List of Countries with Highest Number of PhDs

By Utban Abid 29/11/2023 12:01 PM

10- Australia

Australia rounds out the top ten, awarding 8,400 PhDs.

9- Italy

Italy follows closely with 10,678 PhDs awarded.

8- Spain

Spain is in eighth place with 10,889 PhDs awarded.

7- South Korea

South Korea ranks seventh, awarding 12,931 PhDs.

6- France

France is in sixth place with 13,729 PhDs awarded.

5- Japan

Japan awards 16,039 PhDs, securing the fifth position.

4- India

India is fourth on the list, awarding 24,300 PhDs.

3- Great Britain

Great Britain ranks third with 25,020 PhDs awarded.

2- Germany

Germany follows with 28,147 PhDs awarded.

1- United States

The United States leads in the number of PhDs awarded with 67,449.

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