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The merit based scholarships are usually granted to the aspirants on the basis of academic, athletic as well as the artistic merit, along with special interests. Few merit based grants also consider financial need though; rewarding talent is the main objective.

In most of the scholarships the sponsors of scholarships have a set of criteria they use to choose the eligible candidates from among the qualified candidates. The benefactors can have number of goals in providing the scholarships or grants.

Various firms provide scholarships or grants as a form of community development, to invest in the future of the societies where they are based while various other firms provide scholarships to assist retain present employees and hire future employees.

The college or universities provide scholarships to employ a brilliant and diverse student body. They might also provide scholarships and other grants in particular majors to encourage the aspirants to register in understated majors.

The association organizations directed to provide scholarships to promote their field or the mission of the firm. Some other scholarships or grants might also be established to honor the memory of any person who has passed away, to offer a legacy that preserves his or her values.

The very first step to make yourself eligible for the merit based scholarship is to make sure that you actually qualify for the scholarship. If the application chucks specify that the aspirant must have a 3.7 or higher GPA and you have only 3.6 GPA, then don’t show any interest in applying for the scholarship.

To apply for the scholarship, you are first required to improve your grades and then apply for scholarship. Various merit based scholarships have different selection criteria.

There are number of colleges, universities and firms which provide merit based scholarships annually to the deserving students.

On this page, we have published all the latest national as well as international merit based scholarships for Pakistani students.    

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