bachelors in Fine Arts Program. You should start building your portfolio while you are an undergrad student using your projects and other academic works as employers tend to ask the candidates to present their work professionally. This will also give the employer an idea about your skills and work quality.

Fine Arts Career List

Thinking of enrolling into Bachelors of Fine Arts or completed the program and not finding a way forward? You can find a quick fine arts career list here:

  • Production Artist
  • Photographer
  • Painter
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Drawing Teacher
  • Actor
  • Printmaker
  • Arts and Culture Management
  • Animator
  • Cartoonist
  • Art Gallery Administrator
  • Fashion Executive

Bachelor of Fine Arts Jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan is a comparatively populous country which means the job opportunities and vacancies are limited. Therefore, before proceeding with your final decision of your undergraduate major, you should have a clear picture of the scope and job availability in the job market. This will allow you to choose your decisions more wisely. Worry not as you will find all the information such as job lists, scope, salaries, etc. required to understand the scope of BFA in Pakistan.

Due to the diversity of the Bachelors of Fine Arts program, after your graduation, you will have a number of job opportunities waiting for you in Pakistan. A few of them with a brief introduction are listed here;

  1. Production Artist: Production artists are responsible for the visual concept of a certain design. They work in close connection with the designers and art directors to create a design.

    You can pursue this field after completing your undergraduate program, however, the scope of this field is not really high in Pakistan.

  2. Commercial Photographer: Commercial Photography is one of the most commonly adopted careers by BFA undergraduates in Pakistan. You can also establish your own commercial photography office and studio.

    You can also become a freelance photographer. You can also pursue your career in news photography, feature photography, industrial photography, events photography, advertising photography, fashion photography and wildlife photography.

  3. Drawing Teacher: The requirement for pursuing a career as a drawing teacher is BS Fine Arts. If you love arts and teaching, this is the most suitable job for you. You can work at any renowned school with a BS Fine Arts degree in Pakistan.
  4. Printmaker: If you choose printmaking as your specialization during your undergraduate program, this is a very suitable option for you. Printmakers design the prints by themselves by using techniques like woodcut, engraving, screen printing, etc. If you are interested in making multiple artworks, this career will be a good choice for you. 
  5. Animator: You can also pursue your career as an animator after completing your Bachelor of Fine Arts successfully. They usually create a series of designs or images that are displayed on the screen to simulate movement.

    They usually work with designers, storytellers or voice actors to produce films, graphic content or video games. This is another very interesting career path that you can follow after completing your undergraduate degree. Currently, its scope in Pakistan is not really high but with the advancement in technology, it has been increasing rapidly.

  6. Fashion Executive for Textile Industry If you are interested in creating patterns and prints for fabrics, this will be the most suitable job for you after completing your bachelor of fine arts in Pakistan. You will be eligible to work for clothing brands or fabric manufacturers.

This was a brief list of the most common jobs a Fine Arts graduate can find in Pakistan. However, due to advancement and economic growth, the scope keeps on varying and is expected to increase further in the upcoming years.

Bachelor of Fine Aarts Salary in Pakistan

For having a successful career in fine arts, the undergraduates must be skillful in a number of creative fields. Another important point to keep in mind is that while you are at your university studying for your BS fine arts, make sure that you have a list of achievements and a number of contacts around the professional roles you are interested in. Therefore, it is very important for you to be socially and academically active to make the most of your four-year journey in the university.

Having strong creative skills will help you to create a very strong and effective portfolio which is very important for landing a good job after graduating from the university.

The package of BS Fine Arts salary in Pakistan ranges over a wide area depending on your specialization and creative skills. However, an estimated average salary for fresh graduates of BS Fine Arts is around PKR 30,000 to PKR 50,000. An experienced and highly skilled artist can earn up to PKR 1 lac monthly. 

If you don’t like the normal job routine, you can also opt for freelancing after graduating with a BS Fine Arts degree in Pakistan. However, it is preferred to have some experience before you start freelancing. After gaining some professional experience, you can begin your career as a freelancer in sub-fields of fine arts such as designer, photographer, etc. The income of freelancing after BFA depends on the clients mainly.


Bachelors of Fine Arts is an internationally accepted program and most of the people after graduating end up with a successful career abroad. Some of the countries having a high scope of BFA include France, Italy, China, Japan and South Korea. These countries have a huge fashion business and their major income is generated from the fields of creative and visual arts.

If you graduated with a BS in Fine Arts in Pakistan and looking for starting your career internationally, these countries would be a good option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is BFA better than BA?

    Yes because in recent years, the scope of BA has decreased tremendously therefore there are not many job options available for BA graduates now.

    However, if art interests you, then Bachelor of Fine Arts will be better for you.

  • Does BFA have more scope than BA?
    Yes, BFA has more scope than BA, as it touches a lot of different fields of arts including the most trending technology-based arts as well.
  • What is BS Fine Arts scope in Pakistan?
    The scope of BS Fine Arts in Pakistan is good. There are a number of different types of jobs in Pakistan that you can apply for, depending on your specialization.
  • List some Fine Arts jobs in Pakistan.
    Some of the Fine arts jobs in Pakistan are production artist, commercial photographer, designer, printmaker and drawing teacher.
  • What is BS Fine Arts salary in Pakistan?
    BS Fine Arts salary in Pakistan ranges from anywhere between PKR 30,000 to PKR 1 lac monthly, depending the type of specialization.

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