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We all are well aware with this fact that scholarships or other kinds of grants are the easiest way to pay the tuition fee or other dues of your college or university. Mainly we can say that the scholarships are the financial aid or grants which are specifically designed to help the aspirants to pay their dues. The amount given in the form of scholarship is not needed to pay back and hence the aspirants can easily continue their studies without any difficulty.

The students will be able to get the scholarships money directly in the form of cheque on their name whereas in some cases the money of scholarship is given to the educational institutes of the students.

In case, the scholarships or the other types of grants are enough to cover the tuition fee of the educational institute, then the additional money will be given to the aspirants.

The scholarships or grants in all the countries including Pakistan are categorizes into various categories.

The scholarships categorizes into various categories on some particular basis. Some scholarships are national which are only for the students studying in the same country, some scholarships are international which are for the students inside and outside the country. Some scholarships are available for the students on academic levels basis, like some scholarships are for the students of undergraduate level, some are for the students postgraduate level, some scholarships are for the students of matric level, some scholarships are for the diploma holders.

Various organizations, firms and institutes are the main and the major source of scholarships. Annually, the colleges as well as the universities also offer various scholarships to the brilliant and needy students.

The scholarships are given to the students on the basis of set eligibility criteria.

ilmkidunya has introduced a separate scholarships section for the convenience of students and scholars where they will be able to find any latest scholarship according to their requirement to continue their higher studies.

On this page, the aspirants will be able to check out the level category wise scholarships. The aspirants can get all the latest every kind of scholarships here.


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  • H

    Hasan 10 / Sep / 2019

    sir i have done MBA, i'm further interested in PHD in uk kindly share any concerned scholarship regarding it. Thank you

    • M

      Muhammad Mudasir 03 / Jul / 2019

      I need scholarship for intermediate level in 2019

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      • Ilmkidunya Support 03 / Jul / 2019

        Scholarships are not available for intermediate students.

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    • A

      Amin Ullah 29 / Dec / 2018

      I will very please app if I get this scholareship

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      • S

        Syed Amin 29 / Dec / 2018

        good for scholarship

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