Under The Skin Of The Indian Consumer

David Abikzir
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We don’t understand anymore the consumers. We feel that they are capricious, bad calculators, fickle and irrational. They’re doing whatever comes through their heads and yet, we have no choice, we have to deal with them! This is the result of the consumers’ cultural revolution making India enters a new consumerist era. The modern consumption has emerged in India when we stopped considering that the human desire for comfort, pleasure and stimulation of this pleasure was necessarily a danger for the moral of men, women and the integrity of the State. Less credulous and more demanding, Indian consumers have very little to do with the past ones who used to buy to live, while today, the tendency is that they live to buy! The consumption pattern has been shaken up going from a consumption need to a need for consumption. With e-commerce, consumers have changed, evolved and mutated once again. This is a natural evolution in respect to the transformation of the consumer society to definitely get lost in their understanding, in the analysis of their behavior and in their way of thinking. Faced with these new behaviors, we need to evolve the way we do our marketing, our way of touching them, interesting them, shocking them, shoving them but also of delighting them, pleasing them and giving them, in the end, what they ask for: making them live an experience rich in emotions and socially rewarding. Let’s condition them to be what we want, that is to say, consumption machines!

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