Do Less Be More - Paperback

Susan Pearse
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An exhausting compulsion to fill every moment with 'doing something' has invaded our society. In this modern world, 'busy' is being worn as a badge of honour, a symbol of success and a new way to display importance.Yet research has shown that doing more doesn't necessarily lead to achieving more. Busy people often make careless mistakes and bad choices, and multitasking actually lowers productivity.Based on the latest brain-function research, Do Less Be More explores how you can unleash your greatest potential by slowing down and doing less. The 21 practical exercises in this book will teach you:- How to reduce your working hours and be just as productive- What to do when projects aren't moving forward or going to plan- Why doing something boring can be a catalyst for original and creative ideas- How to take things off your to-do list - without actually doing them- How to be sure that you're spending your time doing the things that matter mostIf you're someone who says: 'I'll wait until I have nothing to do until I do nothing,' then this book is for you!

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