Study Abroad in Australia for Pakistani Students

Study in Australia Guide has created a special study abroad guide for Pakistani students who want to continue their higher education in Australia. This online resource is to the point and created only for Pakistani students.
Strong educational system, a high value of life, relatively lower expenses and simple visa chances have made Australia, a ideal place for courses in the recent times. Though facing a heavy rivalry, Australian education is gaining increased recognition in the global arena.
Following are the types of Students Visa for Study in Australia.
Student Visa cost
You must pay a non-refundable visa application charge when you lodge your visa application. Nil fees apply to students funded under Commonwealth approved programs, secondary exchange students and student affected by the closure of their education provider.
When you have started your course of study in Australia and you can do job more than 20 hours per week while your course is in session and unlimited hours when your listed course breaks.
There are two semesters in a year but some institutions offer a trimester system and/or run summer schools from December to February.
You have to pay a non-refundable application fee which is varying for your course selected when you submit your application.
Assessment Level
Your assessment level is determined by your nationality and course of study.
Students Eligibility
You have to choose full-time study programs in a registered course or part of a registered course to be eligible for student visa.
The AusAID development awards programs are part of the Australia Awards initiative which was announced by the Australian Government in November 2009.
An average international student in Australia can suppose to pay approximately about a week on Accommodation, Food, Clothing, etc.
Practical information for your life in Australia including: education, family life, health, housing, law, recreation, transport and work.
Top Colleges and Universities in Australia
CRICOS is an official department of Australia from where you can choose recognized educational institutions and registered courses for overseas student.

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