Yes To The Mess Developing A Jazz Mindset For Leading In A Complex World

Frank J Barrett
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When faced with complexity and constant change at work, what do the best leaders and teams do? They iterate. They invent. They improvise. They string together a syncopated and rhythmic way of working that gets the job done but in a way that allows for flexibility, new ways of work, and new avenues for opportunity. In short, they say "yes" to the "mess" that is today's fast-moving 24/7 business environment. Frank Barrett, jazz pianist and management scholar, says this improvisational "jazz mindset" - and the skills and competencies that go along with it - is crucial for effective leadership today. Like skilled jazz musicians, organizations and business people must take this inventive approach to successfully deal with issues that range from crisis management to spontaneous decision-making to unforeseen new realities of our globally-connected world. Today's shrewdest leaders are constantly forced to revise their assumptions and experiment with new strategies. In this groundbreaking book, Barrett vividly shows and authentically articulates the jazz model, explaining the principles of jazz thinking and performance that can help anyone develop the competencies increasingly required in organizations today. Barrett urges readers to embrace the complexity of their lives and to take informed risks. Barrett's engaging lessons range across functional areas and will be relevant for anyone who leads or works with teams. Absorbing and insightful, consider "Yes to the Mess" as your seminar on collaboration and complexity, against the soulful backdrop of the world of jazz.

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  • Harvard Business Review
  • Publication Date
  • 14/08/2012
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  • 228
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  • Hard Back
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  • 9781422161104
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  • Management & Leadership

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