Top 10 Scholarship Programs Best Suited To Students From Pakistan

By Majid Anwar 24/10/2023 02:22 PM

1 Fulbright Scholarship (USA):

The Fulbright program is one of the most prestigious scholarships, allowing Pakistani students to pursue various degree levels in top universities of United States. It covers tuition, living expenses, and travel costs.

2 Chevening Scholarship (UK):

Chevening is an esteemed and sought-after scholarship program in UK that allows Pakistani students to study in master's programs at the country’s top universities. It is a fully funded scholarship which also covers the travel expenses.

3 Australia Awards:

Australia Awards is the Australian government's prominent fully-funded scholarship offered to brilliant students from developing countries to study at the best Australian universities. It’s an excellent choice for Pakistani students.

4 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (Europe):

This European Union scholarship program offers Pakistani students opportunities to study master’s programs in multiple European countries, with financial support for tuition and living expenses.

5 Commonwealth Scholarship:

The Commonwealth Scholarship offers Pakistani students a chance to study in Commonwealth member countries with financial support. This program allow students to study diverse range of programs and upon completion, they can contribute to their home country's development.

6 Chinese Government Scholarship:

This scholarship is an ideal choice for those interested in studying in China. It covers tuition fees, accommodation, and provides a monthly stipend. This scholarship is available for various degree programs (Bachelor, Master, and PhD)

7 DAAD Scholarship:

The DAAD Scholarship provides funding for Pakistani scholars to pursue their academic journey in Germany, offering support for tuition fees, living expenses, and even health insurance.

8 New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA):

NZEA offers Pakistani students the chance to study at their preferred university out of all eight universities in New Zealand, covering tuition, living costs, and an establishment allowance.

9 Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships (Switzerland):

These scholarships support Pakistani students to pursue their doctoral or postdoctoral research in any field in Switzerland, with monthly stipends, tuition, and health insurance.

10 Turkey Burslari Scholarships:

Turkey Burslari Scholarships offers Pakistani students a chance to study in prestigious universities of Turkey with financial support covering tuition, accommodation, and more for various degree levels.

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